Where is Ethan Allen Furniture Made 2024?

Ethan Allen furniture is a popular brand of furniture that is known for its high quality and unique style. The company was founded in 1932 by Ethan Allen and has since become one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the United States.

Ethan Allen furniture is made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, and fabric, and is available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. You may wonder, where is Ethan Allen’s furniture made?

Where is Ethan Allen Furniture Made
Image: Ethan Allen

Here is a short answer to where is Ethan Allen furniture made:

Ethan Allen furniture is manufactured in three separate countries, including the United States, Mexico, and Honduras.

There are nine manufacturing plants all across these three countries. However, 75 percent of the furniture of this company comes from the USA.

Where is Ethan Allen leather furniture made?

As one of the largest furniture manufacturers on earth, Ethan Allen had to establish enough manufacturing plants to maintain the supply chain. The plants are listed below:

  • Six plants in the USA (in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Vermont)
  • Two plants in Mexico (in Silao, Guanajuato)
  • One plant in Honduras

All the furniture comes from these plants and is supplied globally. So, leather furniture is also manufactured from these plants.

Besides, Ethan Allen’s furniture is custom-made and not ready-made. So, as leather furniture is rare for being so expensive, the company starts making it after getting an order.

Where is Ethan Allen leather furniture made

Is any Ethan Allen furniture made in China?

The answer is no. Ethan Allen is a shipping-based company. Moreover, quality control is a mandatory part of this company to maintain its glory and reputation.

When someone places an order at Ethan Allen for an item of furniture from China, the company manufactures it and ships it to China. It does not create its appliances for China outside manufacturing plants in the United States and Mexico.

However, Ethan Allen has been trying to start a manufacturing facility in China since 2002. A Chinese company approached Ethan Allen named Markor, and the two agreed. Soon Ethan Allen will establish manufacturing facilities in Urumqi and Tianjin.

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Is Ethan Allen furniture made in Indonesia?

Ethan Allen has partnered with an excellent wood crafting company in Surabaya, Indonesia. So, the answer is yes. Ethan Allen is currently manufacturing about 10 percent of its wood products in Indonesia.

However, Ethen Allen’s rest of the woodworking is done in North Carolina, Vermont, and Honduras. Besides, Indonesia and Vietnam are getting significant sources of furniture for this company rapidly.

Is Ethan Allen furniture made in Vermont

Is Ethan Allen furniture made in Vermont?

Ethan Allen is expanding its manufacturing facilities in all directions. In 1936, the company bought a furniture factory that was bankrupt in Beecher Falls, Vermont. That is how Ethan Allen entered Vermont state.

However, Ethan Allen’s Beecher Falls manufacturing plant is now a past. Currently, the company’s new plant is in Orleans, Vermont state.

According to Globe Newswire, Ethan Allen opened another workshop in Vermont. Besides, the furniture company runs a design center in Shelburne, in the western region of the state.

How much does Ethan Allen furniture cost?

When someone thinks of a luxury brand to buy new furniture, Ethan Allen’s name must cross his mind. Its furniture price is much higher than regular furniture brands.

The price of Ethan Allen furniture depends on some linear properties, including size, quality, time to manufacture, shipping, and other attributes. However, you can find products in a price range from 175 dollars to 5000 dollars.

Again, the leather furniture of Ethan Allen company is more expensive than regular ones. There is no leather finished furniture below 1 thousand dollars.

Where to buy Ethan Allen furniture?

Ethan Allen is a massive company. Its supply chain is spread worldwide. There are a total of 300 stores in the countries, including

  • The United States
  • Europe Countries
  • Canada
  • Countries of the Middle East
  • Asian Countries

Besides the offline retailers, there are websites from where you can order your favorite Ethan Allen furniture, such as

  • Amazon
  • Walmart

Moreover, Ethan Allen sells furniture directly from its official website. Every day, there is some discount price ongoing on that official website. The sale may make the Ethan Allen product a bit affordable.

Who makes Ethan Allen furniture?

Ethan Allen is a public limited company and is not a subsidiary company. So, the company manufactures its furniture at its manufacturing plant. However, it has a subsidiary company named Ethan Allen Global Inc.

Besides, Ethan Allen’s headquarter is in Danbury, Connecticut, USA. From here, the company controls all its plants and design centers.

Who owns Ethan Allen furniture?

M. Farooq Kathwari is the owner of Ethan Allen Interiors Inc. He has been the owner since 1988 and acts as the chief executive officer of the company.

In 1932, Theodore Baumitter and his sister’s husband, Nathan S. Ancell, started working as a houseware manufacturer. In 1936, after buying a bankrupt factory, the journey of Ethan Allen began.

Is Ethan Allen Furniture real wood?

Ethen Allen does not compromise with the quality of the furniture. It uses wood in its every crafting. Moreover, the company is quite specific in terms of wood selection.

Not all types of wood are superior for crafting furniture. The woods Ethan Allen uses are

  • Maple
  • Poplar
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Birch

Is Ethan Allen furniture still being made?

Ethan Allen furniture manufacturing plants are always on load because of their market demand. By 2020, the company had a revenue of around 590 million dollars. Moreover, it has assets worth approximately 623 million dollars.

Moreover, Ethan Allen is expanding its facilities every year. Soon, the company’s manufacturing will start in China. So, yes, Ethan Allen furniture is still being made.