Where Are Coop Pillows Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

If you want cool and comfortable sleep, Coop pillows could be a better choice for you.

Coop Home Goods offers adjustable ultra-soft pillows as well as other bedding products.

Before buying Coop pillows the first thing you should know about its manufacturing facility. Let’s learn where Coop pillows are made.

The original Coop pillows are manufactured only in the United States. Currently, it does not have any manufacturing facilities in other regions across the world.

where are Coop pillows made

Before manufacturing these lofty, adjustable, and luxurious pillows, Coop Home Goods imports the necessary materials from North American regions.

They collect the vast majority of the materials from the USA. Coop pillows are made of-

  • Premium memory foam
  • Microfiber fill
  • Polyester
  • Viscose rayon

The skilled manufacturing team assembles these materials and gives an excellent finish to these lofty pillows. We could not find any retail stores of Coop Home Goods outside of the USA.

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are Coop Home Goods pillows made in the USA

Are Coop Home Goods pillows made in the USA?

Yes, Coop Home Goods pillows are made in the USA. The company designs & manufactures these memory foam pillows in sunny Los Angeles.

Besides, it has a large warehouse at the same location. This allows them to ship their products out to consumers faster than ever with great transportation systems.

Coop Home Goods has a modern technology-based advanced manufacturing facility in Los Angeles. And currently, they only ship their pillows within the United States.

Product manufacturing, testing, photoshoots, customer service, and shipping all of these processes are done in-house at a single location.

History of Coop Pillow

Coop pillows were first introduced in the consumer markets by an American sibling in 2014. Kevin & Jin Chon are the founders of Coop. Actually, they started this bedding company out of personal necessity.

Kevin had upper back and neck pain and had realized that his pillow was responsible for it. At that time, he needed a soft and adjustable pillow. Thus Kevin got the innovative idea to make pillows.

Then he started the bedding products business with his sister in Los Angeles. Over the years, it expanded its product lines. Now the company has an estimated revenue of $11 million annually. 

Who owns Coop home goods?

The company has gained huge popularity in American consumer markets within a decade due to the latest innovations for comfortable sleep at night.

The adjustable pillow became their best-selling bedding product.

Where to buy Coop pillows?

Coop pillows are available around the United States. You can buy Coop Home Goods products from Target.

If you want to purchase Coop pillows from your home, you can find them on several e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Walmart, and of course the company’s official website.

Wrap Up

Coop Home Goods is one of the fastest-growing luxurious pillow manufacturers worldwide.

In recent years, the company is leading the American consumer markets through its amazing affordability and high-quality bedding products.