Where Are Sole Treadmills Made 2024? – (Revealed)

Sole treadmills are only made in Taiwan, particularly in a Dyaco fitness equipment factory.

This brand specializes in providing innovative and industry-leading fitness equipment. Along with treadmills, Sole also offers:

Where Are Sole Treadmills Made
  • Elliptical
  • SRVO
  • Rowers
  • Recumbent bike
  • Strength equipment

Sole treadmills became popular for fitness enthusiasts due to their build quality, performance, and innovative features. Now, they are widely used in both residential and commercial settings.

The company is expanding its presence globally, continuously adding new international dealers. It is solidifying to become a premier fitness equipment supplier in the USA.

Who makes Sole treadmills

Who makes Sole treadmills?

Dyaco makes Sole treadmills in its Taiwan-based fitness equipment manufacturing factory.

Each treadmill under the Sole brand is made with top-quality components and engineering processes imported from the United States. In that case, they stand as unrivaled in the consumer treadmill market.

The engineering and manufacturing team tirelessly works to improve technologies to provide the best experience for customers. They always strive to make more efficient, higher quality, and better fitness equipment at a fair price.

Sole treadmills are commended for their excellent performance and latest technologies. They elevate your training experience by providing the ideal exercise experience to take your training to the next level.

Global customers are satisfied with the consistency and dependability of Sole treadmills. They reviewed it as the top-tier treadmill in its price range.

Is Sole an American company?

The answer is “Yes.” Sole is an American fitness equipment company.

It is a privately held gym-quality exercise equipment supplier in the USA and other countries. Although Sole is an American company, its fitness equipment is made outside North America.

Sole started its business in 2001 the Western US by designing treadmills for rigorous use in hotels. However, the founder of this fitness equipment brand is still unrevealed publicly by the company.

Initially, Sole treadmills were manufactured initially focused on the Western US and Canadian markets. Now, Sole treadmills and other exercise equipment are available on multiple continents worldwide.

Where is Sole Treadmill’s headquarters?

Sole Treadmills is currently headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The entire process, from production to marketing, is controlled by the US-based head corporate office. Sole has several importers and suppliers worldwide who help to supply their exercise equipment.

For instance, Boyles Fitness is an Australian importer and supplier of Sole treadmills. The mission of Sole has consistently been to create the best fitness equipment that not only delights but also offers cutting-edge durability.

Who owns Sole treadmills?

Dyaco International Inc. currently owns Sole treadmills. It is a well-known Taiwanese brand that manufactures health and fitness equipment.

According to the sources, Dyaco purchased the 100 percent share of Sole in 2020 for $28 million. Through the acquisition, Dyaco has set up a new subsidiary brand and expanded its business in the United States.

Now Sole is a significant fitness equipment brand of Dyaco in North America. The company mainly focuses on the American market’s mid-to-high-end home fitness product segment.