Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made 2024?

Pottery Barn is an American home furnishings retailer and e-commerce company. It is a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma Inc.

Pottery Barn furniture deals with over 200+ locations in Mexico, the US, Canada, Australia, and so on. Its upscale furniture design will amaze you.

If you are thinking about “Where is Pottery Barn furniture made?

Here is a short answer to where is Pottery Barn furniture made:

Most Pottery Barn furniture is made in the US. Its giant factory is located outside Hickory, North Carolina.

In its manufacturing plant, skilled artisans cut and sew fabric, and apply details like nailheads by hand.

While manufacturing, they mainly use medium-density fiberwood, engineered wood, kiln-dried woods, organic cotton, synthetic fabrics, and so on.

What wood does Pottery Barn use

What wood does Pottery Barn use?

The Mahogany wood is extensively used in Pottery Barn furniture.

Pottery Barn deals with 1000+ different furniture styles in the market. In the wooden section, Pottery Barn mainly uses Mahogany Wood. However, they also use top-class material like:

  • Engineered Wood
  • Kiln-dry wood
  • Medium-density fiberwood
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Organic Cotton
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Natural Lines

Some shoppers have brought up issues regarding the longevity and durability of the furniture pieces. Nonetheless, Pottery Barn furniture has remained one of the top furniture sellers in the market.   

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Is Pottery Barn an American company?

Yes, Pottery Barn is an American company.

Throughout history, Pottery Barn furniture was co-founded by Paul Secon in 1949. He and his brother, Morris, jointly founded this furniture brand in West Chelsea, Manhattan. In 1968, Paul and Morris sold their share to outside partners.

After 1968, the new owner of Pottery Barn furniture expanded the chain to 13 stores. In 1986, the growing Pottery Barn furniture was acquired by Williams-Sonoma Inc.

Twelve years later, the company introduced Pottery Barn Kids. At that time, Pottery Barn Kids was leading the market through its innovative children’s collection.

In 2000, Pottery Barn furniture came with digitalization. They launched an e-commerce site that year for a quick ordering process.

However, Pottery Barn Furniture has remained a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma Inc., which is a publicly-traded American retail company.

Are Pottery Barn products made in China

Are Pottery Barn products made in China?

No, Pottery Barn products are not made in China. Its furniture pieces are both imported and made in the United States.

In the competitive market, you will find a lot of furniture brands that import or make their furniture items in China. Many of the leading furniture designers have their furniture made in China although they avoid talking about it.

China is traditionally famous for its furniture work. Besides, the labor cost in China is comparatively low. Establishing a manufacturing plant in China seems easy and profitable to many companies.

Hence, you will find a lot of furniture brands that import or produce furniture in China.

Nonetheless, Pottery Barn furniture has ensured that its premium furniture items are completely made in the USA. They make these furniture items in their North Carolina-based manufacturing plant.  

How much does Pottery Barn furniture cost?

The price of Pottery Barn sofas ranges between $500 and $10,000. The Sunbrella fabric sofa comes with a high price tag.

Pottery Barn’s bedroom collection will cost you less. Pottery Barn rugs will cost you between $25 and $25k+ according to size and area.

Pottery Barn furniture typically comes with a high-end price tag.

In the competitive market, Pottery Barn provides a variety of furniture collections. Its furniture collection includes:

  • Living Room Furniture
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Dining and Kitchen furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Storeroom Furniture

All of their furniture collections are premium class. Consequently, these furniture items cost you a lot. However, Pottery Barn has remained one of the top sellers in the market.

Pottery Barn’s best-selling furniture items are:

Furniture ItemsPrice
RugsRanges from $25 to $25k +
BeddingRanges from $40 to $299
Beds and Bedroom furnitureRanges from $250 to $4700+
LightingRanges from $299 to $9600+
Mirrors and Wall ArtRanges from $29 to $1699
SofasRanges from $500 to $10,000

Where to buy Pottery Barn furniture?

Pottery Barn furniture is widely available in 200+ locations in the US. They have its retail stores worldwide including the giant markets of the US, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. They have been a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma for over a century.

Apart from retail stores, Pottery Barn furniture is also available on online marketplaces. You can easily order their products without going to their shops. Pottery Barn furniture is available on:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com
  • Verified Pottery Field website

You may prefer Amazon for your shopping with a discount. Amazon offers discounts and promotional codes. They provide authentic products for a reasonable price. Using Amazon-affiliate promotional codes, you may get a discount.

Besides Pottery Barn furniture is available on their websites. You can easily purchase and get free home delivery, ordering on their website.  

Who manufactures the Pottery Barn sofa

Who manufactures the Pottery Barn sofa?

Pottery Barn sofas are manufactured under the strict instructions of their designers. These exclusive sofas also cost you a lot. Generally, the price of these Pottery Barn sofas ranges from $500 to $10,000.

In the North Carolina-based manufacturing plant, Pottery Barn manufactures their premium sofas. They use premium materials in these sofas.

They use engineered hardwood frames in their sofas. Consequently, Pottery Barn sofas look like premium class furniture.  

Who owns the Pottery Barn furniture

Who owns the Pottery Barn furniture?

Williams-Sonoma, Inc., owns the Pottery Barn furniture.

Pottery Barn furniture was founded in 1949 by Paul Secon and Morris. Almost 40 years later, Williams-Sonoma, Inc., purchased this home furniture manufacturing company.

In 2021, Pottery Barn’s global revenue was estimated to be over three billion US dollars.  

Is Pottery Barn furniture ethically made?

Pottery Barn is one of the most reputed brands in the US. Its manufacturing plant is located in numerous locations in the US. 

As a company, they provide a sound and healthy working environment for their laborers. They pay their labors within time. They always try to uphold their reputation. Hence, we can say, Pottery Barn furniture is ethically made.