Where is Calvin Klein Made 2024 – Underwear, Perfume & more

Calvin Klein is made in numerous countries depending on its products. But the majority of products are extensively made in China.

The company has multiple manufacturing facilities & suppliers globally.

where is Calvin Klein made

Calvin Klein’s products are proudly manufactured in:

  • The USA
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Vietnam
  • Italy
  • Sri Lanka
  • Indonesia
  • Turkey
  • Switzerland
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Bangladesh

Over the years, Calvin Klein expanded its product lines as well as its business. Many of the components or products are particularly manufactured in some countries.

Let’s learn where Calvin Klein’s particular products are manufactured.

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Calvin Klein underwear is made in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.

Most of the time, you will get underwear from this brand tagged “Made in China” on the market. Bangladesh is the second largest supplier of Calvin Klein underwear in Asia.

where are Calvin Klein perfume made


Calvin Klein perfumes are primarily manufactured in Europe.

Calvin Klein perfumes are made by Coty Inc, a leading global beauty company. Coty Inc has production facilities in several countries in Europe, including France and Belgium.

The exact location of production may vary depending on the specific perfume and the batch.


Calvin Klein purses and bags are mostly manufactured in China.

They are famous for manufacturing top-class purses in their own factories.

where are Calvin Klein clothing made


In Asian countries, Calvin Klein jackets are excessively manufactured. The brand’s sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jackets are made in India.

Besides, the clothing products are also manufactured in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Turkey.


Calvin Klein watches are manufactured in Switzerland and sold all over the world.

As the watches are made in Switzerland so you can expect high-quality watches from the company.

where are Calvin Klein shoes made


In Vietnam, Calvin Klein shoes are cautiously designed as well as manufactured.

Besides, a little number of this brand’s shoes are made in China, Indonesia, and some other Asian countries.

when was Calvin Klein made in the USA

When was Calvin Klein made in the USA?

In 1968, Calvin Klein products were first made in the USA.

The company started its business journey focusing on the American apparel and fashion industry. Within a short period, it became famous in the country for manufacturing world-class products.

Every single day Calvin Klein, Inc is trying to solidify its position as an innovator of emerging digital platforms worldwide.

In the beginning, Calvin Klein products were only manufactured in the United States. Later, it successfully expanded its manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across the world.

Calvin Klein Inc. is headquartered in New York City, United States. In addition, there are lots of retail stores in the country of this brand.

is Calvin Klein from China?

Is Calvin Klein from China?

The answer is “No.” Calvin Klein is not from China. It is from the United States.

But China is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of the brand. Every product of this company for men and women comes from China.

Calvin Klein Inc. was founded in New York with a coat shop. Now it is one of the biggest American apparel brands.

The company got enormous fame in the 1980s for its underwear and denim lines. Calvin Klein Inc. is currently leading the American apparel market with multi-millions of dollars of annual revenue.

Where does Calvin Klein get their materials from?

Calvin Klein gets their materials from several countries worldwide. For an instance, its fabrics mostly come from China & Japan.

In addition, necessary leather is imported from Italy. The company usually uses domestic materials for its country-wise production factories.

However, the brand never compromises its quality. They always try to use the highest-quality materials for manufacturing their products.

Calvin Klein clothing is made from recycled fibers & pure cotton for all-day comfort. In that case, almost every man loves the company’s clothing items.

what company makes Calvin Klein clothes

What company makes Calvin Klein clothes?

Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation makes Calvin Klein clothes.

It has multiple manufacturing facilities across the USA. Some large production plants are based in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Calvin Klein’s manufacturing facilities are operated under the instruction of its parent brand. There are hundreds of skilled craftsmen who work in its factories worldwide.

The company uses modern technologies to increase production capacity as well as minimize production time.

Calvin Klein Inc. has been working with international manufacturers and suppliers for providing unique and different products to its customers.

Who owns Calvin Klein?

PVH Corporation currently owns Calvin Klein Inc.

Based in Manhattan, it is an American clothing company. In 2002, PVH Corp. acquired Calvin Klein Inc. for about $400 million.

This transaction between Calvin Klein Inc. and PVH Corp. was financially supported by a British private equity firm named Apax Partners LLP.

Besides Calvin Klein, PVH Corporation also owns Tommy Hilfiger, Warner’s, and True & Co. Cheryl Abel-Hodges is the present CEO of Calvin Klein Inc.