Where Are Cafe Appliances Made 2024 (Refrigerator & more)

Cafe appliances are made in Kentucky and Georgia.

The best thing about Cafe Appliances is its customizable options. Cafe appliances are made with high-quality materials and are available in three color options: Matte Black, Matte White, and Silver (stainless steel).

Cafe appliances have been one of the most trusted through their high-quality products. Apart from high-quality products, Cafe provides top-notch customer service.

Where Are Cafe Appliances Made
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Cafe microwaves have gained enormous popularity through their high quality and multi-functions. The cafe is a line of kitchen appliances.

While manufacturing, skilled artisans of Cafe appliances use custom hardware, sleek and matte glass finishes, and so on.

As a subsidiary of GE Appliances, Cafe makes its kitchen line products in GE’s advanced manufacturing facilities.

As a subsidiary of GE Appliances, it has unique features and identities. Cafe appliances will match your personality and lifestyle.

GE Appliances is based in Kentucky. The brand makes the world’s best appliances here. Likewise, Cafe designs and builds the world’s best kitchen products in Kentucky and Georgia.

what country is the Cafe refrigerator from

What country is the Cafe refrigerator from?

The cafe refrigerator is from the USA.

You will find three extensive refrigerator manufacturing facilities of Cafe in the USA. Two of these three Cafe factories are in Kentucky, and the other is in Lafayette, Georgia.

The cafe is a proud USA-based manufacturer of kitchen products. The brand is part of GE Appliances.

Cafe refrigerators come out after numerous tests. These refrigerators include beautiful interior LED arrays. Besides, Cafe refrigerators can manage steady temperatures without any warm spots.

In 2021, Cafe Refrigerator ranked third among all major home appliance brands. The cafe freezer offers excellent storage and easy cleaning features. Thus, you can nicely organize your items in the Cafe freezer.

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Are Cafe appliances made in China?

The answer is No. Cafe appliances are not made in China.

GE Appliances own Cafe. On the other hand, Haier owns GE appliances. We all know that Haier is a Chinese manufacturer of kitchen and home appliances.

Thus, a common question arises featuring Cafe Appliances as a China-made brand. However, the manufacturers of Cafe appliances have confirmed that Cafe appliances are made in the USA.

The cafe has three major manufacturing plants in Kentucky and Georgia. Most kitchen products of Cafe appliances are made in Kentucky and Georgia.

Therefore, Cafe appliances are not made in China.

who is the manufacturer of Cafe appliances

Who is the manufacturer of Cafe appliances?

GE is the manufacturer of the Cafe appliances line.

We have mentioned earlier that GE Appliances owns Cafe. Skilled artisans make the majority of Cafe appliances of GE appliances.

GE manufactures Cafe appliances and makes products for LW Wind Power, John F. Welch Technology Center, etc.

While manufacturing Cafe appliances, the manufacturers use industry-grade materials sourced from numerous places in the United States.

In short, GE Appliances makes products for Cafe appliances.

Is Cafe a reliable appliance brand?

According to its users, Cafe Appliances is a reliable brand.

Cafe appliances have been reviewed gently. This brand has been one of the most trusted appliance brands ever. This kitchen appliance brand provides both top-notch customer service and high-quality products.

Cafe microwave has been the best choice. This product has gained enormous popularity due to its features and reliability.

Cafe appliances come with a one-year warranty. This warranty covers both labor on appliances and functional parts. However, Cafe products on sale or promotion do not cover this warranty.

In short, Cafe appliances are all about longevity, functionality, and reliability.

What brand owns Cafe?

GE Appliances own Cafe.

The cafe is a specialized manufacturer of kitchen products. GE appliances make the majority of Cafe appliances in its advanced production facilities.

Besides, GE has created thousands of appliances over the years. GE appliance has made the Cafe brand modern and beautiful.

Cafe production facilities are located in Kentucky and Georgia. GE facilities are also located here. Therefore, GE Appliances makes Cafe products in Kentucky and Georgia.