Where Are Ravin Crossbows Made 2024

Ravin Crossbow is a leading manufacturer of accurate and fast crossbows. It is usually designed for a better shooting experience at the time of hunting.

If you want to buy Ravin crossbows, you may be interested to know about its manufacturing facilities.

So, let’s find out where Ravin crossbows are actually made.

where are Ravin Crossbows made

Where are Ravin crossbows manufactured in 2024:

Ravin crossbows are only made in the United States. The company has its manufacturing facility in Superior’s Mariner Mall, Superior, Wisconsin.

The crossbow brand both originated and manufactured its products in the USA. They design their crossbows and other accessories at the same location.

And after manufacturing through HeliCoil technology, they assemble them in the Superior-based warehouse.

In this finest manufacturing facility, the manufacturer makes Ravin crossbows with premium quality aircraft-grade aluminum.

According to the official website, it provides more than twelve crossbow models.

Despite it did not expand manufacturing facilities, it has lots of dealers & distribution centers in over 35 countries including,

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • The UK
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Australia

History of Ravin crossbows

Ravin first introduced its brand-new crossbow in 2016. The brand stepped into the American crossbow industry through the R9 Crossbow model by the HeliCoil system.

It helps the company to stand in competition with other renowned brands. An American entrepreneur Larry Pulkrabek invented Ravin crossbows and brought them to the market at an affordable price range.

Ravin has had only one manufacturing facility that is based in Wisconsin since the very beginning of the crossbow business. A previous report says that the company can make net revenue of up to $40 million annually.

What company makes Ravin crossbows?

Ravin Crossbows, LLC makes the most innovative Ravin crossbows in its American factory.

It has lots of skilled engineers to create incredibly efficient crossbows with rifle-like looks.

Ravin uses revolutionary technology and a Frictionless flight system to develop strong and fast crossbows.

In addition, the Versa-Draw Cocking System helps for accurate shots to a certain distance.

The Ravin crossbow is particularly made for those people who love to hunt. Because it is most dependable, durable, and too easy to carry for hunters as well.

The company always makes high-quality crossbows for a better experience.

Who bought out the Ravin Crossbow?

Velocity Outdoor Inc bought out Ravin Crossbows in 2018. Based in New York, it is an international designer and manufacturer of archery products.

Velocity Outdoor acquired Ravin Crossbows for $94 million. The company’s various product portfolios also include the CenterPoint Crossbows.

This technologically-advanced crossbow line helps to generate a huge amount of money.

Bottom Line

Ravin is one of the most innovative crossbow makers on earth. It has earned huge fame within a short period.

As a result, the company has never stopped relenting as well as never stopped creating the best crossbows.