Where Are Bissell Vacuums Made 2024

One of the oldest American brands of vacuum cleaners started over 140 years ago as a gadget that could clean sawdust off of the carpet. Since then, Bissell has become a leader in carpet cleaning with many new innovations.

Here are the top answers to questions about Bissell vacuums.

All Bissell vacuums are currently made in various factories located in China. At one time the Bissell vacuums were all made in the USA and then moved these factories to Mexico.

Where Are Bissell Vacuums Made

The headquarters for Bissell is located in Walker, Michigan, and designs new vacuum cleaners.

There have been reports that some Bissell vacuums are made in Vietnam and Malaysia, but there is no proof this is true. Since 2003, all Bissell vacuums have been made in China that have jumped between different Chinese companies all the way up to 2014.

There are at least 400 employees that work at the US headquarters with only a select few that are designing new vacuum cleaners. These plans are then sent to China to be built and shipped to locations all over the world.

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Are Bissell vacuums made in the USA?

Currently, there are no Bissell vacuums that are made in the USA.

Designs are planned and prototypes are presented through the US-based Bissell headquarters. These are then passed on to the various Chinese companies that will build these vacuum cleaners. At one time, Bissell vacuums were all made in the USA.

When it became too expensive to make Bissell vacuums in the US, the factories were quickly relocated to Mexico. This became too expensive as tariffs at the Mexican border were adding mark-up costs for the Bissell Company. It was decided to move Bissell factories to China because it was cheaper.

In 1884, a fire destroyed a US-based Bissell factory causing the Bissell Company to find a new factory location. Bissell was still built in the US up until the early 2000s.

Are Bissell vacuum cleaners made in China?

All of the Bissell vacuum cleaners are now made in China that are awarded to select factories that Bissell contracts with. Some factories that contracted with Electrolux to make the Eureka vacuum lost a contract with Bissell. When Bissell found out what happened, they canceled their orders immediately.

Since there is a trade war in China among many vacuum cleaner companies, this has caused a boom in the Chinese market for American brand name vacuum cleaners. Bissell is one of the few US-based companies that still own the rights to their company and brand.

Many other vacuum companies have sold the rights of their company to Chinese businesses. Only time will tell if Bissell will become a Chinese-owned company.

Who makes Bissell vacuums?

There are several factories in China that make different Bissell vacuum models. The total number of Chinese workers is estimated to be more than 2000. The designs for each vacuum model for Bissell come from the headquarters located in America and are built in China.

The cost of manufacturing in China helps to keep the final cost to consumers much cheaper than if it was made in the US. This has also helped the Bissell Company stay in business longer because of the higher production costs all through the US.

How much do Bissell vacuums cost?

Bissell vacuums all have different price ranges because of what they are meant to clean. The cost difference can range from $40 to $490 when looking at each category of vacuum that is sold. There are cheaper Bissell vacuums that do simple tasks while professional models can clean carpets.

Depending on the model, some Bissell vacuums will be offered at a discount price. This is common when older models are being cleared out and new Bissell vacuums are arriving. Since many Bissell vacuums are sold at big chain stores, this keeps the prices low because they’re bought in bulk.

Where can I buy Bissell vacuums?

Bissell vacuums can be bought in retail brand name stores including Target, Walmart, Costco, and Best Buy. The Bissell website also helps to find a store location near to their customers. There is also a webshop on Amazon that sells Bissell vacuums for those who order from the internet.

Many home improvement stores including Lowes and The Home Depot will sell Bissell since these are appliances used for home improvement. The internet also sells the Bissell brand all through Europe and Asia. This makes it possible to purchase a Bissell vacuum nearly anywhere in the world.

Bissell vacuums are sold everywhere vacuum cleaners and floor care products are sold across the US.

How long should a Bissell vacuum last?

Bissell vacuums will last at least 8 years on average and don’t depend on the model that’s bought. The vacuums that have heavier use will break a lot faster especially if these vacuums are used for carpet cleaning. Vacuum models that have simple functions tend to last longer in general.

Since there aren’t so many parts that will break easily with stick brooms, these will have the best chance of lasting the longest. If a vacuum cleaner from Bissell breaks before the warranty has expired, it can be repaired using that warranty to get it fixed.

More expensive models will have more warranty coverage on select parts that need replacing. There will also be a longer warranty given on select models from 2 to 4 years.

Who owns Bissell?

The Bissell brand is owned by Bissell Homecare Inc. and is an American-based company. The headquarters is located in Walker, Michigan, and is where all of the business around the world is handled. Bissell is one of the few US-based companies that are one of the oldest in the country.

400 employees work at the US headquarters and are still run by a surviving Bissell family member. Mark Bissell is the current president of the company and is considered a market leader in floor cleaning products. As of 2020, the Bissell Company was the #1 top seller.