Where Are Helix Mattress Made 2024

Helix Sleep is an American mattress manufacturing company. It is an e-commerce company. So, the company does not have offline retailers where consumers can buy its products.

It has only been seven years since Helix Sleep started its business, and it has already made a place in the consumer market. People also love this brand for its quality products.

Let’s find out where this home goods manufacturing company manufactures its mattresses in 2024.

Cerberus Capital Management manufactures all Helix Sleep mattresses in the United States. Helix claims that it has manufacturing facilities all over the country.

where are Helix mattress made

However, the mattress manufacturing company did not specify its mattress production facility location.

On the Helix Sleep website, the company claims that designers, engineers, and craftsmen with more than 30 years of experience produce mattresses for the company.

Interestingly, the company’s beddings are all handmade. So, everyone expects high-quality mattresses from Helix Sleep.

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are Helix mattresses made in the USA

Are Helix mattresses made in the USA?

The answer is yes. Helix Sleep produces its mattresses only in the United States.

The company does own a manufacturing plant but manufactures its mattresses from local and experienced manufacturers.

Even though the company website does not specify where it manufactures its beddings, as of 2022, Helix Sleep has a crafting facility in Arizona, USA. Helix Sleep started crafting mattresses there at the end of 2021.

Helix Sleep started its mattress production in Arizona in 2021 after merging with another bedding company named Brooklyn Bedding. Anyways, it did not change its way of producing handcrafted mattresses.

Where does Helix mattress ship from?

Helix Sleep ships its mattresses directly from its manufacturing facilities all over the United States. There are two countries where Helix Sleep delivers its products, including

  • The United States (Domestic Supply)
  • Canada (International Supply)

For delivery, Helix Sleep uses the FedEx Corporation service. It is a Tennessee-based multiracial conglomerate company that focuses on several assistances, including

  • E-Commerce
  • Transportation
  • Business Services

FedEx works for both domestic and international delivery. So, besides supplying Helix Sleep mattresses inside the United States, the company also delivers the products in Canada.

where are Helix beds made

Where are Helix beds made?

Helix Sleep manufactures its beds or mattresses in the United States. The company claims that its beds are 100% made in this country. Also, its materials are supplied by local suppliers.

Even though Helix Sleep manufactures beds in the United States, it sells products both in the USA and Canada.

Helix Sleep does not have a distribution center either in the United States or Canada. So, the beds directly go from the manufacturing facility to the consumer. And all these delivery processes are held online.

Who manufactures Helix mattresses?

As of 2022, Cerberus Capital Management is the manufacturer of Helix mattresses. Besides the manufacturing operation, the company also controls the delivery processes of Helix Sleep.

In October 2021, Cerberus Capital Management acquired Helix Sleep and Brooklyn Bedding. After that acquisition, Helix beds were made in an Arizonian manufacturing plant.

Before the acquisition, Helix Sleep used local manufacturers in the United States to make its bedding. Besides, the product delivery was also under Helix Sleep’s control as well.

who owns Helix mattress

Who owns Helix mattress?

In 2022, Cerberus Capital Management became the owner of Helix Sleep. In October 2021, that management firm acquired Helix Sleep.

Cerberus Capital Management L.P. is a USA-based private equity firm. This firm specializes in distressed investing. Currently, Cerberus has a fund of nearly 55 billion dollars which is rising every day.

Steve Feinberg and William L. Richter founded Cerberus Capital Management in 1992. Though this firm is not old enough, it has already developed an enriched background.

In 1999, the former vice president of the United States, Dan Quayle, joined Cerberus Capital Management. And currently, he is acting as the chairman of the firm’s Global Investment Division.

In 2015, Jerry Lin, Adam Tishman, and Kristian von Rickenbach founded Helix Sleep. For beginning the company, the three raised investments from angel investors.

Even though Cerberus Capital Management is the current owner of Helix Sleep, Adam Tishman is still the CEO of the company.

How long do Helix mattresses last?

Well, it is a difficult question to answer. It vastly depends on how the user uses the mattresses. However, every product has a life expectancy, including bedding.

In the general case, a mattress under average used condition should last between seven to ten years. How long a mattress would last depends on numerous factors, including

  • Materials used to manufacture the mattress
  • Build quality of the bedding
  • Weight of the person who is using the mattress
  • Sleeping style of the person using the mattress

Now, for the Helix Sleep mattress, the company did not give any information regarding the longevity of its bedding. However, the company is offering a 15 years warranty on its Luxe series.

Besides, the foam used in its material prevents permanent deformation and sags. So, you can rest assured that Helix Mattress will last at least nine to fifteen years.

Wrap Up

People are always seeking good quality products that include mattresses. And good quality bedding holds some general characteristics that everyone seeks in these products, including longevity and comfort.

Helix Sleep provides both qualities in its mattresses. So, the warranty range the company offers is astonishingly high. Also, the commitment Helix made about its mattress material is also eye-catching.

That is why, though Helix Sleep is a newbie in the market, it is already on the consumers’ choice list.