Where Are Exmark Mowers Made 2024

While mowing, you may face various problems with your machine like short blades, a slow speedy engine, too fast ground speed, and so on. Exmark stand-on mowers are made with possible solutions to these problems.

Hence, you may be curious about Exmark mowers’ manufacturing facilities. Let’s find out, where are Exmark mowers made.

where are Exmark mowers made

Where are Exmark mowers manufactured in 2024:

The Exmark mowers made in the USA.

For more than three decades, Exmark has been making quality mowers. The workers at Exmark’s factories have dedicated themselves to creating the industry’s best professional-grade mowers.

In May 1982, Exmark began manufacturing their Zero-turn Mowers. They have come into this industry after intensive research.

The manufacturer has solved the below problems you have faced with their Exmark mowers —

  • Too worn blades
  • Too fast ground speed
  • Closed deck with grass clippings
  • Too slow speedy engine

Exmark mowers will smooth your mowing experience.

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are Exmark mowers American made

Are Exmark mowers American made?

The answer is YES. Exmark mowers are made in the United States.

To be more specific, Exmark manufacturers make their mowers in Beatrice, Nebraska. They made the first Exmark mowers here in Nebraska with seven employees only.

In 1983, Exmark relocated its manufacturing facilities to the Gage County Industrial Park in Beatrice.

Skilled craftsmen in the Exmark facilities feel proud of their products. Using stiff materials, these USA-based craftsmen create your advanced Exmark mowers.

Being an American brand, Exmark contributes largely to its local economy. More than 200 local employees work in Exmark factories.

Hence, Exmark has created a lot of jobs for Americans.

As Exmark mowers are made in America, they are featured with —

  • Productivity to do more every day
  • No time for downtime
  • Passion and vision drive innovation
  • Exclusive RED technology

At Exmark factories in the USA, they always look forward to inventing more technologies that will certainly solve your problems. Hence, you will gather an amazing experience with Exmark mowers.

what company owns Exmark mowers

What company owns Exmark mowers?

The Toro Company owns Exmark mowers.

In 1997, the Toto Company purchased Exmark mowers. In Toro’s 15th year, they collaborated with the industry-leading manufacturer of mowers, Exmark.

After Toro’s acquisition, Exmark has grown dramatically. Their market share and demand became twice as Toro invested largely to develop new technologies.

Today, Exmark manufacturers are making Exmark and Toro riding and walk-behind mowing equipment for landscape professionals.

The Toro company makes more than $267.7 million from Exmark. Toro works with Exmark in their corporate headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Adding resources, the Toro company assures Exmark’s growth and market leadership.

Where are Exmark engines made?

At Exmark’s factories in the USA, the manufacturer makes Exmark engines. Sometimes, Exmark imports its engines from China.

For more optimized mower performance, Exmark has developed some selected engines. They make these engines more precisely according to their specifications.

Exmark allows you to control engine quality from start to finish. They introduced the new Exmark 708cc V-twin engine with several new performance and serviceability.

What’s more, Exmark tests its engines against similar engines from other manufacturers. After multiple comparisons, Exmark supplies its engines in the market.

In short, Exmark engines are featured with —

  • Zero-turn functions
  • Enhanced serviceability   
  • More than 3,500 hours of lasting
  • 24.5 HP 
  • UltraCut Decks

Exmark maintains unique specifications while manufacturing its engines.  

does Exmark make its own engine

Does Exmark make its own engine?

Yes, Exmark makes its own engine.

Exmark has confirmed that they make their own engine on selected models. After Toro’s acquisition, they developed their technologies.

Being an industry leader, Exmark is no longer importing engines. Since 1997, Exmark has been manufacturing its own engine.

The Toro company has added resources to Exmark’s factories to develop their engine.  

What brand engine does Exmark use?

Exmark uses the 708cc zero-turn mower engine.

At Exmark’s factories, they have developed new technologies with enhanced displacement and powers.

Featuring new performance and serviceability, Exmark has introduced the 708cc V-twin engine. This engine has a dimension of 468 mm x 383 mm.

Exmark used the 31hp Kawasaki Engine in Exmark Lazer Z X-Series.