Where Are Evolution Golf Carts Made 2024? – (Revealed)

Evolution Golf Carts are manufactured by Evolution Electric Vehicles, headquartered in Ontario, California, USA.

It has three assembly facilities in the country. The locations are:

  • Corona, California
  • Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Orlando, Florida
Where Are Evolution Golf Carts Made

The company specializes in producing electric golf carts and other electric vehicles, combining innovative technology with environmentally friendly solutions.

While the company is based in the United States, the manufacturing process of their golf carts may involve both domestic and international elements.

This approach allows them to utilize global resources for assembling and distributing their products, a common practice in the electric vehicle industry. The carts are known for their efficiency, durability, and modern design.

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Who is the manufacturer of Evolution golf carts?

Evolution Electric Vehicles is the assembler of Evolution golf carts. It has assembly facilities in the United States, where this electric company produces carts. However, the manufacturer of the parts is the HDK Electric Vehicles.

In 2016, Evolution Electric Vehicles began its carbon-neutral vehicle assembly journey. Since starting assembly facilities, the brand has made quite an impression on the golf cart market as a newbie.

But again, Evolution Electric is a subsidiary company of another electric vehicle production industry. HDK Electric Vehicle is the parent company of Evolution.

HDK Electric Vehicles started its business in 2006. It is an American company. However, its car production is ongoing in China. Don’t worry. The company did not deal with third-party manufacturers but has its facilities in the Asian region.

Though Evolution Electric is known as the manufacturer of golf carts, the parts are produced in China, in HDK Electric’s facility. HDK’s production facility is in a coastal city of China named Xiamen. It is in the north of Hong Kong.

In that location, HDK has a 60 thousand square feet factory, where the company produces parts and accessories for its subsidiary brands, including Evolution Electric.

HDK exports and Evolution imports from that Chinese facility to its local assembly plants in the United States. And that’s it. That is how Evolution completes its production chain and delivers its golf carts to its customers.

Does Evolution make good golf carts?

If we are talking about Evolution golf carts, this company is currently one of the best manufacturers in the US market. So, how can you find out if a golf cart is good or bad? Well, let’s find out here.

Whenever you go to purchase a golf cart, the first thing you will notice is the outer looks. In this category, Evolution Electric has done a great job.

The ultra-modern look of its golf carts is one of the biggest selling points of this company. But what about other features of a golf cart? Well, Evolution Electric has left its excellence in every attribute of its golf carts.

Generally, a golf cart is an electric vehicle. An average cart can travel up to 25 miles. But the Evolution golf cart is different. It has a lithium battery. With a full charge, it can go up to 60 miles, far superior to any average golf cart.

A golf cart does not have looking mirrors, indicator lights, headlights, backlights, seat belts, etc., safety devices. Therefore, the government does not permit golf carts for transportation on roads.

But it is different for Evolution golf carts. Every cart from this company comes with all the safety systems. Thus, you can do some sightseeing using the golf cart besides using it for golf sports only.

And remember the speed of this brand’s golf cart. Where a normal golf cart travels 14 to 16 miles per hour, an Evolution golf cart can reach up to 25 miles per hour.

From the analysis, you can see why people adore this brand.

What is the warranty on Evolution golf carts?

Evolution gives only a limited vehicle warranty. That means its warranty is only applicable in a specific region, that is, the United States. Evolution’s warranty period is different for different parts of the vehicle.

All product lines get a two-year warranty period from the Evolution Electric Vehicle. That means golf carts will also get two years of valid warranty period. But it is not the only warranty period.

  • Lithium battery – 5 years
  • Evolution controller – 4 years
  • Evolution charger – 4 years
  • Frame – Lifetime

Lifetime means you will get a new part or free repair for the frame if the frame model is under production or in stock. If the frame is not under production, your frame will lose its warranty.

Now, let’s talk about what can make your warranty claim invalid. Several reasons can break the warranty policy, such as

  • Repairing golf carts by unauthorized personnel
  • Only defective parts will get a warranty. Damaged parts will get free repair, but you must pay money to purchase the damaged parts.

Aside from all these conditions, Evolution Electric’s warranty period is impressive. And the company’s servicing centers are also very flexible about repairing your golf cart.