Where is Broyhill Furniture Made 2024?

Broyhill is one of the trusted furniture manufacturers in the competitive market. Since 1905, they are supplying reliable and affordable furniture. Broyhill is now the leading American manufacturer of medium-price wood.

In the competitive furniture market, Broyhill will be your first choice for its surprisingly affordable price. So, where is Broyhill furniture made?   

Where is Broyhill Furniture Made
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Here is a short answer to where is Broyhill Furniture made:

Broyhill furniture is made outside its geographical location in North Carolina. They manufacture their upholstered furniture in Arcadia, Louisiana.

Broyhill entered the competitive furniture market in the early 1970s. Currently, Broyhill is manufacturing its furniture in twenty factories around the world.  

Where is Broyhill leather furniture made?

Broyhill’s leather furniture including sofas is made in Arcadia, Louisiana.

In the early 1970s, Broyhill established their manufacturing plant in Arcadia, Louisiana. They are manufacturing reliable sofas and leather furniture in this manufacturing plant.

After securing its factory in Arcadia, Broyhill extended its operations outside North Carolina. Besides, Broyhill’s plastic furniture is also made in Arcadia-based factories.    

Is Broyhill furniture made in China?

Broyhill furniture is predominantly made in its geographical hub in North Carolina. Recently, it was reported that they are establishing their manufacturing facilities in South China.

China is traditionally famous for its woodwork. Besides, the labor cost in China is comparatively cheap. Consequently, many furniture designers have manufacturing plants in China.

Talking about Broyhill, it is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the USA. They provide reliable furniture at an affordable price. For providing the best woodwork, Broyhill may manufacture its furniture in China.  

Is Broyhill furniture made in the USA?

Broyhill currently manufactures its furniture in twenty factories around the world. Most of their furniture is made in North Carolina, USA.

Throughout history, Broyhill started making a chair in North Carolina in the early 1920s. They are now manufacturing plastic furniture in their North Carolina-based manufacturing facility.

Within a short time, Broyhill came to the limelight for providing budget-friendly furniture. They have become one of the leading American manufacturers of medium-priced wood.

Though Broyhill currently has 20 manufacturing facilities around the world, most Broyhill furniture is made in the USA. The HQ of Broyhill furniture is located in Taylorsville, North Carolina.

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How much does Broyhill furniture cost?

Broyhill provides a variety of furniture collections. Their collection includes outdoor and home décor accessories, sofas, sleeper sofas, armchairs, sectionals, loveseats, and so on. Broyhill sofa is averagely priced between $499 and $999.

Providing budget-friendly sofas and home décor furniture, Broyhill has secured its position in the market. They try to provide quality products at an affordable price. They have a variety of furniture collections.

Talking about Broyhill bedroom furniture, it averagely prices between $100 and $700. Broyhill’s bedroom set may cost you anywhere between $1620 and $5500. You can spend around $2k for your favorite Broyhill bedroom set.

In comparison, Broyhill provides affordable furniture. Most of the Broyhill furniture is priced below $1000. Hence, you can easily afford Broyhill furniture.

Where to buy Broyhill furniture

Where to buy Broyhill furniture?

Broyhill furniture is widely available in both retail stores and online marketplaces. You can easily find Broyhill’s retail outlets. Broyhill currently has 1400 stores in 47 countries. This Company is making $540 million in sales revenue each year.

Outside retail stores, you may prefer online shopping as it consumes less time. Broyhill furniture is available on:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com
  • Broyhill website

You may prefer Amazon for online shopping as it provides authentic products for a reasonable price. Besides, you can use promotional codes for your shopping on Amazon. Using these promotional codes, you will get a discount.    

Who manufactures the Broyhill sofa?

Broyhill Sofas is manufactured under the design and guidelines of Broyhill Furniture Industries, Inc., in their sweetest manufacturing facilities.

In a short time, the Broyhill sofa has become one of the most affordable and lucrative sofas on the market. Broyhill manufactures their sofa mostly in the Arcadia factory.

While making Broyhill furniture, they use engineered boards with veneer. They also use solid white ash wood. Some better pieces use a combo of solid wood and veneer.

However, you will easily find a lucrative Broyhill sofa under $1k. Generally, the price of the Broyhill sofa ranges between $499 and $999.   

Who owns Broyhill?

The Broyhill Furniture brand and related trademarks are currently owned by retailer Big Lots. Last year, the former owner of Broyhill filed for bankruptcy. Consequently, this furniture brand is now the property of Big Lots.

The Heritage Home Group filed a warn act notice in North Carolina. In an auction, HHG-owned furniture brands like Broyhill, Henredon, Drexel, and Thomasville were sold. In the meantime, an unnamed U.S. retailer purchased all rights to Broyhill.

The purchasing price of Broyhill has not been revealed. However, U.S. retailer Big Lots is now the current owner of Broyhill furniture.

Is Broyhill furniture real wood?

Currently, Broyhill does not manufacture 100% pieces of real hardwood furniture.

Most of Broyhill’s furniture is made of an engineered board with veneer. Some better pieces may use a combo of solid wood with veneer. Talking about Broyhill Brasilia, it is made of solid walnut. Broyhill Brasilia is a well-made, sturdy piece of furniture.

For reliable and durable furniture, Broyhill also uses teak wood. Nonetheless, today’s Broyhill furniture is not made of 100% pieces of real hardwood.

Is Broyhill furniture ethically made?

Broyhill is a well-known brand. This brand is especially known for its affordability. They have 20 factories in numerous locations. Their factory environment is good for labor. They deal with a long-term reputation.

Talking about Broyhill’s labor policy, no bad reports were noticed. They pay their labor gently. They also provide a working environment in their factories. Hence, Broyhill furniture is ethically made.