Where is Nutella Made 2024 – (All You Need to Know)

For years, Nutella has been a staple for Europeans. During World War II, baker Pietro Ferrero launched a new line of chocolate called sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread in Italy. This brand of Hazelnut cocoa spread came to know its brand name — Nutella.

Nutella continues to grow in popularity as people around the world consume it. Hence, “Where is Nutella made?” has become a frequently asked question by Nutella lovers around the world.  

Nutella is predominantly made in Italy. There are four production facilities in Italy where most of the consumers’ demands are accomplished.

Where is Nutella Made

Besides, you will find a lot of Nutella factories around the world as it has worldwide consumers. Today, the third largest chocolate producer company, Ferrero, makes Nutella in their sweetest manufacturing plants.

To be more specific, here are the countries where Nutella chocolates are produced:

  • Italy
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • New South Wales
  • France
  • Warsaw
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Turkey

Although the sales rate of Nutella in the USA has grown to $250 million, there is no Nutella factory in the USA. Generally, the Brantford facility in Canada attains consumer demand in the USA.

Where is Nutella made in the USA?

Nutella is not made in the USA. The Canada-made Nutella chocolates are supplied in the USA.

Sales of Nutella chocolates in the USA have tripled to more than $250 million in the past five years. Nutella has conquered the American market of sweetened chocolates.

Nonetheless, you won’t find any production facility in the USA. They generally supply Nutella chocolates that are produced in the Brantford factory.   

Where is Nutella made in the USA

Who makes Nutella in the USA?

Ferrero makes Nutella in the USA. This company has become the third-largest chocolate producer in the world. Ferrero’s business has grown to $250 million in the USA market.  

Although Nutella is a European chocolate line, it has gained enormous popularity in the US. The senior brand manager of Nutella has confirmed their sales revenue in the USA to more than $250 million!

In the USA, Nutella has become a food phenomenon. Most Americans want to eat Nutella more than the brands that their parents ate.  

When did Nutella come to America?

In 1983, the Ferrero family began importing Nutella to the United States. It was first touted in the US as a healthy breakfast though it contains high sugar.

In 2016, Nutella celebrated its golden jubilee in the United States. Americans got the taste of Nutella in the form of a jar. It took 20 years to reform Nutella in the jar. Being hit in Europe, Ferrero launched their chocolate brand in the United States.

Initially, Nutella became a healthy breakfast choice in the United States as it contained skim milk. After advertising Nutella as a healthy product for kids, it gained an enormous response in the US.

Where is the main factory of Nutella?

Traditionally, Alba is the main factory location of Nutella where this Hazelnut cocoa spread originated. It was introduced 58 years ago. Currently, Nutella has become a famous chocolate brand around the world.

On 20 April 1964, the first jar of Nutella was released here in Alba, Italy. Its root is spread from Alba.

Apart from Alba, there are four manufacturing facilities for Nutella in Italy. Nutella produces 730 million pounds in just a single year.

Currently, the French are eating a lot of Nutella chocolates. To meet consumers’ demand, the factory in northern France has been upgraded. Hence, the factory in France is the largest Nutella factory which produces 25% of the world’s Nutella!

Is Nutella Italian or Australian?

Nutella is an Italian brand of Hazelnut cocoa spread.

In 1964, Nutella was introduced in Italy by baker Ferrero. The jar of Nutella was introduced in the Alba factory in Italy. Besides, four factories in Italy attain the world’s Nutella demand.

There is no factory for Nutella chocolates in Australia. The consumers’ demand for Nutella chocolates in Australia and New Zealand is fulfilled by the New South Wales factory.

Hence, Nutella is Italian.

Is Nutella Italian or American?

Again, Nutella is of Italian rather than American origin.

After gaining fabulous popularity in Europe, Nutella began its business in the vast US market. They launched their chocolate line in the US in 1983.

Currently, Nutella earns $250 million in sales revenue from the US. Though it has a great consumer demand in the US, there is no production facility here.

The consumers’ demands in the US are fulfilled by the Canadian factory. Americans have taken Nutella as their healthy breakfast. However, it has been recognized as an Italian product.  

Which country makes the best Nutella?

Italy makes the best Nutella.

In 1964, Ferrero founded Nutella in Alba, Italy. In fact, the jar of Nutella was invented here in Italy.

You will find a variation of Nutella country-wise. Compared to European Nutella, the American one is not identical. There are variations of ingredients according to the supplying countries.

Nutella ingredients may vary by country. For the below countries, you will find variations in Nutella ingredients:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Italy

However, Italy makes the traditional Nutella.

Which country eats the most Nutella?

The French eat the most Nutella.

Production of Nutella in France is considered the largest facility. Because consumers’ demand for Nutella chocolates in France is higher than in others. According to a study, more than 75k tons of Nutella is eaten each year in France.

Who owns Nutella?

Ferrero SpA is the owner of Nutella. After the death of Ferrero, Michele Ferrero, son of Ferrero, is now the owner of Ferrero SpA.

The company, Ferrero SpA currently makes 11.37 billion euros each year. As the owner of Ferrero SpA, Michele Ferrero is blessed with an estimated net worth of $33.6 billion!