Where is Dawn Dish Soap Made 2024

Dawn dishwashing liquid and soap are products of Procter and Gamble. These became household names in the late seventies to date. Dawn dishwashing soap has several varieties, some paste, others liquid. 

This soap is a household name courtesy of Paul Andrecola. This Dawn has gained incredible popularity worldwide. Other countries make soap carrying the same brand. 

Where is Dawn Dish Soap Made
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Here is short answer to where is Dawn Dish soap made:

This degreasing detergent is produced in the United States of America.

The company responsible for its production is Procter and Gamble. Its main production plants were based in Kansas City, in a factory running for over 100 years. The company later moved major production to Wes Virginia. 

Is Dawn Dish Soap made in the USA?

The Procter and Gamble Company produces this handy and effective dishwashing soap. Dawn dishwashing soap is the company’s best-selling and most popular detergent to date. Under the West Virginia Factory, production of Dawn detergents takes place in multiple plants across the United States. 

Incidentally, Procter and Gamble do not only produce Dawn dishwashing soap. However, this product makes up about one-tenth of its total sales. This revenue makes up for billions of P&G’s products, making it a prioritized product. It makes up part of the company’s home-care department. 

As of 2017, Dawn dishwashing products accounted for over $600 million worth of sales. These numbers represent the United States market alone. In a list of ten leading manual detergents in America, Dawn dishwashing soap maintains the number one spot. 

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Is Dawn Dish Soap made in China?

A product as effective and popular as Dawn cannot and should not remain grounded in one country. This powerful detergent is present in multiple homes across the world, including in China. The Chinese market provides Procter and Gamble with materials and labor for the production of Dawn soap. 

This china market helps lower costs for the multinational company. These costs include labor, packaging, and warehousing. Some of the detergent produced in china makes its way back to the United States of America. It is cheaper, even with trade tariffs and other barriers, to have these loved products made overseas. 

Is Dawn Dish Soap made from Petroleum?

During many oil spills in our many oceans and seas, Dawn detergents were the go-to option for cleaning spills. That said, it turns out your favorite soap has a petroleum base. Fundamentally, Dawn dishwashing soaps contain preservatives but the main ingredient is petroleum. 

The petroleum agent is what makes it remarkably effective at degreasing and cleaning oil spills. This component made it possible for Dawn to save the day during the Exxon Valdez oil spills. This petroleum component however does not make it harmful to humans. 

What is the Difference between Dawn and Dawn Powerwash?

From the onset, Powerwash has slightly stronger ingredients than Dawn soap. These ingredients include rubbing alcohol. It effectively removes stains, which makes it more effective than dawn even in larger doses. 

Dispensing Dawn Powerwash occurs in a slightly different manner. The fact that it foams better makes it better at degreasing. According to manufacturers, Dawn Powerwash cleans instantly upon contact. It means all one needs to do is spray, dust off or wipe then rinse thoroughly with water. 

Briefly, Powerwash cuts off a step that is fundamental to using the regular version. This step requires that you add water while using regular dawn, otherwise cleaning becomes unproductive. With Powerwash, this step is preempted. 

Who owns Dawn Dish soap?

The manufacturer of this renowned and remarkably powerful brand is Procter and Gamble. Other companies simply help to provide materials on a cheaper basis. Procter and Gamble boast several plants within the United States responsible for the production of Dawn dishwashing liquid. 

Where can I buy Dawn Dish Soap?

Depending on where you are located, Dawn dish soap is available in multiple grocery stores and supermarkets. This widely popular product is now a household brand. It means you cannot miss finding it shelved under detergents and soaps. 

For those located outside the United States, online platforms like Alibaba.com offer access to Dawn. However, local malls in America boast an ample amount of Dawn products. Shopping malls and supermarkets like Walmart and Target have adequate supplies of detergent. 

You can also purchase Dawn detergents online in North America. Amazon and Dillon’s are a few web-based shopping pages offering access to Dawn dishwashing liquid. In 2019, a shortage of Dawn soap occurred in several local stores. 

Bottom Line 

Dawn dishwashing liquid remains the most popular and seemingly most effective soap of its kind in America. Other countries like the United Kingdom have very close alternatives. These include Fairy dishwashing soap. The detergent appears similar to Dawn in cleaning ability and presentation. 

Privileged Americans enjoy dozens of dishwashing detergents. Of these, some are generic and their cleaning effectiveness does not match that of Dawn. Dawn products are biodegradable, and thirty percent of packaging is recycled. The company strives to provide safer products and packaging to consumers. 

That said, the strength and ingredients of Dawn products are useful in other areas aside from the kitchen. The company is involved in community service and social responsibilities. These include donating bottles to The Marine Mammal Center. 

Presently, there is a growing demand for safer cleaning products. Dawn does not incorporate Triclosan, Phthalates, or Phosphates in its products. They do however include sulfates, TERPINEOL, and glycerin for better grease cutting.