Where is Milo’s Tea Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

Milo’s Tea is made in Alabama and Owasso.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Milo’s Tea operates three manufacturing plants in Alabama and Owasso. Two of Milo’s factories are located in Alabama.

Where is Milo’s Tea Made

Milo’s is a third-generation women-owned beverage company. The beverage company has 76 years of experience in making Tea and beverages.

According to the Tulsa Plant Manager, Milo’s Tea factories are located in Alabama and Owasso because of their culture and central location.

Besides, Tulsa’s good water quality has attracted Milo’s Tea beverage brand to establish its manufacturing plants here.

Milo’s Tea is made with simple ingredients and tastes just like homemade.

While producing, experienced workers add three main ingredients to Milo’s Tea. These prominent ingredients are:

  • Custom-blended teas
  • Pure Cane
  • Filtered Water

In Milo’s manufacturing plants, you will notice a large bottling machine that can fill 125 gallons per minute.

In the three manufacturing plants of Milo’s Tea, Tea is freshly brewed daily with tea leaves. The freshly brewed tea leaves are imported from South America.

Milo’s Tea has been rated as a mild refreshing natural flavor. The manufacturer has strictly maintained the sugar level in Milo’s Tea.

You won’t find any preservatives or artificial colors in Milo’s Tea. Consequently, Milo’s Tea is one of the fresh and natural teas in the 50 US States.

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Where is Milo’s Tea Bottled?

Milo’s Tea is bottled in Alabama, Owasso, and South Carolina.

Milo’s Tea has one of the most advanced and large bottling machines in Alabama and Owasso. As mentioned, Milo’s Tea has two manufacturing plants in Alabama.

The Alabama-based manufacturing plants can bottle 125 gallons of Milo’s Tea. Consequently, the manufacturer operates a large bottling operation here in Alabama.

Apart from Alabama, Milo’s Tea operates mammoth bottling operations in Owasso and South Carolina as the demand for Milo’s Tea has increased rapidly.

In Owasso, Milo’s Tea also has one of the advanced manufacturing fasciitis where they bottle gallons of Tea.

Including 110k square feet of area, Milo’s Tea beverage company has established one of its major bottling plants.

To be more specific, Milo’s South Carolina-based plant is located at Park 290 at I-26 in Moore. Today, the manufacturer bottles 300k gallons per day of Milo’s Tea.

Who Owns Milo’s Tea?

Milo’s Tea is a jointly-owned beverage brand. Family members, including Tricia, Leslie Aven, Sheila Carlton, and Ronnie Carlton, mainly own Milo’s Tea.

In an interview, Tricia said four family members jointly own Milo’s Tea. Nonetheless, Tricia has the most voting rights and ownership among these four family members.

Besides, Tricia Wallwork is currently CEO of Milo’s Tea.

Even after seventy-five years, Milo’s Tea is mostly a certified women-owned business.

In 1989, Milo’s Tea began its journey in the beverage industry. Now, Tricia is keeping the family tea tradition going.

Besides, Tricia has introduced a new variant of Milo’s Tea. You will find Milo’s peach-flavored Tea in half-gallon jugs in the market.

In short, Milo’s Tea is a certified women-owned business where Tricia is currently leading the beverage brand.

What Makes Milo’s Tea So Good?

Using natural ingredients and freshly brewed flavors has made Milo’s Tea so good.

Milo’s Tea stays refrigerated until it is consumed. The manufacturer doesn’t use any toxic or preservatives in Milo’s Tea.

Besides, Milo’s famous sweet Tea has a very high nutritional value. While manufacturing Milo’s Tea, the manufacturer moderately processes to reduce carbon and water footprints.

Milo’s Tea is a real tea. The manufacturer uses sustainably sourced custom blend tea leaves from farms around the globe.

Hence, Milo’s Tea tastes like Cracker Barrel tea. Milo’s Tea is sold at Target and Sprout. Thus, you can easily find Milo’s Tea.