Where is Arhaus Furniture Made 2024? (Revealed)

Arhaus is a luxury American brand that manufactures furniture, tableware, bedding, rugs, lighting, etc. It has been more than 35 years since the company started its active production. Besides, people adore the Arhaus brand for its quality and long-lasting households.

The household furnishing company, Arhaus, uses 50 percent recycled materials of its total raw materials. General people always appreciate these eco-friendly efforts.

Where is Arhaus Furniture Made
Arhaus Wide Dresser/Source/Arhaus

Here is a short answer to where is Arhaus furniture made:

The home furnishing company, Arhaus, manufactures the majority of its furniture in North Carolina’s foothills, USA.

There, the company has a massive 500 thousand square feet facility for manufacturing and distribution.

Is Arhaus furniture made in China?

The answer is no. Arhaus employed expert artisans from the USA to manufacture luxury-grade furniture. Besides, it has a factory in North Carolina from where the company manufactures its products all over the world.

Besides, Arhaus, a furnishing company, uses recycled glass for tabletops from Mexico. The Mexican artisans use their traditional methods to prepare glassware for the tables.

After preparing furniture, Arhaus ships the product to China’s retail shops. From there, people who ordered the craft can collect it.

Is Arhaus Made in the USA?

In 1986, Arhaus was first founded in The Flats of Cleveland, Ohio, USA. So, it is an American company. Besides being an American company, it performs all the manufacturing and distribution there as well.

At the current time, Arhaus is manufacturing its luxury furniture in the foothills of North Carolina. More than 1200 employees are working in this company. After completing production, Arhaus ships its products worldwide.

Is Arhaus Made in the USA

How much does Arhaus furniture cost?

Arhaus is renowned for manufacturing opulence line products. So, it is evident that its furniture would be more expensive than other companies. In addition, Arhaus furnishings’ pricing is higher than other luxury brands’ products.

There are key elements that make furniture pricing variation, including

  • Time spent to make the product
  • Size of the product
  • Attributes of the products, such as premium-grade woods, leather, etc.
  • Hand-finished or machined

The Arhaus furniture price starts at 349 dollars. On the other hand, you can find products as expensive as 6.8 thousand dollars worth. However, the average rate of Arhaus products is nearly 16 hundred dollars.

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Where to buy Arhaus furniture?

Arhaus is one of the ample furniture production lines in the USA. The company has more than 70 outlets and retail stores throughout the 26 states of the US. In addition, Arhaus started its outlets in Arizona and California.

So, there are chances that you can buy Arhaus furniture easily by going to its store. However, there is an alternative path to getting luxury furniture, i. e. the company’s official website.

Besides the company’s website, there are websites, such as 1stDibs, where you will find Arhaus furniture. However, some famous online retailers like Amazon and Walmart do not deliver Arhaus furniture.

Who manufactures the Arhaus sofa?

According to Arhaus’s website, the company manufactures most of its household furnishings in North Carolina. The brand has a mega factory built on 500 thousand square feet in that state.

However, there are some theories on other North Carolina-based furnishing companies’ websites. According to the COCOCO furnishing company, Arhaus buys premium-grade furniture from McCreary and Lee Industries.

COCOCO’s claim may be valid or a negative marketing strategy to make sales. But who knows what is going on.

Is Arhaus owned by Crate and Barrel?

Arhaus is not a subsidiary company but an independent public limited company. On the other hand, Crate and Barrel is a private subsidiary company owned by Otto GmbH since 1998.

Many people mistake that Arhaus and Crate and Barrel are related. Because both of the companies headquarters are in a similar location, Boston Heights, Ohio, USA. But it is not the case. The companies are not related.

Who is Arhaus owned by?

John Reed is the owner of Arhaus, a home furnishing company. Besides being the owner, he is also acting as the company’s chief executive officer.

In 1986, John Reed first established a furniture store with his father, Jack Reed, in Cleveland, Ohio. He named the store Arhaus. In a short time, John Reed expanded his furniture business exponentially.

Is Arhaus Furniture natural wood?

Arhaus is always concerned about the environment. The company is trying to avoid cutting down trees unnecessarily to save the earth.

According to Arhaus blogging website, the company uses real rainforest woods to manufacture furniture. The trees that have gone down naturally or have been cut down to make developments are the primary source of raw material for the company.

Besides, processing wood into pressed wood or other material pollutes the air. So, Arhaus avoids this practice and uses natural wood to make furniture.

Is Arhaus a luxury brand?

Arhaus makes expensive furniture that is more expensive than most other brands. Besides, the quality of the furniture is so premium. By touching Arhaus products, you would feel the rich texture of the material used in it.

Besides using s-grade material, Arhaus focuses on recycling. That puts the company in the top position in the market.

Is Arhaus going out of Business?

Arhaus is generating more profit than most other furniture brands. Comparing the pre-pandemic and 2021 sales, we see that Arhaus’s sales has increased by 51 percent.

In 2019, Arhaus’s revenue was approximately 236 million dollars. On the other hand, in 2021, the company’s revenue reached around 355 million dollars. So, we can say, Arhaus’s business is not drying out but rising exponentially.