Where are DreamCloud Mattresses Made 2024

DreamCloud is a California-based mattress company. The unique thing about DreamCloud is its luxury hybrid beds.

As you shop for a new mattress, you may wonder, “Where are Dreamcloud mattresses made

DreamCloud mattresses are the products of Nectar Sleep. All DreamCloud mattresses are manufactured in the UK after designing in the US.

DreamCloud mattresses don’t leave any odor as they come with limited off-gassing.

Where are DreamCloud Mattresses Made

In the market, you will find two types of DreamCloud mattresses:

  • The DreamCloud
  • DreamCloud Premium

These two models are hybrid beds. DreamCloud is specialized in manufacturing luxury hybrid beds. All of its luxury items are manufactured by the Nectar Sleep company.

In the US, hybrid models of DreamCloud are designed. Later, these items are manufactured in UK-based manufacturing facilities.

DreamCloud is an online company that distributes its products from California. This brand is dominating the US market.

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is DreamCloud made in the USA

Is DreamCloud made in the USA?

DreamCloud mattresses are designed in the USA. They don’t have manufacturing facilities in the United States.

Though DreamCloud is a California-based mattress marketer, they don’t have plants in the US. Rather, they design all of their hybrid models in the US.

After being designed in the US, DreamCloud mattresses get their shape in the UK. The Nectar Sleep company manufactures these hybrid models of DreamCloud.

Nectar Sleep is commonly known as the direct-to-consumer brand that makes DreamCloud’s two hybrid models.

By professionals, all DreamCloud mattresses are manufactured with high-quality materials in UK-based manufacturing plants.

In the United States, approximately 35.9 million mattresses are sold every year. DreamCloud holds a notable number in this regard.

The below brands of Beds and mattresses are made in the US:

  • WinkBed
  • Layla Mattress
  • Nolah Signature
  • Saatva Classic
  • Bear Elite Hybrid
  • Helix Dusk Luxe
  • Titan Plus
  • Birch Mattress

However, DreamCloud mattresses are not manufactured in the USA.   

Are DreamCloud mattresses made in the UK?

Yes, all DreamCloud mattresses are made in the UK.

According to DreamCloud officials, all DreamCloud mattresses are designed in the USA and manufactured in the UK.

Nectar Sleep manufactures all DreamCloud items in the UK. According to the officials, DreamCloud hybrid items come with limited off-gassing and odor.

Throughout history, DreamCloud mattresses have been made in China. But, they have transferred their manufacturing plants from China to the UK. Hence, DreamCloud is no longer manufactured in China.

Apart from DreamCloud, the below brands of Beds and mattresses are manufactured in the UK:

  • Birlea
  • Dunlopillo
  • Breasley
  • Euroquilt
  • Hypnos
  • Healthbeds

In total, you will find over a hundred bed and mattress manufacturers in the UK. In 2017, it was reported that there were a total of 68,387,000 mattresses in use in the UK.

Today, the mattress industry is worth $31.21 billion. The UK and China earn a lot of revenue from the mattress industry.

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who manufactures DreamCloud mattresses

Who manufactures DreamCloud Mattresses?

Nectar Sleep manufactures all DreamCloud mattresses.

In the mattress industry, Nectar Sleep is one of the fastest-growing sleep companies. This company offers a 365-night Home Trial.

Nectar Sleep has a great reputation in the mattress industry. This UK-based company is one of the best-selling distributors in the US.

You won’t find any mattress company that will offer you an unprecedented 365-night trial period. In this sense, Nectar Sleep is the most generous company in the world.

Nectar Sleep manufactures DreamCloud mattresses combining:

  • Memory foam
  • Springs
  • Conventional foam
  • Polyfoam Cover

In 2018, Nectar Sleep earned $250 million selling its products. Within a single year, they made $400 million in sales revenue.

Today, Nectar Sleep is one of the fastest-growing brands in the world which makes all DreamCloud mattresses.

where do DreamCloud mattresses ship from

Where do DreamCloud mattresses ship from?

After designing in the USA, DreamCloud makes all of its mattresses in the UK. The company is now one of the giant marketers of luxury beds and mattresses.

DreamCloud has now a diversified supply chain. Though all DreamCloud mattresses are manufactured in the UK, they have large distribution centers in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, and the USA.

From these giant distribution centers, DreamCloud mattresses are shipped to many locations around the world.  

Who owns DreamCloud?

DreamCloud is owned by the Resident.

In 2017, Resident was established with a promise of making high-quality, affordable memory foam mattresses. They launched Nectar first.

Later, the Resident Company purchased rising mattress brands like DreamCloud, Level Sleep, and so on. Today, Resident has become one of the top-notch manufacturers of bed items.

The Resident Company makes the following products:

  • Bed Frames
  • Mattresses
  • Bedroom Furniture

Being the parent company of DreamCloud, Resident is making a million-dollar fortune. They have brought innovations in all the DreamCloud mattresses.

According to numerous financial reports, Resident raises $130 million from its subsidiaries. Eric Hutchinson is now the CEO of Resident.   

Is DreamCloud an American company

Is DreamCloud an American company?

DreamCloud is a California-based online mattress company. Though all DreamCloud mattresses are manufactured in the UK, its distribution operations are done in California.

In 2017, the Resident Company purchased DreamCloud. Since then, it has been operating as a subsidiary of Resident.

Besides, Nectar Sleep manufactures all DreamCloud mattresses. It is also the subsidiary of Resident.

Outside the USA, DreamCloud also distributes its products from China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and so on.

However, DreamCloud is said to be an American company.

Wrap Up

DreamCloud is a specialized manufacturer of luxury hybrid mattresses. It provides two types of mattresses in the market. In the hybrid category, DreamCloud mattresses are highly recommended.