Where Are CRKT Knives Made 2024: Is CRKT made in US?

CRKT is best known for collaborating with a couple of iconic designers like Lucas Burnley and Ken Onion in the knife industry.

Currently, it is one of the leading appliance brands in the United States. Before buying CRKT knives you may wonder if CRKT Knives are made in the USA or not.

Let’s find out, where CRKT Knives are actually made.

where are CRKT knives made

Where are CRKT Knives manufactured in 2024:

The majority of CRKT knives are manufactured in the United States. On the other hand, a smaller percentage is made in China, Taiwan, Brazil, and other countries.

Currently, it is a recognized knife brand. Over the world, it has its own factories in these countries.

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In China, CRKT knives are manufactured in Beijing with a small manufacturing facility. But in this production unit, they manufacture some high-end models including CRKT Pilar & CRKT Pilar III.


Taiwan is considered the second-largest manufacturer of CRKT knives. The company has manufacturing facilities in New Taipei City, Northern Taiwan.

They are responsible to produce:

  • CRKT Attaboy Assisted Folder
  • CRKT Skeggox
  • CRKT Oxcart
  • CRKT Homefront OD Green
  • CRKT Butte
  • CRKT Clever Girl Kukri


In Japan, CRKT has a manufacturing facility in Seki, a city of Gifu. Hissatsu Fixed Blade is a popular knife model of CRKT that is based on an old Japanese design.

The company has an extensive line of knives, tools, and accessories. Some products of this brand are manufactured in a particular region. Let’s find out where these products are manufactured:

ProductsManufacturing country
CRKT TomahawksTaiwan & USA
CRKT AxesChina & Taiwan

CRKT knives are available in more than 30 countries including,

  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • South Korea
where are CRKT knives made

Which CRKT Knives are made in the USA?

The most popular CRKT Squid is made in Orleans, Massachusetts. It is an everyday carry folding knife.

In addition, the company’s multiple high-quality knives are made in the USA.

Some popular American-made CRKT knives are-

  • CRKT M16
  • CRKT Snarky
  • CRKT CEO 7096
  • CRKT Triple Play
  • CRKT 2385 Folts Minimalist

Not only knives but also other CRKT tools are made in the United States. It has a large manufacturing facility in this location. At present, the Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) is headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon.

In the American markets, the company made a favorable position through its first K.I.S.S knife model. That instant success helped to expand its business across the United States in the early 2000s.

At the time, CRKT was one of the forward-thinking companies for making new knife designs. Now the company offers several varieties of folding & fixed-blade knives to its worldwide customers and of course American consumers.

Are CRKT Knives made by Ruger?

The answer is “No.” CRKT knives are not made by Ruger. Columbia River Knife & Tool Inc is responsible for making these knives.

Currently, CRKT does not have any third-party manufacturers. The company makes knives on its own.

It has a couple of skilled manufacturing teams to make quality products in different locations worldwide.

By the way, Ruger is connected with CRKT for business purposes. CRKT designs and manufactures the new Ruger knives with the same quality materials.

The partnership between Ruger & CRKT is a great fit to bring the products affordably.

Is CRKT owned by Benchmade?

No, CRKT is not owned by Benchmade. It is an Oregon-based privately owned knife brand. In 1994, Rod Bremer partnered with Paul Gillespi & founded CRKT.

Benchmade is an American renowned knife manufacturer. The headquarters of CRKT & Benchmade is located in the same city. These two companies are similar to each other due to their same products.

In recent years, CRKT is highly competing with Benchmade with quality products and huge revenue in the American markets.

CRKT is an independent company that has been doing business for more than 25 years.


CRKT knives are famous for their admirable budget-oriented offerings. The company has earned a huge reputation for inexpensive & freshly designed knives.

However, CRKT knives are illegal & strictly prohibited in several countries including Canada.