Where Are Bendpak Lifts Made 2024? – (Revealed)

Bendpak lifts are proudly made in the United States. The company has a 350,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and warehouse in Santa Paula, California.

In addition, Bendpak has another 150,000 square feet of warehouse and administrative office space in Theodore, Alabama. Around 700 employees dedicate themselves daily to creating the best product in the automotive industry.

Where Are Bendpak Lifts Made

Along with a manufacturing facility, Bendpak has three research & development facilities in Southern California to enhance the quality of these products and deliver cutting-edge technologies. Each location strictly follows operational guidelines as outlined by ISO-9000.

Currently, Bendpak is a leading producer of automotive lifts, pipe benders, and air compressors worldwide. The company has been continuously supplying industry-standard car lifts for 50 years.

Who makes Bendpak lifts?

Bendpak makes Bendpak lifts in its own manufacturing facility in California. At the beginning of the business, Quality Machine and Associates manufactured Bendpak lifts.

Skilled and experienced American artisans are responsible for making these lifts. Using the highest quality materials, they make two-post, four-post, and parking lifts for different uses.

Bendpak always strives to manufacture top-notch products using highly specialized machinery and tools. It helps the company to become popular in the automotive service equipment industry.

Bendpak lifts are widely used in automotive repair shops, garages, and other vehicle maintenance facilities due to their precision, quality, and performance.

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Why are Bendpak lifts so expensive

Why are Bendpak lifts so expensive?

Bendpak lifts are so expensive because of their quality, durability, and efficiency. Every Bendpak lift is renowned for its high performance and robust materials.

In addition, Bendpak lifts come with advanced safety features and compliance with industry regulations. The company has a world-class research and development center to create innovative designs and contemporary technologies that increase manufacturing costs.

Besides, Bendpak has a strong reputation with positive customer reviews in the automotive service equipment industry. It contributes to a premium perception and allows them to command higher prices.

The company assures you that any Bendpak lift you buy is top-quality and will last for years. For this reason, Bendpak became a reliable supplier of automotive service equipment in the United States.

Although Bendpak lifts are expensive, customers consider them a worthwhile investment in quality, reliability, durability, and some outstanding features.

Who owns Bendpak Lifts?

Don Henthorn currently owns Bendpak lifts.

He is an American successful entrepreneur and businessman. Now, Don Henthorn is serving the company as the president and is still heavily involved with the brand.

In 1965, Henthorn founded Bendpak as an aerospace machining shop collaborating with Quality Machine and Associates. Over the years, it became a premier manufacturer of car lifting equipment.

Bendpak is a privately held company that claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of lifts and automotive equipment. The executive team of Bendpak has been thriving through innovation and expansion.