Where is Cotosen Clothes Made 2024 – Is Cotosen legit?

Cotosen clothes are made in Hong Kong and China.

It is an international e-commerce brand that deals in both men’s and women’s clothing & accessories.

where is Cotosen clothes made

Cotosen corporate office and manufacturing facility are located at Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island.

According to the official website, the vast majority of the company’s products are collected from the top brands in China.

In that case, now it is clear to us that Cotosen imports its apparel items besides production. Currently, the company proudly ships its products to over 100 countries worldwide.

Combining function with fashion, Cotosen focuses on providing,

  • Tops
  • Pants
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Shorts
  • Jackets
  • Shirts & t-shirts
  • Accessories

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Who owns Cotosen clothing?

Aober UK Limited currently owns Cotosen Clothing.

It is a British company that is located at 97 King Alfred Avenue, Bellingham, London.

Although it is based in the UK, the majority of clothing items and accessories are manufactured in China and Hong Kong.

Cotosen stepped into the clothing industry in September 2020. To ensure both comfort and fashion, all of the company’s products are cautiously designed and stitched by experts using modern technologies.

Is Cotosen a legit retailer?

Cotosen clothing seems to be legit.

It offers high-quality clothing items as well as good customer service. There are lots of positive reviews of Cotosen clothing on several websites.

Most customers might be satisfied with the company’s products and services. However, some customers claim that the brand offers poor quality items and poor services.

After noticing its official website as well as its online activities, we can say that Cotosen may be a legit clothing retailer and trustworthy source for fashionable clothing on the market.

The company has already ensured its official website that it is safe to order and purchase a product on its website.

For providing some budget-friendly clothing items, Cotosen is now on people’s choice list.

Is Cotosen an American company?

The answer is “No.” Cotosen is not an American company. It is an international e-commerce clothing company that is owned by a UK-based company.

Every product came from China and Hong Kong. There is no retail store for this company right now. They just do business online.

Within three years, Cotosen has taken a favorable position on the market with a wide range of high-performance clothing, equipment, and footwear.

In the clothing industry, the possible competitors of Cotosen may include some well-known clothing brands like,

  • Macy’s
  • Weipinhui
  • Frank & Oak

The company is in a great expansion mode. Hence, it is trying to expand its clothing business besides increasing product lines.

What fabric does Cotosen use?

Cotosen usually uses the highest quality Cotton Linen Blend to manufacture clothing.

In addition, the brand uses other durable and sustainable materials including,

  • Polyester
  • Linen
  • Faux Suede
  • Polar Fleece

It uses both domestic and imported materials. Cotosen has been in the air for giving off huge discounts on its products. These huge discounts are tactics to attract consumers.