Where Are Stearns And Foster Mattresses Made 2024

Stearns and Foster mattresses blend luxury with comfort and support. It is made with exclusively designed foams and coils to ensure that you get the best night’s sleep. Each of the mattresses is handcrafted by certified craftsmen.

It also provides an elevated look to your bedroom. The extra soft mattresses of this brand are best for stomach sleepers.

While talking about the best sleeping experience, you may wonder “where are Stearns and Foster’s mattresses made?”

Stearns and Foster manufacture mattresses in the United States and Canada. The historic brand started manufacturing its cotton-based goods about 176 years ago.

where are Stearns and Foster mattresses made

It is considered one of the oldest mattress companies. At the time, the brand had only one production plant in the United States. Now it has a couple of manufacturing facilities throughout North America. 

There are multiple retailers of this brand. Besides, these products are available on their official website and on Amazon.

So, you can purchase Stearns and Foster mattresses both offline and online from anywhere.

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Are Stearns and Foster mattresses made in the USA?

Yes, Stearns and Foster mattresses are made in the United States. It is the parent country that manufactures the majority of this brand’s mattresses.

The mattress brand has a couple of large manufacturing factories in the United States. These factories are located in:

  • Trinity, North Carolina
  • Lockland, Ohio

Over time, mattress-making factories have grown to an enormous size that reaches more than a million square fit size. The Lockland-based manufacturing facility is on fifteen acres of land where a large employer community is working.

Stearns and Foster mattress company is considered one of the oldest mattress companies in the history of the American consumer goods industry. From the very beginning, Stearns and Foster make its mattresses in the USA.

is Stearns and Foster mattress made in Canada

Is Stearns and Foster mattress made in Canada?

Yes, Stearns and Foster manufactures its mattresses in Canada. It has a large manufacturing plant in Saint-Narcisse, Quebec, Canada that provides mattresses throughout the whole country.

The factory was built in 1944 in a small municipality that is 30 kilometers far from Trois-Rivières.

According to the history of this mattress brand, it was a very large manufacturing factory during that time in Canada.

The Saint-Narcisse-based mattress manufacturing factory was the only supplier that distributed the mattresses to Quebec and the Maritime provinces. Stearns and Foster still manufacture mattresses in this factory.

Are Stearns and Foster mattresses handmade?

Yes, Stearns and Foster’s mattresses are handmade by their master craftsmen carefully.

These experienced craftsmen focus on every layer as well as every element. As a result, each mattress is unique.

A single mattress is built by a team of four craftsmen and takes around eight hours to complete. They hardly use modern technologies for crafting. However, sewing machines are necessary to make them.

Some highly-sought interior design experts are working on designing Stearns and Foster mattresses in the United States. One of them is Amy Berry, Dallas Dallas-based interior designer, who is working to create unique mattress designs for each client.

These mattresses are designed with patented materials to give customers an indulgent comfort experience. Stearns and Foster mattresses are made of-

  • Premium gel memory foam
  • Pocketed coils
  • Cotton
  • IntelliCoil support layer

Who manufactures Stearns and Foster mattresses?

Sealy manufactures Stearns and Foster mattresses in the Canadian factory. It is an American ancient mattress brand. Besides, Stearns and Foster manufacture mattresses on its own in the USA.

At the beginning of the business journey, the company was manufacturing its products only in its own factory without any third-party company. Now Sealy is collaborating with Stearns and Foster for mattress manufacturing purposes.

This brand’s Canada-based manufacturing plant can produce around 400 mattresses per day. As a result, Sealy’s higher-end division is impressed by the brand’s daily production facility.

who owns Stearns and Foster

Who owns Stearns and Foster?

The Tempur-Sealy Corporation owns Stearns and Foster. According to the official website, the 176 years old bedding product company merged with Sealy in 1993.

Stearns and Foster’s St-Narcisse-based factory is sold twice. Firstly, four experienced employees purchased the manufacturing plant in 1979. Within a decade, its production increased rapidly and the company had grown its business throughout the whole country.

Finally, Sealy purchased this Canadian mattress manufacturing factory after noticing the daily production capacity. Since then, Stearns and Foster never stopped building their unique and durable products yet.

where are Stearns and Foster beds made

Where are Stearns and Foster beds made?

Stearns and Foster make beds in Trinity, North Carolina by a third-party manufacturing company. It offers luxury pillows and other bedding accessories as well.

Sealy is manufacturing all of the Stearns and Foster bedding products for more than two decades. These are made of high-quality materials so that they could be more sustainable.

Are Stearns and Foster an American company?

Undoubtedly, “Stearns and Foster” is an American company.

It was founded by two American entrepreneurs – George Sullivan Stearns and Seth Cutter Foster in Cincinnati, Ohio. A manufacturing facility of the company was relocated to Lockland in 1880.

About 147 years later of foundation, it became owned by an American trusted mattress brand Sealy. Hence, “Stearns and Foster” is an American brand since the beginning.

Bottom Line

Stearns and Foster have offered comfortable sleeping products for more than a century. It is one of the most ancient mattress brands till now. The company manufactures mattresses in:

  • The USA
  •  Canada

Currently, it is a high-reputed mattress brand in the US market. Stearns and Foster mattress company is a symbol of luxury and quality.