Where is Bob’s Discount Furniture Made 2024

Bob’s Discount Furniture is a well-known American furniture retailer chain. The company is ranked 12th in the United States based on its sales across the country. Its supply chain is spread over 24 states of the USA.

At present, Bob’s Discount Furniture stands as one of the largest furniture manufacturing multinational companies. So, let’s find out where this home furnishing company makes furniture in 2024.

Where is Bob's Discount Furniture Made

Here is a short answer to where is Bob’s Discount furniture made:

Bain Capital manufactures most of Bob’s Discount Furniture’s home and office decor in the United States.

However, the company imports some materials and parts from China. Nearly a thousand employees and workers work for this furniture retailing company all over the USA.

Is Bob’s Discount furniture made in China?

The answer is no. Bob’s Discount Furniture manufactures its furniture domestically in the United States. However, the locations of the plants of company are kept hidden. It is something that most giant companies do.

Now, some hints on the internet indicate that Bob’s Discount Furniture’s parts and materials are imported from outside the USA. And the potential exporter of these elements is China.

So, we cannot say that Bob’s Discount Furniture is domestically made entirely. Besides, any S-grade company would make this information confidential. So, no one knows if Bob’s Discount Furniture takes help from other countries.

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Who is the manufacturer of Bob’s Discount Furniture?

In 2022, Bain Capital is in charge of the furniture company Bob’s Discount Furniture. Moreover, this investment firm has been responsible for this company since 2013. So, Bain Capital is currently the manufacturer of Bob’s Discount Furniture.

And talking about the manufacturing plants, Bob’s Discount Furniture has its plants where the company makes its products. It does not have to depend on other companies’ facilities to manufacture.

Is Bob’s Discount Furniture good quality?

Bob’s Discount Furniture is a discount furniture brand. Its main intention is to provide products at affordable prices. So, the company has to compromise on quality drops. Anyways, unlike other discount furniture companies, its product quality is decent.

You should know that a company’s sales grow when it can provide products with better qualities at a considerable cost. Bob’s Discount Furniture has expanded its business overseas.

More importantly, Bob’s Discount Furniture’s users’ reviews are too good for a discount furniture company. So, yes, we can assure you that this company’s furniture has a decent quality.

Does Bob’s furniture use natural wood?

Bob’s Discount Furniture has to think about cost-cutting as a discount furniture company. Natural woods are more costly than other materials. So, the answer is no. Bob’s Discount Furniture does not use real wood in manufacturing.

Instead of using natural wood, Bob’s Discount Furniture uses fibreboard and veneered particle board. These materials reduce cost and are more durable than wood.

Besides the low-cost furniture, the company also makes some at high prices, though it is not as priced as wooden ones. This high-priced furniture is made of Bob-o-pedic poly-foams. This material features spring technology.

How much does Bob’s Discount furniture cost?

Bob’s Discount Furniture is a great deal for middle-class people. Moreover, the furniture has modern look. The price of this company’s furniture starts at under six hundred dollars.

There are several sections for furniture, including

  • Living Room Furniture
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Dining Room Furniture
  • Home Office Furniture
  • Kids’ Room Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture

In different sections, the furniture sets price varies from 600 to 3000 dollars. Besides the sets, single furniture, such as office chairs, mattresses, table lamps, reading tables, etc., costs from 199 to 400 dollars.

The pricing of Bob’s Discount Furniture is more affordable than many other companies. You can check the prices of this company’s products on their official website.

Where to buy Bob’s Discount furniture?

Bob’s Discount Furniture has one of the largest supply chains in the United States. There are 150 outlets in 24 states of the United States. So, there is a strong possibility that you will find it near your home. The states are in the region of,

  • Northeast
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Midwest
  • West Coast

Besides the offline stores, you can order furniture from Bob’s Discount Furniture’s official website. Besides, the company has an app that is downloadable on Apple operating system. Also there, you can order the furniture online.

Who is Bob’s Discount furniture owned by?

Bob’s Discount Furniture has a long history of ownership hand changing. When it was first established in 1991, the owners were Bob Kaufman with a 33 percent share and Gene Rosenberg with a 66 percent share.

Anyways, the company was bankrupt and was handed to a British equity firm, Saunders Karp & Megrue, in 2005. That equity firm had a 70 percent market share.

In that same year, Bob’s Discount Furniture was handed to another British equity firm named Apax Partners Worldwide. This firm was also a shareholder of 70 percent. Finally, in 2013, Bain Capital took over the company with the majority market share.

Currently, the American private investment firm Bain Capital is the owner of Bob’s Discount Furniture. It has been nine years since the furniture company was under this firm. Currently, the company has a market value of nearly 20 billion dollars.

Where is Bob’s Discount Furniture headquarters?

In 2022, Bob’s Discount Furniture’s headquarter is in Manchester, Connecticut, United States of America. From here, the company controls all the stores across the USA. Anyways, it was not always here.

When Bob Kaufman first established this company, its headquarters was in Newington, Connecticut. After handing over to the firms, the headquarter was shifted to the current position.