Where are Figs Scrubs Made 2024 – (Controversy Revealed)

Figs scrubs are made in Southeast Asia, China, and South America.

It is a direct-to-consumer healthcare apparel and lifestyle brand. The company has a large warehouse in the City of Industry, California, where a third-party logistics company operates.

Where are Figs Scrubs Made

Figs outsources the healthcare apparel from 40 factories in Southeast Asia, China, and South America. After that, the company distributes scrubs and other healthcare products from its California-based distribution center.

Initially, the company launched its business operation only in the USA. Within six years of establishment, the company successfully expanded its international sales to Australia and the United Kingdom.

Who is the manufacturer of Figs Scrubs?

Local garment manufacturers in Southeast Asia, China, and South America manufacture Figs scrubs. Figs works with 40 factories in these regions to produce the best scrubs.

They design an alternative to the common scrubs available in the market. They get feedback from the staff of hospitals and make quality scrubs to meet their specific needs and preferences.  

Every set of Figs scrubs is made with the best combination of materials, including proprietary fabric and recycled polyester fibers. Figs scrubs are meticulously stitched by expert hands.

Figs provides a diverse selection of technically advanced apparel for healthcare professionals with an unparalleled blend of design, comfort, function, and style.

What is the Figs company controversy?

The controversy of Figs centered around an insensitive video advertisement targeting osteopathic doctors.

It was claimed that the company disrespected female physicians and doctors of osteopathic medicine exhibited in this advertisement.

In that video ad, a woman in pink scrubs was reading a book while holding it upside down and capturing an identification card as DO.

Hence, many social media users contended that it showed disrespect towards the doctors of osteopathic (DO). It occurred in 2020 while the company shared promotional advertisements.

Later, the company apologized for the insensitive video advertisement on its website and removed the video. After the incident, Figs had not faced any significant controversies.

Although the valuations of this brand came down sharply in growth stocks, it remains committed to pursuing international expansion.

Who owns Figs Scrubs?

As a publicly traded company, Figs does not have any single owner. Hence, it is currently owned by its shareholders and investors.

In 2017, an American businessman named Thomas Tull invested $65 million in the scrubs-making company and became the top shareholder of Figs.

Trina Spear and Heather Hasson are the founders of the company. Trina serves the company as the Chief Executive Officer while Heather Hasson is the brand’s Executive Chairman.

Now, Figs is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, USA. The company was founded in 2013. It is currently recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.

Why is Figs Scrubs so expensive?

Figs scrubs are so expensive due to their premium materials, meticulous construction, and innovative designs.

They are the symbol of safety, identity, and unity. Figs scrubs are more functional and advanced than its competitor brands in the market.

Maximum durability is the fundamental aspect of Figs scrubs, contributing to their premium pricing. Another reason for becoming high-priced scrubs is their better breathability.

Figs scrubs effectively meet the rigorous demands of healthcare professionals. They withstand healthcare professional’s work ensuring comfort all day long.

Due to their special features, including hidden pockets, reinforced seams, and four-way stretch, Figs scrubs come with hefty price tags.