Where is Prada Made 2024? – (Clothing, Bags, Perfumes)

Prada products are made in Italy, the United Kingdom, Romania, France, China, and so on.

The majority of Prada products are manufactured in Italy. The manufacturer confirmed that nearly 80% of Prada products are manufactured in Italy.

The remaining 20% of Prada products are manufactured worldwide, especially in China.

The company owns 21 manufacturing plant worldwide.

where is Prada made

Outside Italy, Prada prefers cheaper countries to establish its factories. As a result, Prada has manufacturing facilities in Turkey, Vietnam, Romania, and so on.

Using premium materials, Prada manufactures luxury goods worldwide. The Company has a great supply chain in its manufacturing operations.

To be more precise, look at the table below, where we categorized Prada products according to their manufacturing locations.

Products Manufacturing Country 
Bags Italy 
Perfumes Barcelona, Spain 
Shoes China 
Clothing UK, Italy, China, Vietnam, Romania, France 
Sunglasses Italy 
Accessories China, Italy, France, Turkey 

From the table, we can see that most of the Prada products are manufactured in Italy. In proportion, it is about 80% of the total Prada products.

Using synthetic fiber and naturally sourced leather, Prada-manufacturer makes its products in the advanced manufacturing facilities of the circumstance countries.

Prada has begun expanding its manufacturing operations throughout the world. Hence, they are going to establish new facilities in new countries.

However, let’s find out the specialty of Prada factories in numerous countries worldwide.

where are Prada bags made


Prada makes nearly 80% of its products in Italy, from leather bags to fashionable sunglasses. 

Prada has a massive manufacturing operation in Italy. The Company has one of Italy’s largest and most influential manufacturing plants. 

The Italian leather industry is world-famous. Italian manufacturers make one of the best leather products in the world. 

As a result, brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Wrangler, and Lee have manufacturing operations in Italy. 

Using naturally sourced leather from Italy, the manufacturer makes all of its leather items in Italy. Prada bags are not to be compared with just another bag; it’s the status of the buyer’s ability. 

The status of premium Prada bags is made in Italian factories. 

Made-in-Italy Prada bags come with strass, shearling, terry cloth, and a retention value of 112%. Hence, Prada is a worthwhile investment. 

Besides, Prada handbags feature:

  • High-Class elegance 
  • High quality 
  • Classical look 
  • Exclusive use of pockets 
  • Wonderful color combination 

Consequently, Prada handbags have become a valuable investment for many fashioners. 

In Italy, Prada also makes fashionable sunglasses. Italy is widely known for its glasses. A variety of sunglasses are made here in Italy. 

Likewise, Prada makes all its sunglasses for men and women here in Italy. 

In short, Italy is Prada’s core manufacturing location, where the Company makes from fashionable sunglasses to functional leather bags. 

where are Prada shoes made


Prada makes 20% of its products in China. 

Italy and China are Prada’s main manufacturing hubs. These two countries cover most of Prada’s items jointly. 

Prada mainly manufactures its leather goods in Italy, as Italian leather is better than China’s. 

Prada clothing, accessories, and Shoes are exclusively manufactured here in China. Made-in-China Prada Shoes have also gained enormous popularity. The Company makes one of the best and most affordable shoes in China. 

Made-in-China Prada shoes have the following features: 

  • Monolith Boots 
  • Refined Leather 
  • Formal Design 
  • New Variations 
  • Ankle Boots 
  • Timeless Elegance 

Prada earns a million-dollar fortune every year selling quality shoes. The Company has one of the mammoth manufacturing operations in Shanghai, China.

where is Prada manufactured


Though the number is precise, Prada makes some of its products in Vietnam. Generally, Prada makes its clothing line in Vietnam. 

Sourcing raw materials from China to Vietnam is easy for the manufacturer as Vietnam is located at the border area of China. 

Vietnam mainly makes the world’s best technologies. Nonetheless, Vietnam has gained popularity in the textile sector.

Today, one of the best fabrics is manufactured here in Vietnam. As a result, Prada has established its manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, where the Company makes Prada clothes.

While manufacturing in Vietnam, the Company also sources raw materials from China. Hence, manufacturing plants in Vietnam can also be said to be an expansion of Chinese Prada operations.  


In Romania, Prada makes its clothing line. 

Outside China and Italy, Prada has manufacturing operations in cheaper countries. 

As manufacturing products in Romania cost comparatively low, many brands have plants in Romania. 

Prada operates its primary manufacturing operations in Italy and China. Nonetheless, Prada clothes are also made in Romania.


Prada makes its clothes in Turkey.

Turkish fabrics are well-known to numerous fashion brands. Though Prada makes most of its clothing in China, the brand also operates some textile factories in Turkey.

According to Prada’s manufacturing unit, 80% of Prada’s products are manufactured in Italy. The remaining 20% is manufacturing in 20 countries around the world.

As we have already mentioned, Prada has manufacturing operations in 21 countries!

However, Prada’s Turkey-based manufacturing operations are exact. The fashion brand only makes its clothes here in Turkey.

where are Prada fragrance made


In France, Prada exclusively makes its fragrances and accessories. 

France is widely known for its fragrances. Numerous luxury brands have factories in France where the manufacturer makes the world’s best perfume. 

Likewise, Prada has perfume manufacturing operations here in France. The Company operates factories in France and Spain to attain the best smell. 

Apart from fragrances, Prada also makes some quality clothes in France. Prada wallets and accessories are exclusively tagged with made-in-France. 

In short, Prada operates its fragrance and accessories manufacturing operations in France. 

Who manufactures Prada? 

Prada SpA is a subsidiary of Prada Holding B.V. Under the leadership of Prada Holding B.V., all Prada products are manufactured in numerous locations worldwide. 

Prada Holdings B.V. is a fashion company. The Company has exceptional designers and skilled artisans. 

In the advanced manufacturing plants, Prada designs manufacture and distributes its products. Prada Holding B.V. mainly makes:

  • Handbags 
  • Footwear 
  • Ready-to-wear apparel 
  • Accessories 

Prada Holding’s vast manufacturing operations are done in Italy. Skilled artisans in Italy make leather and fashion items for Prada subsidiaries.

In Italy, Prada Holding B.V. has four major manufacturing plants. These plants can manufacture 5k or more pairs of Prada bags daily.

Hence, Prada Holding B.V. operates mammoth manufacturing operations in Italy. The Company also makes Prada products outside Italy.

Prada Holding B.V. has some licensed manufacturers outside China and Italy. As a result, the Company also operates third-party manufacturers to cope with market demand.

Where does Prada get their materials from?

Prada uses naturally sourced materials. The Company mainly sources its raw materials from China and Italy.

Prada has manufacturing operations outside Italy, China, Romania, Turkey, Vietnam, and so on.

Generally, Prada sources its raw materials in the neighboring locations of its manufacturing facilities. As a result, the Company minimizes its transportation cost by sourcing local materials.

If the locally sourced materials do not match the required quality, Prada will outsource its materials from the best places.

In this regard, China and Italy always get extra privilege. Prada prefers China and Italy to source its raw materials. Why not?

Italy has world-famous leathers, and China has exclusive textiles.

Thus, we can boldly say that Prada gets their materials from Italy and China.

Who owns Prada? 

Prada Holding S.P.A. owns Prada. 

Prada is a subsidiary of Prada Holdings. The Company operates Prada’s manufacturing operations to marketing.  

Miuccia Prada is the C.E.O. of Prada Holding. Under her leadership, Prada has experienced 3.37 billion euros of sales revenue. 

Prada Holding S.P.A. also owns fashion brands like LVMH, Hermes, and Armani.