Where Are Lee Jeans Made 2024 – Is Lee Made in USA?

Lee jeans are exclusively made in India, Bangladesh and Mexico.

Throughout history, Lee jeans were traditionally made in Greenock, Scotland. The fashion brand had world-class manufacturing facilities in Scotland.

where are Lee jeans made

But, Lee moved its Scottish plant to Northern Ireland. The company faced massive protests against this decision resulting in production loss for Lee.

Consequently, Lee jeans are no longer manufactured in the European giant, Scotland.

Lee has technologically advanced manufacturing facilities in India and Mexico. In Lee factories, more than 60k employees work day and night to make Lee jeans.

In India, Lee-manufacturers make 5k pairs of jeans every day. The company has one of the finest manufacturing plants in Chamarajanagar, India.

In Kansas, Lee also operates one of its advanced manufacturing plants.

While manufacturing, Lee manufacturer makes quality materials sourced from reputed locations. Using rugged cotton twill fabric, the manufacturer makes Lee denim.

Lee-manufacturer also uses rugged cotton twill fabric in jeans, jackets, and other types of Lee clothes. 

As a result, Lee jeans last for a long time compared to other brands in the industry.

Lee primarily sources its cotton from individual producers in Africa. Lee maintains an excellent supply chain among many countries around the world.

In short, Lee maintains vast manufacturing operations in India and Mexico.

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is Lee still made in America

Is Lee still made in America?

The answer is NO. Lee jeans are no longer made in America. Instead, its manufacturing process has switched to third-party manufacturers in India and Mexico.

Headquartered in Kansas, Lee jeans outsources all of its products from renowned manufacturers in India and Mexico.

Until 2019, Lee produced most of its products in the United States. The company’s headquarters was located beside its factories in North Carolina.

But the VF corporation found production loss in Lee’s factories. Consequently, the company stopped its USA-based manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing jeans in India and Mexico is a strategic move by Lee Jeans. Nonetheless, the company makes some of its premium jeans here in America.

who owns Lee jeans

Who owns Lee jeans?

Kontoor Brands owns Lee Jeans. 

Lee is an American manufacturer of denim jeans. In Salina, Kansas, the manufacturer first made the Lee Jeans. 

Kontoor Brands is the parent organization of Lee jeans.

In May 2019, Kontoor Brands purchased the full ownership of Lee Jeans. Since then, the company has been manufacturing all of its products.

Apart from Lee, Kontoor Brands also owns:

  • Wrangler
  • Rock & Republic clothing

Kontoor Brands also operates numerous Lee outlets around the world.

In 2019, Kontoor Brands earned a record revenue of $2.5 billion selling Lee jeans. Hence, Lee plays a vital role in expanding Kontoor Brands’ business.

which company makes Lee jeans

Which company makes Lee jeans?

Kontoor Brands makes Lee jeans.

Kontoor Brands is a trusted name for a jeans manufacturer in the fashion industry. Under the brand name Lee, Wrangler, and Rock & Republic clothing, Kontoor Brands makes jeans products.

Based in North Carolina, Kontoor Brands operates its manufacturing operations. The company has numerous manufacturing facilities worldwide.

More than 15k employees work day and night in Kontoor Brands’ manufacturing facilities.

Kontoor Brands makes a billion-dollar fortune annually by making jeans and denim for its subsidiaries.

Until 2019, Lee was an independent manufacturer of Jeans and Denims. But, the company sold its full ownership in May 2019.

As an owner of Lee, Kontoor Brands operates all of Lee’s manufacturing operations. Kontoor Brands stopped Lee’s Scottish plants and moved its production facilities toward Ireland.

Today, Lee jeans are exclusively made by third-party manufacturers in India and Mexico. Kontoor Brands maintains these third-party manufacturers and ensures the best quality of Lee jeans and denim.

In short, Lee jeans are manufactured under the leadership of Kontoor Brands.

Are Lee jeans made in Mexico?

The answer is YES. Lee jeans are made in Mexico.

According to Lee manufacturers, the company has been manufacturing all its products in Mexico for over 25 years.

Like other Lee factories, its Mexico-based plants make world-class Lee jeans. While manufacturing in Mexico plants, Lee manufacturer uses naturally sourced cotton.

As a result, Lee’s Mexico plants ensure an eco-friendliness environment.

Lee jeans are also ethically manufactured in its Mexico plants. Laborers in Lee factories paid well.

is Lee jeans going out of business

Is Lee jeans going out of business?

No, Lee jeans are not going out of business.

The fact of going out of business appeared in the market when VF decided to say goodbye to its denim brand, Lee.

VF Corporation said goodbye to its denim brand, Lee, when denim lost market shares. The market didn’t fall.

Hence, the VF Corporation didn’t stop its denim business from Lee. VF’s direct-to-consumer channel, Lee and Wrangler, remains operational and continues to serve consumers.

VF Corporation witnessed a $2.66 billion denim business last year. Lee’s revenue has increased 25% more compared to other denim brands.

Lee is now anticipating a 50% revenue increase in the upcoming years.