Where Are Hoover Vacuums Made 2024

In the Vacuum industry, Hoover is recognized as a household icon and one of the trusted names in America. The brand has more than 100 years of heritage. Since 1907, Hoover has designed easy-to-use products with their innovative technology.

While purchasing, the first thing people search about Hoover is: “Where are Hoover vacuums made?

Where Are Hoover Vacuums Made

Here is a short answer to where are Hoover vacuums made:

Hoover vacuums are made in Cookeville, Tennessee, and North Canton, Ohio.

Hoover is probably the first American brand that makes all of its products in US manufacturing facilities.

After manufacturing, it proudly attaches the made-in-USA label back to its products.  

Where are Hoover washing machines made?

Hoover Washing machines are made in North Canton, Ohio.

Since 1907, Hoover has been manufacturing all of its products in the US manufacturing plants. Their two major manufacturing facilities are located in North Canton and Cookeville.

All Hoover washing machines are manufactured in the sweetest facility in North Canton, Ohio.

Besides, Hoover washing machines are now manufactured by the Candy group. Nonetheless, Hoover and Candy are two different companies that are owned by the Candy group. Consequently, the guaranteed repair work is carried out by the same manufacturers.  

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Where are Hoover carpet cleaners made?

In the Cookeville, Tennessee manufacturing plant, all Hoover carpet cleaners are made. These carpet cleaners are made with globally sourced components.

Hoover’s one of the largest factories is located in Cookeville, Tennessee. They make premium items like Hoover carpet cleaners in the Cookeville-based manufacturing plant.

According to the Cookeville production authority, they are always looking for opportunities to bring more production and more jobs to their US manufacturing facilities.

Sometimes, Hoover sourced components globally. But, they manufacture all of their items by the skilled craftsmen of the USA.

Where are Hoover dishwashers made?

Hoover dishwasher is made in its North Canton, Ohio-based manufacturing facilities.

As a part of TTI Floor Care North America, Hoover products are predominantly made in the United States. They manufacture high-performance vacuum cleaners for home and commercial settings as they are leading the floor-care industry.

In the US, two major factories produce Hoover products. Hoover’s carpet cleaners are made in the Cookeville plant whereas its dishwashers and washing machines are made in North Canton, Ohio.

Are Hoover vacuums made in the USA?

Yes, Hoover vacuums are made in the USA. Their skilled American craftsmen produce its Vacuums in the North Canton and Cookeville factories.

In North Canton, Ohio, Hoover invented the first upright vacuum cleaner. The invention was done in June 1908.

Hoover is one of the leading American manufacturers of vacuums. Though they source some of its components globally, all of its products are made in US manufacturing facilities.

While manufacturing, Hoover uses high-quality metals and plastics that are sourced either from the USA or globally. Assembling and manufacturing are done in the US, particularly in North Canton and Cookeville.

Selling their products in the US market, Hoover generated a sales revenue of $950 million last year!

Is Hoover a Chinese company?

Throughout history, Hoover was acquired by Candy Group in 1995. In 2019, the Chinese multinational home appliance company, Haier, purchased Candy Group. Hence, Hoover has become a Chinese company although its manufacturing process is done in the United States.

Currently, the Hong Kong-based Techtronic Industries Company Limited is the parent company of Hoover. In 2019, Hoover became a Chinese company as Haier brought it from the Italian domestic appliance maker, Candy.

According to the Guardian report, Candy is shifting Hoover’s production to China. After the Haier acquisition, no confirmation has been revealed regarding Hoover’s production facilities. Hence, Hoover is manufacturing its products in the US although it is now a Chinese company.  

Hopefully, Haier won’t switch Hoover’s production facilities from a long heritage US factory to China.

Who makes Hoover products?

As the parent company of Hoover, the Hong Kong-based Techtronic Industries currently makes Hoover products.

The transaction between Haier and Candy was done in 2019. Hoover is no longer owned by the Italian company — Candy.

Talking about Techtronic Industries, it makes power tools and accessories for both household and outdoor activities.

The giant company currently has a lot of subsidiaries like:

  • Milwaukee Tools
  • Hoover
  • AEG
  • Homelite
  • Hart
  • Vax
  • Oreck

In the 1990s, the TTI entered the floor care industry making handheld vacuum cleaners.  

How much does a Hoover appliance cost?

The average price of Hoover Vacuum cleaners varies between $20 and $400.

Hoover is the leading brand producing floor care products. Their product includes:

  • Vacuums
  • Stem & Hard Floor
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Parts and Accessories

In the market, you can easily find Hoover Vacuums for an affordable price. Their Vacuums will cost you below $400!

Here are Hoover’s best-seller Vacuums and their price:

Hoover VacuumsPrice
ONEPWR Evolve Pet Cordless Vacuum – Kit$169.99
WindTunnel 3 High Performance Pet Upright Vacuum$179.99
High Performance Swivel XL Pet Upright Vacuum$179.99

Where can I buy Hoover appliances?

Hoover appliances are widely available in their retail stores and online marketplaces. You can easily purchase Hoover appliances by visiting their shops. Hoover also sells their products worldwide through their distribution centers.

Apart from retail stores, Hoover products are available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com

You may prefer Amazon for easy and affordable shopping as they offer seasonal discounts.

How long should a Hoover vacuum last?

Hoover Vacuum will last for eight years if you maintain proper care of the Vacuums.

According to the consumers’ survey, they claimed that Hoover Vacuums last a median of eight years. But, one thing you have to ensure is that you will maintain proper care of the products.   

Don’t worry about the Hoover Vacuum. They guarantee all parts for your product for 10 years!