Where is Gymshark Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA or UK?

Gymshark is a clothing company responsible for making gym apparel along with accessories. Most Gymshark products focus on smaller-sized gym-goers, not bulky men or women. 

Gymshark has millions of supporters all over the world. Many help with marketing and branding online.

Where is Gymshark Made

Gymshark is an online sales company. This means direct sales from the internet, to the consumer. Approximately forty percent of sales occur in the United States of America.

Gymshark makes the majority of its products in the UK. They outsource a few products from Vietnam, Bangladesh and China.

The company has gained enough global recognition to warrant more distribution centers. This global recognition has also earned it rivalry with long-running companies. 

Is Gymshark Made in China

Is Gymshark Made in China?

The answer is yes or no. Gymshark makes most of its apparel in the United Kingdom. Several of the company’s products are available globally, but many could be counterfeit.

Several companies are purporting to bring real Gymshark products to your home. These also offer products with fake Gymshark badges that are easy to spot. 

Spotting these counterfeit products is easy, as many seem stitched in a hurry. Rather than coming directly from UK distributors, fake Gymshark products are marketed and sold cheaply online.

Some of the well-known sites offering discounted clothing are easy to spot, as the prices are ridiculously low. 

Several Chinese companies claim to have the authority to create OEM units on behalf of Gymshark. This claim is found in production units in several Asian countries too.  It is tough trying to figure out which units are counterfeit, and which are not. 

Chinese companies like Alibaba.com offer discounted clothing, including Gymshark apparel. Whether or not this apparel is genuine remains for the client to decipher. 

With the growing demand on several continents, speedy deliveries are possible worldwide. Several Gymshark distribution plants are located globally in addition to the British production centers

gymshark made in bangladesh

Is Gymshark made in Bangladesh? 

The company experiences losses in revenue due to imitations in the market. These fake products limit the revenue base for authentic apparel.

It means some of the units found and purchased in Bangladesh and other non-European nations could be counterfeit. Bangladesh does not boast any genuine Gymshark-producing factories. 

Who Owns Gymshark?

The Gymshark Company is the brainchild of Ben Francis, now 29 years old. Ben started the company in 2012.

At first, Gymshark products were created in Francis’ garage. They later moved to alternative production spots within the UK. He and several friends began the company with little pricing knowledge.

He later introduced experts to help with managerial and operational duties. Since 2017, Steve Hewitt was CEO, having moved from his managing director position.

The managing director position was his since 2015, while Paul Richardson dealt with company strategy. 

The company remains the brainchild of Ben Francis. Ben is still the highest shareholder and thus the owner of Gymshark. Lewis Morgan was part of the group responsible for creating the company.

He left the organization a few years ago, leaving a handful in charge of operations. When asked his reason for leaving, Lewis Morgan stated that he felt a burning desire to expand his horizons. 

This expansion included adding to his business interests and portfolio. Interestingly enough, there are expansion plans underway in the United States and Asia.

There is also talk of Ben returning as the Chief Executive Officer. This would mean him replacing Steve Hewitt, who has only had the position for a few years. 

Ben moved from being the Chief Technical officer to becoming the organization’s Chief Product Officer. These titles and duties therein make him better placed to take on the Executive position afresh. 

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where are gymshark clothes made

Where is Gymshark Based?

Gymshark is an online-only company. It means consumers make orders online and receive them directly from internet retailers. There are, however, several Gymshark retailers online, and distributors worldwide.

Some of the company’s materials come from other countries, including Denmark. The company aims to spread its wings to other countries for production. 

Where is Gymshark Headquarters located?

Gymshark has its headquarters located where the magic happened, in the United Kingdom. The home of brainchild Ben Francis also plays host to the headquarters and main production plants.

These headquarters are in Solihull, United Kingdom. As of 2023, the company had approximately 950 employees. 

Even though Gymshark’s headquarters are in the United Kingdom, it boasts millions of followers in over 100 countries worldwide. Many of them are fun-loving, gym-going enthusiasts always eager to attend the many Gymshark events hosted globally. 

Gymshark Distribution Locations

Gymshark is also in China, Pakistan and other European countries. This company has several global distributors. There is a warehouse located in Melbourne among others.

There are also plans to introduce a new distribution center in California in 2021. 

Bottom Line 

The organization gives several companies heavy competition. Gymshark is the second British company to be valued at one billion pounds without initial investments.

Sports apparel companies like Nike, Under Armour, and Fabletics took longer to their mark compared to Gymshark.   

For quicker return processes, the company plans to use new distribution centers. These will provide backup for the Canadian market too. The new center in California aims to provide the best ground for USA returns.

Working with Radial Order Management, Gymshark hopes to leverage its competitive edge in North America.