Where is Bosch Made 2024

Robert Bosch GmbH is a well-known German conglomerate. It is commonly known by the name Bosch. Its business is segmented into four categories directly related to engineering and technology.

As of 2023, Bosch is the sixth-largest engineering company in Germany, with nearly a hundred billion dollars in yearly revenue.

So, let’s find out where this tech giant manufactures its products.

Where is Bosch Made

Where are Bosch appliances made 2024:

Bosch has nearly 125 factory locations globally where the company manufactures appliances. The factories are in 60 different countries.

In the United States, Bosch produces household appliances in North Carolina predominantly. Besides, its other production and distribution facilities in the USA are spread over 21 cities in total.

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Is Bosch Made in the USA?

The answer is yes. Bosch manufactures its products in the United States, and the production scale is larger than you can imagine.

In the United States, Bosch’s headquarter is in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Moreover, the company has three research centers in three different states: Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sunnyvale, California, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

To continue the production operations and distribution, Bosch has 21 factories and distribution centers all over America. Some primary locations of this company’s factories, including

  1. Warren, Michigan
  2. Charleston, South Carolina
  3. Boardview, Illinois
  4. Owatonna, Minnesota
  5. Kentwood, Michigan
  6. Waltham, Massachusetts
  7. Mt. Prospect, Illinois
where is Bosch Refrigerator made

Where is Bosch Refrigerator made?

Bosch is a German appliances manufacturing company. However, with the expansion of its business worldwide, it has to manufacture its products locally. Thus, factories of Bosch are all around the world.

FC and CFC free refrigerators of Robert Bosch GmbH are made in three different countries, including

  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Spain

Besides these countries, the company manufactures most of its home appliances in the USA’s North Carolina. Besides, Whirlpool Corporation and Bosch have a contract to manufacture Bosch’s legacy refrigerator model lineup.

Besides all these, some newer versions of Bosch refrigerators are coming from China. It is due to recent Bosch’s business expansion to that country.

Where is Bosch Dishwasher made

Where is Bosch Dishwasher made?

Most of the dishwashers of Bosch are made in North Carolina, United States. Moreover, all the international units come from here. However, not all dishwashers are made in the USA.

Bosch manufactures Benchmark units in Germany. Moreover, BSH has a contract to manufacture Bosch’s dishwasher. Besides Bosch, BSH also manufactures appliances for other companies such as Siemens.

Where are Bosch Washing Machines made

Where are Bosch Washing Machines made?

In the global ranking, Bosch manufactures one of the most reliable washing machines. It has also fulfilled the demands of consumers that have made laundry works more straightforward and enjoyable.

The BSH Group is the one that manufactures the Bosch washing machine. Every last series eight washing machine is manufactured in Germany. On the other hand, Bosch’s series six washing machine comes from Turkish manufacturing facilities.

Besides series six and series eight washing machines, Bosch produces most of the washing machines in Eastern Europe. And the company will distribute all these manufactured washing machines in the European and North American countries.

Where are Bosch appliances made in Europe?

The tech giant Bosch manufactures its appliances region by region. That is why the company has manufacturing facilities in more than 60 countries.

For the European region, Bosch manufactures appliances in Germany. Though Germany produces most of the products for the European region, some other countries’ factories, such as Greece, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and Spain, also contribute to production.

Where are Bosch tools made

Where are Bosch tools made?

Bosch’s power tools are relatively newer than its other appliances division. In 2003, this section began its journey. At present, Bosch manufactures some of the most useful tools available in the market, including

  • Rotary tools
  • Laser leveling devices
  • Oscillating tools
  • Accessories for power tools

Currently, Bosch manufactures tools in Asian countries, including Taiwan, China, and Malaysia. Besides the Asian countries, the company also produces tools in Mexico and some European countries, such as Switzerland and Germany.

Are Bosch appliances made in China?

Bosch’s manufacturing plants in the Chinese region are newer than in other places. So, the company does not produce much from China. Moreover, there is not much information about Bosch’s production operations in the following country.

However, Bosch’s new refrigerator models lineups are manufactured and assembled in China. Besides, the company has plans for the future to expand more business in the eastern regions of the world.

Are Bosch appliances made in Germany?

In 1886, Bosch was first established in Stuttgart, West Germany. At present, the headquarter of this company is in Germany’s Gerlingen. Besides being the birthplace and headquarter, Bosch has established several factories across the country.

So, the answer is yes. Bosch’s appliances are made in Germany. Most of the appliances that the company distributes in European countries come from Germany.

Who makes Bosch appliances?

In 2015, Bosch acquired the home appliances division of Siemens and formed BSH Bosch And Siemens Home Appliances Group. The group is responsible for manufacturing Bosch appliances right now.

Moreover, BSH is currently the world’s third greatest appliance manufacturer. And Samsung has acquired a first place on this list.

Where can I buy Bosch products?

Bosch operates in 60 countries worldwide. In these countries, over 64 thousand people work with this company. You can find Bosch products everywhere in these countries.

In the USA, there are 21 cities where the company’s outlet is available. Besides, some online retailers sell Bosch’s appliances on websites, such as

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • US Appliance
  • AJ Madison
  • Abt
  • Grand Appliance