Where Are Hustler Mowers Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

As Hustler is one of the largest manufacturers of zero-turn mowers, you may be interested to know about its manufacturing facilities.

So, let’s figure out where Hustler mowers are actually made.

Currently, Hustler mowers are manufactured only in the United States.

It has a large manufacturing facility in Hesston, Kansas. And the company has an 11,000-square-foot warehouse at the same location.

where are Hustler mowers made

Although the company manufactures machines with its own made parts, a good number of the parts & raw materials are imported from outside of the USA.

The company assembles these parts in its own manufacturing factory.

Hustler mowers come together at a total of forty welding stations.

In this long process, highly-programmed robots are responsible to operate at three stations for making welding decks & tractor frames.

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who makes Hustler mowers

Who makes Hustler mowers?

Excel Industries makes Hustler mowers. It is an American leading manufacturer of premium commercial & residential turf equipment.

To ensure the best quality, the company has skilled and highly experienced craftsmen besides modern technologies to make mowers.

They have been working at making even better machines for customers. Hustler mower’s manufacturing department goes through a long production process.

  • Welding (robotic productivity & human ingenuity)
  • Metal Finish (beauty way beyond body deep)
  • Painting (making mowers look premium & sharp)
  • Assembly ( excellence comes together)

History of Hustler Mowers

In 1964, a genius man named John Regier invented Hustler mowers. Then he collaborated with “Excel Industries” to bring his invention to the market.

It was perfect timing because Excel Industries was trying to expand its product lines. At the time, this mower was revolutionary equipment. So, the manufacturer agreed to start production of Hustler mowers in Hesston.

Over the years, the company expanded its dealers and distributors worldwide. Now, Hustler mower is a best-in-class outdoor power equipment manufacturer.

Are Hustler mowers good?

Yes, Hustler’s mowers are undoubtedly good.

It ensures adhesion durability along with long-lasting protection of all mower parts. These mowers are reliable, efficient, and profitable.

Hustler manufactures the most durable and productive mowers in the market according to consumer demands. These mowers are easy to operate and easy to maintain.

In recent years, Hustler mowers are competing with some top American-made lawnmower brands including,

  • Cub Cadet
  • Bad Boy Mowers
  • Makita
  • Yanmar

Hustler  always tries to improve the quality of all machines.

Within a short period, Hustler’s dedication and high-quality machines made it one of the top-selling equipment brands in the USA.

Who owns the Hustler mower?

The Hustler mower is primarily owned by Excel Industries. But Stanley Black & Decker acquired Excel Industries for $375 million in cash.

Ultimately, these two persons are the owners of the Hustler mower.

Hustler mowers come fully equipped with the best-patented park brake system and new innovations that you expect from the company.

It is a leading brand in the outdoor power equipment industry.