Where is Hexclad Made 2024 – Is Hexclad Made in USA?

Hexclad is a new cookware company that is quickly making a name for itself in the cooking world. It is a proud American brand that is famous for its hybrid pans along with durable stainless steel.

Before buying Hexclad products, the first thing that you may wonder is: “Where is Hexclad cookware actually made in 2024?”

According to the official website, Hexclad designs kitchen products in the USA, South Korea and manufactures in China. After that, they assemble them at Los Angeles-based distribution center for sale.

where is Hexclad made

At present, Hexclad is in a great expansion mode to expand its business into new territories including the UK & EU as soon as possible. Its popularity and ongoing consumer demands are increasing rapidly.

The company currently provides incredible sharp knives, mixing & storage bowls, and pans. Anyway, Hexclad cookware is easy to use and free of harmful substances.

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is Hexclad made in the USA

Is Hexclad made in the USA?

Actually, Hexclad products are not made in the USA. But they complete the primary process of production in this location.

Hexclad designs cookware products in Los Angeles and sends them to Chinese factories for giving them the final structure. In addition, the company also designs its products in South Korea.

The company has already officially clarified that it has the only manufacturing facilities in China now. It has skilled enough factories to make advanced non-stick cookware in this location.

Hexclad non-stick cookware became one of the top-selling goods in the USA within a short period. Additionally, most of the products of the brand are marketed from here.

who makes Hexclad products

Where is Hexclad based?

Hexclad is based in Los Angeles. The company is headquartered at 500 S Anderson St, LA, CA 90033. It began its business journey as an American direct-to-consumer company.

The majority of the cookware products are designed at this brand’s headquarters. There are lots of expert manufacturers of Hexclad who are monitoring all the production processes at every moment.

Who makes Hexclad products?

Hexclad makes its cookware products on its own. It has no third-party manufacturing company right now. All the production processes are operated and controlled by its US-based headquarters.

The company’s striking design makes the most beautiful cookware for the consumer market. Hexclad cookware is built with the best quality raw materials. These cookware products are made of-

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Ceramic particles
  • An exterior layer of magnetic steel.

Where can I buy Hexclad products?

There are multiple ways to buy original Hexclad products. The company officially sells its cookware product on its website. You will get the original product at an affordable price range there.

Besides, you will get returns and exchange facilities according to their policy. On the other hand, Hexclad products are available on several e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Walmart, and Costco.

which company currently owns Hexclad

Which company currently owns Hexclad?

As of 2022, Hexclad is owned by two entrepreneurs: Daniel Winer and Cole Mecray. They founded the cookware brand in 2016.

Gordon Ramsay, an international chef & restaurateur, became a partner of the company last year. As a result, Hexclad is expanding in other regions worldwide strategically.

Jason Panzer is the current president of Hexclad. Within a couple of years, the brand has sold more than 1 million units of cookware products.

Is Hexclad product ethically made?

Hexclad revealed on its website that all of its products are made with modern & hybrid technologies. So, there is no chance to make these products by child laborers.

In addition, Hexclad has not had any legal issues to manufacture or market cookware products. The company has made a great position in the American consumer goods markets within four years.

Wrap Up

Hexclad cookware is so durable that it offers a long-term warranty with comfortable use. Now people keep Hexclad versatile products on their choice lists for daily use.

Despite being a new brand, it has generated a huge reputation for its high-quality products. Hexclad has been continuing its business since 2016 and expanding its product line according to consumer demands.