Where is Baileys Irish Cream Made 2024? – (Revealed)

Baileys Irish cream is only made in Ireland. It is an Irish cream liqueur, an incredibly delicious treat currently available in the Irish market.

In the early 1970s, Tom Edwin Jago created Baileys Irish cream in London. Now, it is widely made in Ireland. Likewise, it enjoys widespread sales in Ireland.

Where is Baileys Irish Cream Made

Baileys Irish cream is best known for combining Irish whiskey, cocoa extracts, and fresh dairy cream. It is a valuable and lucrative product for the alcohol consortium.

About 200 million liters of fresh milk are required to produce Baileys Irish cream annually. It is enough to make approximately 3.3 billion Baileys milkshakes.

The unique thing characteristic of Baileys Irish cream is its longevity. It is expertly formulated for an extended shelf life. Hence, it does not quickly go bad.

Bailey Irish cream is a globally cherished delight cream that is enjoyed in over 160 countries with immense popularity. Keep on reading the article to learn more…

Where is Baileys Irish cream made in Ireland?

In Ireland, Baileys Irish cream is made in Dublin and Mallusk.

Currently, it is made by Diageo, a British multinational alcoholic beverage company. Previously, Gilbeys of Ireland had made Baileys cream liqueur.

Tom Edwin Jago led a skilled beverage manufacturing team in creating the original Baileys Irish cream. They collect cream to make Baileys Irish cream liqueur from an Irish dairy company named “Tirlan.”

On the other hand, Baileys cream liqueur bottles are manufactured at an Encirc Glass Plant in Derrylin, Ireland. The final production of Baileys Irish cream takes place in both Dublin and Mallusk.

Bailey Irish cream was the world’s first cream liqueur, which was created in 1974. Now, it is the world’s most-loved spirit. Baileys Irish cream is made from the finest premium-grade dairy cream and high-quality spirits.

Milk is one of the key ingredients of Baileys Irish cream. The company mostly collects fresh milk from small and family-owned Irish farms. Irish whiskey and Maltodextrin are also required to make the delicious cream.

Can you tour where Baileys is made?

We could not find any policy about Baileys factory tour on its official website. The company had yet to disclose the factory tour policy to the public.

Hence, you may not be able to visit the factory where Baileys is made. However, a few YouTubers and journalists have already seen the Baileys factory.

Usually, most beverage companies like Baileys do not offer public tours of their production facilities. They prefer to keep secret their proprietary nature and manufacturing processes.

What company owns Baileys Irish Cream?

Diageo PLC currently owns Baileys Irish cream. It is a London-based multinational alcoholic beverage brand.

In 2007, Diageo acquired the company and started making cream liqueur at a production facility in Nangor Road, Dublin. Additionally, Diageo is also the distributor of the Baileys cream liqueur.

Since the acquisition, Diageo has produced more than 80 million bottles of Baileys Irish cream per year in its own Dublin facility and exported worldwide. The USA is the most significant international market for exporting this cream liqueur.

Now, Baileys is one of the most valuable liqueur brands in the world. It became a synonymous brand not only for Irish cream but also for easy-to-drink liqueurs like Saint Brendan’s.