Where Are Sleepgram Pillows Made 2024 – (Made in USA!)

Sleepgram pillows are made in China. The first Sleepgram pillow was introduced in 2016 in the American bedding products market.

Currently, Sleepgram pillow is only available in the USA and Canada. Sleepgram is one of the fastest-growing bedding product companies and a reliable supplier of quality pillows in the industry.

Where Are Sleepgram Pillows Made

The company is best known for manufacturing the softest feeling pillow on the globe. Sleepgram pillow is completely free from toxins and other harmful chemicals.

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Who makes the Sleepgram pillow?

Local artisans of China make Sleepgram pillows under the instruction of the Sleepgram company. They maintain the highest industry standard to design the best quality pillow ever.

Sleepgram pillow adjusts to any preferred setting.  The manufacturers dedicated thousands of hours to making the most suitable pillows in the market.

They use silky-soft polyester microfiber to create the softest pillows. It makes the pillow extra soft and light with a thick starting loft. The company only uses zero animal by-products to make pillows.

Each Sleepgram pillow is made to meet the most demanding and premium requirements. In that case, you can expect sustainable, comfortable, premium, and well-built pillows from the company.

Where is Sleepgram located?

Sleepgram is currently located in Los Angeles, California, USA. It is the present operational headquarters of this bedding brand.

An American software engineer and data analyst founded the bedding products company in 2016. Although it is not an old supplier of bedding products, it has gained enormous popularity due to its quality products within a short time.

Despite being a US-based company, Sleepgram has manufacturing partners in China. The company optimizes its manufacturing operation to bring customers the best possible product at an affordable price.

Who owns Sleepgram

Who owns Sleepgram?

We could not find the specific identity of the owner of Sleepgram on the company’s official website. It is still unrevealed by the company.

Sleepgram is a privately held company by an American software engineer. The company was founded with a goal to produce affordable priced premium bedding products.

According to the sources, Derek Schaefer serves the company as the Chief Operating Officer. He joined Sleepgram in June 2017.

What is inside a Sleepgram pillow?

According to the company’s official website, more than one billion silky fibers are inside a Sleepgram pillow.

The materials of Sleepgram pillows are 100% organic. Additionally, the construction includes a natural cotton cover, polyester fabric lining, and polyester microfiber fill.

Sleepgram uses nano-fibers instead of cheap foam to conduct heat. Hence, its shape remains much better than other local brand’s pillows.

One of its innovative features is the three-pillows-in-one within a cotton cover design. Each of these three pillows provides a different support level for the sleeper’s comfort.

Sleepgram pillows are ideal for providing ultra-comfort and keeping your head cool all night. They perfectly align your neck and spine during sleeping. Besides, they are hypoallergenic and keep good care of your skin.