Where Are Motorola Phones Made 2024

Motorola is an American consumer electronics manufacturer that is popular through its smartphones. Besides, it provides smartwatches, televisions, and smartphone accessories. 

Motorola is a subsidiary smartphone company that serves its electronic products worldwide. In recent years, the multinational smartphone company made a great comeback after producing some of the best models.

As a result, you may be interested to know where Motorola phones are actually made. Let’s figure out its manufacturing places.

Motorola manufactures its smartphones in China, Brazil, and India. Specifically, most of the smartphones of this company were manufactured in the USA for the past couple of years.

where are Motorola phones made

It is headquartered in Merchandise Mart Chicago, Illinois. In the beginning, Motorola had the only smartphone manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, Texas. Later, it announced it would shut off this Fort Worth-based cell phone factory.

Then the smartphone brand moved its production facilities to a couple of countries including China and Brazil. Motorola is on the uptick in Brazil with over 20% market share. It is a massive smartphone brand in Latin America.

The cell phone company has large manufacturing facilities in India and China. Currently, the Motorola smartphone is competing with other renowned brands in the Indian electronics markets.

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are Motorola phones Chinese

Are Motorola phones Chinese?

No, Motorola phones aren’t Chinese.

It is an American cell phone brand. But China is known to all as the second highest manufacturer of Motorola smartphones as well as other consumer electronics products of the company.

It is a subsidiary brand of a Chinese multinational technology company. Besides, Motorola has an ultramodern smartphone production plant in this East Asian country.

China is the biggest supplier of Motorola smartphones in Asia. In addition, this country can manufacture the majority of parts of this brand’s smartphones on its own instead of exporting from another country.

Are all Motorola phones made in the USA?

Unfortunately, Motorola isn’t manufacturing its phones in the USA this year.

The company no longer has any manufacturing facilities in the United States. It roughly moved its production facilities outside of the parent country.

However, Motorola phones are primarily designed in Chicago. It had the best manufacturing factory based in Fort Worth, Texas previously. Over time, the cell phone brand stopped making smartphones there.

However, Motorola phones are still available in American consumer electronics retailers or wholesalers despite not being manufactured in the USA. But these phones are hardly competing with other multinational cell phone brands in American markets nowadays.

are Motorola phones manufactured in Brazil

Are Motorola phones manufactured in Brazil?

Motorola moved its smartphone manufacturing facilities to Brazil. While it decided to stop manufacturing its cell phones in the USA, we saw a different thing in how this brand struggled to be popular in Brazil.

Currently, its business is growing rapidly in Latin America after losing popularity in the USA. Motorola smartphones have taken a strong position in Brazil with their new models.

On the other hand, it has made massive growth in its business in several Latin American countries including Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Argentina within a short period.

Are Motorola phones made in India?

The answer is “yes.” Motorola manufactures its smartphones in India. The manufacturing facility is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The cell phone brand has a third-party manufacturer in India. “Dixon Technologies India Limited” is responsible for manufacturing Motorola smartphones. It is a Noida-based contract manufacturer of electronics products.

Dixon Technology Limited is collaborating with Motorola. In addition, Motorola company’s owner brand announced that it is going to expand its manufacturing plant in Puducherry, India.

Anyway, Motorola phones are locally assembled at the Sriperumbudur facility near Chennai. The company might expand phone production units in several cities in India.

Who owns Motorola?

At present, Lenovo owns Motorola. It is a Chinese technology company that is widely known for its Laptop and Tablets.

Motorola was an independent brand at the time of beginning the consumer electronics business. Later, it was sold twice within six years of its foundation.

The mobile brand was founded in 2011. One year later, Google acquired Motorola by spending $12.5 billion. But Google wasn’t the owner for more than two years.

In 2014, Lenovo officially became the owner of Motorola Mobility and started manufacturing phones. The Chinese technology company is still the owner of the cell phone brand.

Is Motorola Mobility an Indian brand?

Motorola Mobility isn’t an Indian brand. It is an American technology brand that is under Chinese ownership. Lenovo is the parent company of Motorola Mobility.

This smartphone brand included another Indian tech company for its business purposes. Additionally, Motorola is in an expansion mode in the Indian mobile markets.

who makes Motorola phones

Who makes Motorola phones?

Motorola Mobility LLC makes the majority of the smartphones under Lenovo in China.

In the very beginning, Motorola manufactured phones on its own. But now it is a subsidiary company of Lenovo.

On the other hand, a couple of third-party technology companies make Motorola phones in multiple countries.

Is Motorola going to stop making phones?

No, Motorola is not going to stop making phones at all. It has decided to stop making cell phones in only the US-based production unit.

As a result, the company expands its smartphone manufacturing facilities in other countries including Brazil and India. Currently, Motorola launched some new model smartphones at an affordable price range.

Wrap Up

Motorola Mobility has earned a great reputation as a mid-budget smartphone brand within a decade. In addition, its cell phone production units are increasing throughout a couple of continents.

Motorola smartphone manufacturing countries at a glance:

  • China
  • India
  • Brazil