Who Makes Beko Appliances & Where?

Arcelik A.S, a Turkish multinational household appliance manufacturer, makes Beko appliances in multiple manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Who Makes Beko Appliances & Where

According to the official website, the company has 28 production facilities in 9 countries. Beko appliances are predominantly made in Turkey. Besides these appliances are also manufactured in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Egypt, Russia, Romania, China, and India.

Beko is one of the largest household appliance manufacturers in Europe. It has a global presence with 60 years of experience providing innovative and powerful home appliances.

Currently, Beko offers 2.9 million electronic products in over 130 countries to more than 400 million satisfied households every year. Keep on reading to learn more about the company.

Is Beko made in the USA?

The answer is “No.” Beko appliances are not made in the USA.

However, Beko’s has opened a new North American headquarters and distribution center in Chicago. The company has a strong nationwide presence with its dealer network, especially in the United States.

Because the USA is the largest consumer market at this moment. About seven years ago, Beko entered the US marketplace with several home appliances.

Within this short time, Beko has made a notable footprint in the USA. Thus it became a leading supplier of quality household appliances in the country.

Beko appliances are efficient, sustainable, and high-performing. Its product lines include several electronic appliances including dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and cookers.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these appliances.

Beko dishwasher


Beko dishwashers are extensively manufactured in Turkey. Voltas Limited also makes Beko dishwashers in India.

The company offers a wide range of dishwashers to elevate your washing experience. Here are some best-selling dishwashers of this brand:

  • Beko Freestanding Dishwasher 16 PS
  • Beko Integrated Dishwasher 14 PS
  • Beko Tall Tub Dishwasher 15 PS

These dishwashers have multiple wash programs, flexible loading options, dirt and stain removal technologies, and auto-drying options. Besides, they are energy-efficient and designed to operate quietly avoiding noise. 

Beko Washing Machines

Washing Machines

Beko washing machines are exclusively made in Russia, particularly in the Kirzhach production plant. Besides, they are also made in Turkey, India, and China.

You can enjoy perfect washing results every time with Beko front-load washing machines. They are built with advanced technologies. Additionally, they are highly efficient, durable, and can operate with low noise.

The 24” Front-Load 2.5 cu ft Washer is one of its top-rated washing machines. It is designed for superior cleaning and exceptional drying performance with efficient spinning results.

Beko refrigerator


Beko refrigerators are primarily made in Asian countries like Turkey, Russia, India, and China.

Regarding performance and reliability, Beko refrigerators have received great reviews from customers. Every fridge is made with cutting-edge technologies that suit your requirements and budget.

Currently, Beko offers three different types of refrigerators, including Freestanding Freezers. The 28” White Upright Freezer is a best-selling refrigerator among Beko product lines in the US market.


Beko cookers have primary manufacturing facilities in the UK, Turkey, Russia, and China. Its cookers line includes various types of cookers like wall ovens, microwaves, and cooktops.

These cookers are designed for easy cleaning & perfect cooking every time with innovative technologies. Beko gas burners are 25% more efficient than conventional gas burners.  

Beko cookers have multiple cooking zones and adjustable shelves. They are energy-efficient and safe during cooking. You can enjoy hassle-free cooking with Beko cookers.

Is Beko owned by Whirlpool?

No, Beko is not owned by Whirlpool. There is no corporate affiliation or business connection between these two brands.

Beko and Whirlpool are two separate companies operated from two different regions. Arcelik A.S. currently owns the Beko brand.

Moreover, Arcelik is responsible for manufacturing Beko home and kitchen appliances. Although the company has multiple subsidiaries in several countries, it is mainly operated by a Turkey-based head corporate office.

Beko has established collaborations with prominent organizations in the health and sports sectors, including FC Barcelona and UNICEF. It contributes to the global growth of the brand.