Where is Noritake Made 2024 – (Is Noritake Made in China)

From humble starting to international conquest, the Noritake company has come a long way. Founder Morimura Brothers have spread the brand across more than 100 countries.

Noritake offers a crafted range of dinnerware, tableware, and others that are influenced by Western patterns highlighting excellent lifestyles.

Before purchasing its products, you may wonder to know; “Where Noritake is manufactured.”

Noritake is manufactured in several countries including Japan, China, Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

where is Noritake made

But the brand originated in Japan, in 1904. Noritake manufacturing plant in Japan is located in Noritake, Nagoya.

In the case of raw materials, Japan is one of the high resources countries in the world. Also, the country retains lots of skilled potters, who have been crafting its products in Western styles.

Is Noritake made in Sri Lanka?

Yes, Noritake is made in Sri Lanka. Noritake Lanka Porcelain Private Ltd is the initiator of the porcelain tableware-producing conglomerate in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan manufacturing company is placed in Waeakamura Matale.

The company was founded in 1972 as an assistant venture company between Noritake Co. and Ceylon Ceramic Corporation.

All the products of Noritake are hand-painted. Noritake hand-painting shop is located in Pannala, Sri Lanka.

history of Noritake

History of Noritake

Having superior craftsmanship and artistry, Noritake has been operating its business since 1904. The company pays attention to its product’s details and never compromises the quality.

In 1876, a trading company was founded by the Morimura Brothers. The warehouse of this company was placed in New York and they imported curious, chinaware, gift items, and paper lanterns.

The brand has been named after the place where the brand was first established.

The official Noritake Company was formed in 1904 and its first dinnerware was ready to export in 1914. The earliest tableware or dinnerware plates were designed by handprinted, often with applications of gold.

Noritake launched assembly line features for the mass production of improved quality in 1920, yet affordable. Later, the company ensured its quality along with production capabilities.

In over 100 countries, Noritake products are available. The sedan was the first western design dinnerware of Noritake that is more than 104 years old. It took over 10 years to manufacture the Sedan.

Noritake’s products were designed in the 20th century but still had a powerful demand in the US market.

How can you tell a fake Noritake?

Noritake is one of the oldest dinnerware manufacturers. The company’s products are copied by some deceitful businessmen.

To get rid of it the brand uses different identifying features. They are;

Noritake Company Stamps: According to the McKinley Act, imported products needed a stamp bewith their origin country. Noritake’s first products came into the US market containing the sign, “Hand Printed”.

The company also used the special letter “M” inside the product’s body. Finally, they used to write “Nippon-kohu” on the bottom of the products. Nippon-kahu means “the regime of Japan.”

Locating Pattern Mark: Along with the company’s pattern name, Noritake contains its own stamp. They used a four-digit number for the product’s authenticity. But the vintage products of Noritake don’t contain numbers.

Online Pattern Research: Noritake records its pattern online. Antique dealers and many collectors help to keep those databases. This may help a consumer to buy Noritake dinnerware.

Why is Noritake so expensive?

Noritake is so expensive because of the Great Depression in 1930 and WW-II affected its output.

These two situations made Nritaka’s items unique and rare. Besides, Noritake equally has a brand value as it belongs to the market for a long time.

The company came to the market at the hand of two Japanese Toyo and Ichizaemon Morimura. At that time they sold decorative and antique pieces.

Gradually, they enlarged their business and spread it across 100 countries.

Prices of some Noritake products are;

Products NameValuation
Hanakinsai Yuri$4,740
Noritake Halifax Fine$2,250
Frank Lloyd Wright$2200
Noritake China, Macon$880
Ornate Noritake Fine$750

Is Noritake ceramic or porcelain?

Noritake is a ceramic manufacturer. Even its bone and porcelain china are the most solid ceramic dinnerware materials. They are the most durable ones but if mistreated they will break.

Formal dinnerware is made at the maximum temperatures and uses the strongest ingredients.

Besides formal dinnerware, Noritake also manufactures casual dinnerware, crystal glassware, giftware, casual glassware, and wood items.