Is Corelle Made in the USA 2024? – (Revealed)

Vitrelle glass of Corelle has made Corelle ware extremely famous. Thus, the durability of this brand’s dinnerware and tableware is on another level, as well as the resistance to breaking, cracking, and chipping.

Corelle dinnerware is made in two locations in the United States including, Marshall County, Mississippi and Fayette County, Tennessee.

Is Corelle Made in the USA

In both locations, Corelle’s parent company has a massive 1500-acre manufacturing site. Besides Corelle, the company also makes dinnerware for the other four subsidiary brands in those facilities.

Besides dinnerware, Corelle makes livingware, plates, and bowls inside the United States. However, glasses and mugs of this brand come from the Chinese region.

Corelle dinnerware and glassware have a massive fan base community worldwide. It is because of the quality of the products Corelle provides to its customers.

Oh, you are still going through our article, then. I guess you are one curious reader. Read the article below to learn more about this dishware and glassware brand.

Who makes Corelle dishware now

Who makes Corelle dishware now?

Instant Brands manufactures Corelle dishware. This company has been making dishware for Corelle since 2019.

The initial manufacturer of Corelle was Corning Incorporated. In the 70s, this famous brand started producing Corelle dishware under its consumer product division. Later, in 2000, this division became independent and named World Kitchen.

After a long shift, Corelle dishware production finally went under Instant Brands. As of this writing, Instant Brands manufactures Corelle dinnerware in two states in the United States, including Tennessee and Mississippi.

Corelle is manufactured outside the USA as well. There are some Chinese regions where Corelle is produced.

However, we could not confirm if Instant Brands has manufacturing plants or if third-party manufacturers produce its cookware through contract. Talking about international production, Corelle has a massive distribution chain all across Asia.

There are several countries where Corelle distributes its dishware besides the United States. The regions you will find Corelle supply products are listed below:

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia

Is Corelle an American brand?

Of course, Corelle is a one hundred percent American brand by birth. But now, it has become a multinational brand.

In 1970, Corning Glass Works started Corelle. Corning Glass Works, currently known as Corning Inc., is an American multiracial technology company. It is a public limited liability company registered at the New York Stock Exchange.

Besides, the current owner of Corelle is Instant Brands. It is a private limited brand. Its highest shareholder is an American equity firm, Cornell Capital LLC. Thus, Corelle should have been an ideal American brand.

But Corelle manufactures some of its product lines in the Chinese region. In that case, it may be an American brand by origin, but this brand’s manufacturing is in an Asian country. Well, that is true enough.

Besides all these, Instant Brands’ owners are Canadian by birth. However, this brand is registered as American. In a word, yes, Corelle is an American brand.

Is Corelle being discontinued

Is Corelle being discontinued?

Well, Corelle is still a fully functioning company. However, it is going through a dire situation and may become defunct.

It has been five years since Corelle merged and created Instant Brands. After the merger, Corelle started operating under Instant Brands.

Instant Brands’ owner is Cornell Equity Firm because it is the largest shareholder of this company. On 12 June 2023, this brand had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The reason behind the bankruptcy of Instant Brands is the unsustainable debt. Instant Brands’ owners were trying their best to avoid the destruction of this brand. But the escape path was narrow.

As a newly founded and merged brand, Instant Brands had made unsuitable moves, resulting in bankruptcy. And now brands like Corelle have to suffer for this.

Who owns Corelle?

As of this writing, Instant Brands is the owner of Corelle. This brand became Corelle’s owner after merging with this dinnerware brand and not by direct acquisition.

Instant Brands is not the first brand under which Corelle operated. Corelle had a long history of ownership changes before it went under this company.

Corning Glass Works introduced Corelle as a glassware and dishware brand in 1970. It was under a division, Corning Consumer Products Company, of this widely famous company.

Do you know about Corning, Inc? Corning Incorporated is the current version of Corning Glass Works. People worldwide know this company for its Gorilla glasses that are used on phone screens.

In 2000, Corning Consumer Products Company became World Kitchen. Till 2018, Corelle was manufactured under World Kitchen.

Corelle Brands merged with Double Insight Inc. and became Instant Brands Inc. This merger occurred in 2019. Since then, Instant Brands has been manufacturing Corelle dishware and glassware.

But again, that’s not it. Instant Brands is also a subsidiary brand of an equity firm named Cornell Equity Firm. It is a New York-based investment firm and has purchased most of Instant Brands’ stack.

Now, you know the Corelle brand’s ownership structure. This brand’s ownership structure is way too complex.