Where Are Beckham Hotel Pillows Made 2024

Beckham hotel pillows are exclusively made in the USA.

In advanced manufacturing facilities, Beckham uses premium materials to make its pillows silky and cool to the touch.

This article will answer key questions relating to Beckham factories, ownership, raw materials, company reputation, and so on. Stay tuned…

where are Beckham hotel pillows made

Where are Beckham’s luxury lines made?

Beckham manufactures its luxury lines in advanced manufacturing facilities in the United States. They have some world-class factories across the United States.

Very few pillow brands make their products in the USA because of excessive labor costs. Nonetheless, you must want to contribute to your country’s economy.

Hence, you should find the best USA-made pillows while shopping. We are providing a list of USA-based manufacturing of hotel pillows —

  • Hullo
  • Lifekind
  • Malpaca
  • Beckham
  • Linoto
  • CozyPure
  • Kelly Green Organic
  • American Blossom Lines
  • Authenticity 50

Without any hesitation, you can purchase pillows from these circumstance brands. Using advanced factories, these brands make their pillows in the USA.

Since its birth, Beckham has been manufacturing its pillows. Being a USA-based manufacturer, Beckham tries their level best to provide the best products to its beloved customers.

In short, Beckham makes its luxury pillows in numerous locations across the United States.

who owns the Beckham hotel collection

Who owns the Beckham hotel collection?

THRASIO TWENTY-FIVE, INC. owns the Beckham hotel collection.

Talking about Thrasio, they are the world’s most-loved products manufacturer. Thrasio is a very young business that has already earned enormous popularity throughout the United States.

Thrasio startups specialize in acquiring fast-growing digital-first brands and scaling their products. Initially, Thrasio became a successful third-party Amazon seller. Consequently, they gave their founders a lucrative exit.

Beckham has a vast collection of Egyptian Cotton. These Egyptian cotton are featured with:

  • Luxurious Comfort
  • Classic Design
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed  

Consequently, many hotel authorities prefer Beckham products to other brands. Thrasio is behind the innovation, design, and built-in quality of Beckham hotel pillows.

Selling the Beckham hotel pillow collection, Thrasio makes an estimated annual revenue of $6.5 million. The company currently has 455 employees. In 2021, Thrasio’s peak revenue was recorded.

what are Beckham pillows made of

What are Beckham pillows made of?

Beckham pillows are mostly made of Super Plush Materials.

The manufacturer has confirmed that they use Super Plush gel fiber at the Beckham luxury lines’ Gel-Filled fiber pillows. The use of this super plush fiber has met all other standards.

Besides, the manufacturer expertly tailors Beckham pillows to ensure maximum comfort for all sleeping positions.

Generally, most hotels’ luxury pillows are filled with 100% goose down. Beckham uses Egyptian cotton which has given extra comfort to their pillows.

The use of Egyptian cotton in Beckham pillows has made it —

  • Very soft
  • Very thin
  • Potential option for stomach-sleepers  
  • Fluffy
  • Breathable

Besides, the manufacturer makes Beckham pillow covers using 100% hypoallergenic cotton in a 250-thread count sateen weave.  

Is the Beckham hotel collection ethically made?

Beckham makes their products in their advanced factories. While manufacturing, they strictly follow government rules and regulations.

Besides, Beckham doesn’t support any shorts of child labor. The laborers in their factories are paid well. No crisis regarding Beckham factories has been heard.

Though Beckham is maintained by a very young startup, they have earned a notable reputation in the United States. Hence, we can conclude by saying that Beckham hotel pillows are ethically made.