Where is Corinthian furniture made 2024 – Is it made in USA?

Corinthian Furniture is the maker of specialized furniture offering a variety of stationary and home office collections. This American furniture brand has become widely famous for its luxury furniture items — especially in North Carolina.

While purchasing your favorite Corinthian furniture items the first thing you may search for is, “where is Corinthian furniture made?

Corinthian furniture is made in Corinth, Mississippi. According to the manufacturers, the Corinthian furniture line is manufactured by their parent company in Corinth, Mississippi.

Every piece of Corinthian furniture is made with world-class items and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Where is Corinthian furniture made

However, some consumers are claiming that all Corinthian furniture is not made in America. Rather, some of their collections are made in Cambodia.

For example, Corinthian power recliner sofas & manual recliners are made in Cambodia. The pieces of these furniture items are made in Cambodia and assembled in America. Because the pieces came in large boxes. After manufacturing in Cambodia, this Corinthian furniture is assembled in the USA.

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Is Corinthian furniture made in the US?

Yes, Corinthian furniture is made in the US. Specifically, Corinthian furniture is made in Corinth, Mississippi.

Corinthian Inc. is the manufacturer of home furnishings. Since its birth, the company has been producing upholstered furniture items. The company makes furniture items for you:

  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Home Office

The majority of Corinthian furniture is made in the 80,000-square feet warehouse located in Corinth, Mississippi. But, some Corinthian furniture items are manufactured outside the USA. After manufacturing, these furniture items are assembled in the USA.  

Is Corinthian furniture made in the US

Is Corinthian furniture made in China?

No, Corinthian furniture is not made in China. Rather, the majority of Corinthian furniture is made in the USA.

Corinthian Furniture is a furniture brand that provides quality furniture worldwide. The first Corinthian furniture was manufactured in Corinth, Mississippi. They are an established furniture company that specializes in all manner of furniture production.

Though Corinthian furniture is not manufactured in China, they have large distribution centers in China. The Chinese online platform, Alibaba, offers 15 Corinthian furniture suppliers and manufacturers in China.

Consequently, you can easily get Corinthian furniture in China though it’s an American brand.

Who is the manufacturer of Corinthian Furniture?

Corinthian, Inc. is the manufacturer of Corinthian furniture.

In the furniture market, Corinthian provides furniture collections like:

  • Recliners
  • Sofas
  • Accent Chair
  • Loveseat
  • Sectional
  • Sleeper
  • Madonna-Beige

These furniture collections are manufactured under the guidelines of Corinthian, Inc. Today, Corinthian makes $40 million in revenue in the United States. Vick L Etheridge is acting as the key principal of Corinthian, Inc.

Is Corinthian furniture made in China

Is Corinthian Furniture good quality?

In the furniture market, Corinthian has received both positive and negative reviews. They have ranked #238 of 1647 in the category of furniture and décor.

Corinthian furniture can last for several years. The manufacturer uses premium materials in their furniture collection while manufacturing. Hence, it can last for a long time.

After purchasing Corinthian furniture, you will get a 1-year warranty for all items. But, this warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, stretching, pilling, fading, natural markings, and so on.

Besides, Corinthian Furniture is an affordable furniture brand. You can easily purchase its furniture with your budget.

On the contrary, here are some issues about Corinthian furniture that we have found:

  • Missing Legs of Sofa while Delivery
  • Use of cheap material
  • Electric couch and Loveseat sometimes won’t work
  • Providing wrinkly seat cushions

Overall, Corinthian furniture is a good brand though consumers have claimed some bad issues. The authority has taken steps against these issues.

Does Corinthian furniture use real wood?

Yes, Corinthian furniture uses real wood in its furniture items. All Corinthian furniture is made of a sturdy solid wooden frame. The Corinthian sofa arrives with good stability and durability.

Corinthian is a USA-made furniture brand that ensures high quality to homeowners. They are specialized in offering stationary and motion seating groups of quality. Besides, Corinthian specializes in creating modular pieces that can be used alone or combined to make the sectional.

In short, the manufacturer of Corinthian Furniture has ensured the use of solid wood in their furniture items.  

How much does Corinthian furniture cost?

Corinthian Furniture averagely costs between $300 and $4500. In the furniture market, Corinthian follows affordability and is budget-friendly. If you want to purchase USA-made furniture items within your budget, you can prefer Corinthian furniture.

Corinthian offers a wide range of furniture collections in the competitive furniture market. From Bedrooms to Home offices, Corinthian furniture is everywhere. They are the proud USA-made furniture provider.

Under $1k, you can easily get Corinthian sofas. The built-in quality of these furniture items is up to the mark. To be more precise, visit their website for updated pricing.  

Who is the manufacturer of Corinthian Furniture

Where to buy Corinthian furniture?

In the USA, you can easily find Corinthian retailers. By visiting these retail stores, you can easily purchase your favorite Corinthian furniture.

Outside the USA, you have to find authorized dealers. You may order their products online as Corinthian furniture is available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com

You can also order Corinthian furniture by visiting their website.  

Who is Corinthian furniture owned by?

The Etheridge Family is the owner of Corinthian furniture.

Corinthian is an American furniture brand that is owned by the Etheridge family. According to numerous magazine reports, the president of Corinthian Furniture sold the ownership of Corinthian furniture to Vic Etheridge.

Where is Corinthian Furniture’s headquarters?

The headquarters of Corinthian Furniture is located in Corinth, Mississippi.

Corinthian furniture was born in the city of Mississippi, Corinth. The majority of its products are manufactured here in Corinth. All operations including manufacturing and distribution are done from Corinth, Mississippi.