Where is Bassett Furniture Made 2024?

Bassett Furniture is one of the top furniture brands in the US. For over a century, they have been selling a variety of furniture like tables, seating, beds, décor, sofas, and so on. Bassett’s built-in policy never harms the environment.

While purchasing Bassett furniture, the first thing you should know is, “Where is Bassett Furniture made?

Where is Bassett Furniture Made

Here is a short answer to where is Bassett furniture made:

Bassett’s furniture is predominantly made in the USA.

Though most companies’ products are imported from international sources, Bassett’s décor and furniture items are completely made in North Carolina and Texas factories.

75% of Bassett Furniture is made, built, assembled, and tailored in the USA.

Is Bassett furniture made in China?

China is traditionally famous for its wood and furniture work. Many companies import living room sofas, bed frames, chairs, tables, and so on from China. However, all Bassett furniture is made at American factories in Virginia and North Carolina. They hardly import furniture from China.

According to a report on Statista, China has produced 39% of the global furniture. The percentage is higher than in the United States. The United States is lagging behind by 18% in this regard.

As China has labor efficiency, it’s easy for them to fulfill the world’s demands. Besides, they have traditional skills and expertise in furniture work. Consequently, China has become one of the prominent importers of furniture around the world — especially in the US.

Nonetheless, Basset makes 75% of its furniture in the US. They have giant factories in North Carolina and Virginia.  Bassett furniture is made by USA artisans who take pride in their craft.  

Is Bassett furniture made in the USA?

Is Bassett furniture made in the USA?

Yes, Bassett furniture is made in the USA. Most of their furniture is made in Virginia and North Carolina-based factories in the USA. The employees in Virginia assemble dining room sets.

Bassett Furniture is leading the US furniture market through its unique characteristics. They have remained at the forefront of top furniture brands in the US. For more than 120 years, Bassett has offered seating furniture, living room furniture, outdoor furniture, bedroom furniture, and so on.

You will find a lot of furniture brands that import furniture from China. In this regard, Bassett Furniture deals with unique, stylish furniture which is completely made by USA artisans. In the USA, Bassett’s factories are located in Virginia and North Carolina.

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How much does Bassett furniture cost?

For beds and sofas, Bassett furniture will cost you between $1k and $2k. The average price of their dining is $3k. Being a budget-conscious shopper, Bassett furniture will appear at the front.

Bassett furniture is a budget-friendly brand. They focus on meeting consumers’ demands within their affordability. Bassett furniture also cost less than numerous reputed brands in the competitive market.

Here are the furniture brands that cost more than Bassett Furniture:

  • Ethan Allen Furniture
  • Novogratz
  • Kelly Wearstler
  • Hooker Furniture
  • Henge
  • Tov Furniture

Considering furniture cost, Bassett’s topmost competitors are:

  • Wayfair
  • Mohawk Industries
  • Ethan Allen
  • La-Z-Boy
  • Havertys

Bassett is typically leading the furniture market for their affordable prices.  

Where to buy Bassett furniture

Where to buy Bassett furniture?

Bassett Furniture is widely available in its retail stores and online marketplaces. This trusted retailer has been selling quality products for 120 years, with storefronts across North America and a user-friendly website worldwide.

Besides, Bassett furniture is also available on online marketplaces. You can now order their products and benefit from free home delivery. Apart from its website, Bassett sells their furniture through:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com

You may prefer Amazon for your online shopping as it provides quality products for a reasonable price. Besides, Amazon offers discounts. You can also use promotional codes on Amazon. By using a promotional code, you can also get a discount.   

Who manufactures the Bassett sofa?

Each piece of Bassett sofa is manufactured and finished by hand in Bassett and Virginia. Hence, Bassett sofas are made in the USA.

Within a short time, Bassett sofas have gained critical customer reviews on Amazon and other online marketplaces. These sofas are manufactured by hand in their manufacturing facility. Bassett generally uses premium teak wood in their sofa.

To uphold its reputation, Basset uses premium materials in its furniture. Although teak wood is used in shipbuilding today, Basset has ratified the tradition of teakwood in its sofas. They use the Sheesham heartwood which is good for furniture. The Sheesham heartwood forms the central core of the tree trunk.  

Who owns Bassett?

J.B. Hunt Transport Services is the current owner of Bassett Furniture Industries Inc.

The J.B. Hunt Transport Services is an American transportation and logistics company. This company is located in Lowell, Arkansas. In 1961, J.B. Hunt founded this company.

However, J. B. Hunt Transport services purchased Bassett Furniture Industries Inc. for $87 million. Throughout history, Bassett furniture was founded by J.D. Bassett, Charles C. Bassett, Reed L. Stone, and Samuel H. Bassett.  

Does Bassett use real wood?

Bassett’s wooden items are made using solid wood. They construct heavier profiles from these solid woods and later make their wooden furniture. Bassett offers both synthetic fabric and customized options in terms of upholstering.

Is Bassett furniture ethically made?

Yes, Bassett Furniture is ethically made. The Company provides a well-known working environment in its factories. No labor crises have been reported yet. Basset furniture is made by USA artisans in the sweetest manufacturing facilities.

Basset also focuses on environmental issues. They don’t harm the ecological system. Hence, we can say Bassett furniture is ethically made.