Where are Prolux Vacuums Made 2024

Prolux is a vacuum brand that can be found in so many stores all over the country.

With such a famous name, that might make you wonder where are Prolux vacuums made.

Where are Prolux Vacuums Made

Where are Prolux central vacuums made?

Prolux vacuum cleaners are all made in China even when they say differently. There have been a lot of curious questions by customers asking where in China, is the Prolux brand actually made.

Many experts have discovered that certain Prolux vacuum cleaner models are made in Taiwan. This includes upright models such as the Prolux 7000 Upright, but this was discovered during 2014-2017, from customer reviews.

This model now states it is made in China except that many other models all say they are built in the USA.

There is only one official repair center for servicing Prolux vacuums in the US and it’s located in Utah. When it needs to be repaired, the vacuum owner must include the shipping charges to and from Utah.

Are Prolux vacuums made in the USA?

Prolux vacuums are not made in the USA but are partly an American-based company.

Prolux vacuums are all made in China, but openly advertise they are USA owned and operated. Other advertisements claim that Prolux is designed in the USA, yet have no proof to back this claim at all.

Even though many Prolux vacuum cleaner models are widely found in stores all across the US, this does not make it an American product.

The widely-known Prolux name has only been around since 1998. The Trademark name has been owned by Rocky Mountain Vacuum Brokers LLC in West Jordan, Utah since 2011.

Before this, Prolux was sold under the Electrolux LLC brand which stopped being sold by them under the name Prolux in 1987. Electrolux sold this trademark to Rocky Mountain Vacuum Brokers in 1998.

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Who makes Prolux vacuums?

Prolux vacuums are all currently made in China and are shipped to distributors all over the world. The Prolux name has been used in many older vacuum models including Electrolux, Aerus, and ESSCO.

At one time, Electrolux vacuums were made in Sweden and America, and now currently in Hungary.

Since Electrolux vacuums may have been built in the USA from 1987 to 1998, they don’t mention Prolux anymore. Older models can still be found being sold on eBay and are now collector’s items for vacuum cleaner fans. The CB2000 Prolux by Electrolux is especially popular.

How much should you pay for a Prolux vacuum?

The average price for a Prolux vacuum is roughly $300 per vacuum cleaner. The range of pricing starts at $200 and can cost at least $500 for higher-end models. This will depend on the type of vacuum that you are buying and the location where it’s purchased.

Not every store location is selling the Prolux vacuums at the same retail price, so it’s common to find them on sale. There can be as much as a $50 difference between some models starting at $300 in some stores.

Where can I buy Prolux vacuums? 

Well-known brand name retail stores that include Prolux include Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowes. These are also found being sold on Amazon through the Prolux shop all across America.

Specialty online shops also sell Prolux vacuums however, the Prolux website sells directly to customers as well.

It’s not uncommon to see older Prolux models being sold on eBay that are discontinued items for collectors. These are rare vacuums that still have the Electrolux name listed on the vacuum.

The accessories that go with all of the Prolux vacuums are also sold in stores and in online web shops.

How long should a Prolux vacuum last?

Prolux claims that their vacuums can last at least 10 years with average use. There are further realistic claims that estimate that 5-7 years is more realistic for Prolux vacuums. The lifespan of any vacuum will always depend on how often a vacuum cleaner is cleaned.

The motor that is used for Prolux is given a 7-year for high-end models, yet many of the cheaper vacuums might see as little as 2 years. There just isn’t enough information on how long a Prolux vacuum will last if it’s misused and overworked.

If a vacuum stops working before the warranty is over it will need to be shipped to the Utah repair center.

This warranty does not cover the cost to ship and return a vacuum, so the owner will need to pay for this. This may seem unfair and expensive if you don’t live anywhere near Utah.

Who owns the Prolux Company?

The current owners who own the name for Prolux are a small company in Utah called Rocky Mountain Vacuum Brokers LLC. They now contract with factories in China to produce their vacuum cleaners which are then shipped to distributors all over the world.

Prolux also lists Dustin Chaffin as the official name who is listed as the director of Rocky Mountain Vacuum Brokers. They also use other names that include Vacuum Depot and Good Vacs both featuring Prolux vacuums and similar brands. Their Utah warehouse also services broken vacuums.

Does Prolux have a lifetime warranty?

There are very few Prolux vacuum cleaners that will offer a lifetime warranty aside from the high-end models. This includes their newest model that is the Prolux CTX water vacuum. On average, the best that you can find is that Prolux will offer a 7-year warranty for mid-range vacuums.

Some motors have a 10-year warranty that only applies to central vacuum units. The central vacuum units that are covered with a 10-year warranty are followed by a 25-year warranty for select parts. If you find a lifetime warranty is offered on cheaper vacuums, it may be very limited.

Most of the cheaper vacuums that you find on sale at chain stores will have a standard limited warranty. This is up to 7 years if the vacuum of costing between $250- $320 depending on the model that’s chosen.