Where is Colgate Toothpaste Made 2024

Colgate toothpaste is the most popular tooth cleaning paste to date. For decades, Colgate has been providing various options for teeth cleaning. 

There is a variety of Colgate flavors available for young and older customers. Colgate toothpaste is available on several continents. 

Let’s find out where this toothpaste is made.

Where is Colgate Toothpaste Made
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Here is the answer to where is Colgate toothpaste made:

Colgate Palmolive Company produces toothpaste in multiple plants across the United States of America. The company’s headquarters are in New York City. However, production takes place in New Jersey, Tennessee, Ohio, and South Carolina.

These are the main production plants, but the company has multiple companies globally.

Where are Colgate Toothbrushes Made?

Colgate toothbrushes are made in Sanxiao, China. Colgate-Palmolive makes all of its manual, electric, and sonic toothbrushes in their largest manufacturing plant in China. This factory annually makes 1.4 billion toothbrushes.

While manufacturing, Colgate-Palmolive uses plastic, rubber, and nylon as the raw ingredients. These toothbrushes can last up to 3 to 4 months.

Colgate’s electric E1 toothbrush is not made in China. It is designed in France and manufactured in the Philippines. Throughout history, China first introduced the toothbrush to the world. Colgate respects the historic tradition of China making it the largest manufacturing plant there.

Is Colgate made in the USA?

Colgate produces toothpaste worldwide. The main plant is in New Jersey. William Colgate established the company in the 1800s. William Colgate and Company began as a candle and detergent company. In 1873, the company brought its first toothpaste into the market.

Colgate toothpaste came in jars at the beginning. It quickly switched to tubes in 1892. Between the 1920s and 1958, Colgate Company joined with a company producing soap, known as Palmolive. It became known as Colgate-Palmolive Company today.

Colgate –Palmolive has a research center to improve its products. The research plant is located in Piscataway, New Jersey. This Jersey plant is responsible for oral care research. 

Are Colgate for the US market produced in the US?

Colgate has many companies located in neighboring countries. One that is very close to the United States borders is located in Mexico. Total Colgate toothpaste is produced for the local market, in North America. You can find Colgate products made in Mexico in local North American stores too. 

Colgate’s Tennessee plant is responsible for Total toothpaste, one of few brands made within North America. Varieties of this toothpaste are available in the United States. The American Dental Association approves only the best products. Colgate Cavity protection, with mint and fluoride, is recommended. 

Is Colgate manufactured in China?

Colgate manufacturing plants are spread out all over the world. Some of them are located in India, producing toothpaste for the local market. The toothpaste is not produced in China, meaning any of Colgate found locally is an import. 

The company is aware of several toothpaste variations using the Colgate brand. These are easy to spot based on packaging, and wording sometimes includes Asian nations. One of these nations is China. Others have asked if Colgate company. It remains an American toothpaste company with affiliates all over the world. 

Is Colgate manufactured from China safe?

According to Colgate-Palmolive Company, all their products are safe to use. This was made clear regarding all toothpaste, regardless of where it is manufactured. It means all plants making their products have to meet company standards. 

However, Colgate made in China might not meet standards. This is because there is no authorized Colgate producer in the country. Customers who buy the China-made Colgate have several complaints. 

Many have said the China version smells tastes and feels weird. They prefer the common refreshing American version known as Total Colgate toothpaste.  

Is Colgate an Indian company?

There is a Colgate company located in India with the same name as the American-based company. Colgate Palmolive India began operations in 1937. The company began creating dental cream, later moving to provide Colgate Plus. It is equal to Total Colgate products in the United States. 

Colgate India is not separate from the main company in the United States. The plants in India are responsible for multiple variations of Colgate toothpaste. In the 1990s, Colgate Palmolive India came out with a gel type of toothpaste, and double protection toothpaste. 

Unlike other Colgate Palmolive products found outside the United States, the Indian alternatives have few complaints. In 1999, the company added Colgate Double protection, Colgate Sensation, and Total also found in the American market. 

How to spot fake Colgate?

It is easier to spot fake Colgate than you would think. For starters, some manufacturers make poor attempts to attract other markets outside the United States. 

The company has many local companies in India and other parts of the world, but the language is always simple to understand. Some customers found tubes mentioning fluorine, instead of fluoride as part of the contents. 

The products claimed this ingredient was meant to prevent cavities. Fluorine is not something that would be used in toothpaste because it is dangerous. Other consumers have noted packages stating the product is made in china. 

This toothpaste with China labels tastes like powder that was mixed in a hurry.  American customers loved the flip-top caps on their favorite toothpaste. It seems the new ones, which might be counterfeit, have screw caps. 

Who is the Owner of Colgate?

The Colgate Palmolive Company owns Colgate and all its property. The brand name, logo, and everything related to Colgate products are property of the American company. 

The CEO of Colgate Palmolive is Noel Wallace. He is the sitting Executive and has been in that position since 2019. 

Bottom Line

The toothpaste company claims to be the world’s number one choice for oral care. At one point, Colgate fell from its spot due to competition from Procter and Gamble. 

However, with the introduction of Total Colgate in Europe and the United States, it quickly became the most popular toothpaste again. Colgate Palmolive is still the leader in providing oral care products including toothpaste.