Where Are Garmin Watches Made 2024 – Is It Swiss Made?

Garmin is a renowned brand for manufacturing beautiful and sleek hybrid smartwatches.

The company offers different types of watches including sport watches, hybrid smartwatches, and fitness trackers.

Before buying a Garmin watch you may wonder, “Where are Garmin watches actually made?”

The majority of Garmin watches are made in the United States. Besides, a smaller percentage of Garmin smartwatches are made in England, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, and other countries. 

The company has multiple manufacturing factories in these countries:

where are Garmin watches made


Garmin has two manufacturing facilities in the United States.

One factory is located at 1200 East 151 St, Olathe, Kansas City metro area, and another factory is located at 2345 Turner Road SE, Salem, Oregon.

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Taiwan is the second largest manufacturer of Garmin smartwatches. There are four manufacturing facilities of the company in four different locations in Taiwan.

These production factories are located in:

  • Zhongli
  • Xizhi
  • Xinshi
  • Linkou


Garmin has just one manufacturing unit in the Chinese mainland. It is located in Yangzhou, East China.

The company produces a small number of smartwatches in this country & here these watches are less popular as well.

The UK

In the UK, Garmin has a factory at Hounsdown Business Park, Southampton, SO40 9LR. It is the largest manufacturing unit in Europe.

Currently, Garmin is a leading brand in the United Kingdom with comprehensive market demand.

Which Garmin watches are made in the USA?

Almost all Garmin watches are made in the United States.

But specifically, the company makes some high-end models only here at this location. In addition, Garmin watches are available here at an affordable price range.

Some American-made Garmin smartwatch models are-

  • Forerunner 955 Series
  • Venu Series
  • Marq (Generation 2)

However, the most expensive Garmin smartwatches are also made by the US-based manufacturing plant. In recent years, Garmin watches have had extensive consumer demand in American markets.

where is the Garmin Fenix watch made

Where is the Garmin Fenix watch made?

Garmin Fenix watches are made in Switzerland. It is one of the most talkative models of the brand till now.

At present, there are 9 models available in the electronics markets of the Garmin Fenix series. According to 2022, the latest model is “Garmin Fenix 7 (Generation 2)” and its price starts at $699.99.

The company introduced the first model of the Fenix series in 2012. It is a multi-functional watch that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) as well as measuring time, speed, distance, etc.

where are Garmin instinct watches made

Where are Garmin instinct watches made?

According to the sources, Garmin Instinct watches are made in Garmin’s Outdoor Division which is the same group that owns the Fenix series. That means, Garmin Instinct is a Swiss-made watch.

The brand has been incorporated in Schaffhausen, Switzerland for more than a decade.

Garmin Instinct was first introduced in 2018. The Instinct 2 Series is the newest model to the Garmin Instinct family in 2022.

Which country owns Garmin?

The United States owns Garmin.

The watch company first set foot in the industry about three decades ago with its multi-functional devices. It is headquartered in Olathe, Kansas, U.S.

Garmin is a public company & it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange with a great market cap.  

Which company manufactures Garmin watches?

Garmin Ltd. has been manufacturing Garmin watches since 1989. It hasn’t other third-party manufacturers now.

By the way, the company was previously known as ProNav. It has multiple subsidiaries like Navigon, Delorme, and Navionics.

As it specializes in GPS technology, Garmin is competing with some activity tracker and smartwatch manufacturers including Fitbit & Apple. 

How can you tell if a Garmin watch is real?

There are multiple ways to spot a real Garmin watch. The easiest way to find an authentic device is to scan the Transparency code on the smartwatch box.

Besides, there will be the full product name including the product series, for example, Venu Sq 2. The serial number on the device is a combination of 8 to 9 characters.

And of course, you will find a 10-digit number on an authentic device at the time of viewing system information.

Wrap Up

Garmin is the renowned leader in the watch market. Garmin always strives to become the number one brand for its eco-friendly products, impeccable quality, unique designs, and excellent user experiences.