Where Are Sutera Pillows Made 2024

Sutera can allow a person for sleeping better with their flagship quality memory foam pillows that perform brilliantly with various kinds of sleepers.

But, where Aare Sutera pillows made.

Sutera pillows are manufactured in the USA. The company’s manufacturing plant is placed in Newport Beach, California.

The top-notch foam of its pillow delivers massive comfort to its users and restrains any backache. The company always maintains its product’s quality. They are;

  • Shape Retention
  • Temperature Control
  • Odor Potential
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Moldability
  • Firmness Options
where are Sutera pillows made

Is Sutera Made in the USA?

Yes, Sutera is made in the USA. The pillow manufacturing company is an online-based company.

Today, the company’s pillows are assembled overseas, but the products are designed, developed, tested, and conceptualized in the USA.

While Sutera set out on its journey manufacturing some flagship Sutera orthopedic pillows.

Then the company’s product line expanded to involve the Hydroluna Pillowcase and the Lavender Zen Pillow.

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is Sutera a Chinese company

Is Sutera a Chinese company?

No, Sutera is not a Chinese company. In fact, Sutera is advertising its products through online platforms.

But the company’s products are available in China. Sutera Pillows are renowned for their unique butterfly-shaped design and provide accommodation.

Who manufactures the Sutera pillow?

Sutera manufactures Sutera pillows. Their pillows are designed to accommodate back, side, and stomach sleeping.

Those pillows are manufactured of solid memory foam for cradling the next and head while promoting exact spinal alignment. A polyester cover is provided to protect it.

who owns the Sutera pillow company

Who owns the Sutera pillow company?

Sleep Sutera, LLC owns the Sutera pillow company. Samantha C. Markley is the correspondence of the company.

Sutera is unique from other companies because they are shipping articles more than $50 for out of cost. They additionally allow emergency delivery for solving customer grievances.

Their pillows are far more comfortable for sleepers who are under 230 pounds. The pillows are offering;

  • 100% High-density Memory Foam
  • Cooling and Breathing Material
  • Helps Boost Ergonomic Support
  • Includes Removable Microfiber Cover
are Sutera pillows sold in stores

Are Sutera pillows sold in stores?

No, Sutera pillows are available online only as the company is online-based.

Sutera has collaborated with Amazon for capturing the attention of customers in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and France.

On top of that, it equally offers lucrative discounts for its regular and loyal customers. The company is trying to maintain its customer retention. Sutera pillows are delivered within 7 to 14 business days.

They usually use USPS as their delivery medium and provides their customer with a tracking number. Sutera allows a 30-day guarantee for its pillows.