4 American Made Floor Jack 2024 (All Brands Explained)

American Made Floor Jack

Floor jacks are essential tools for mechanic garages or at-home automotive repair. When it comes to floor jacks made in the USA, there are a few options to choose from.

Only 4 companies make floor jacks in the United States.

Some well-known American-made floor jack brands include Hein-Werner, Argo, J&S Jacks, and Gray USA.

These American companies are renowned for manufacturing premium quality, high performance, and reliable vehicle repair and maintenance floor jacks.

They typically use durable materials and components to make the best floor jacks.

Let’s dive into each brand in more detail.



Hein-Warner is well-known as a premium lifting line of SFA. All of its products are manufactured in the USA, particularly in Shinn Fu Group’s factory located in Kansas City.

Currently, Hein-Werner Automotive’s product line includes jacks, lifts, stands, and other accessories. Professional technicians prefer Hein-Warner jacks for their sturdy hydraulic lifting features.


Their cast iron lift arms provide excellent durability and strength. In addition, the U-Joint feature is perfect for precise load control. Every Hein-Warner product carries a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Hein-Warner jacks are fully maintainable, solid, and perform well. If you like to restore old Chevys, Hein-Warner floor jacks could be your best choice.


Argo is significant in the high-performance jack industry in the United States. The company has been selling US-made jacks and suspension components since 1985.

According to the company’s official website, its factory is in Wasco, Illinois. Argo lifting jacks are proudly manufactured here in this location by skilled craftspeople.

Argo floor jacks made in usa

It offers different high-quality lifts exclusively designed for quickly lifting vehicles from the ground. Every product features an exclusive CAD/CAM design for optimum performance.

The Flat Jack of Argo utilizes aluminum lifting beams. Hence, it becomes sturdy and robust for lifting medium-sized vehicles off the ground with little effort.  Argo Flat Jack contains twin 13/16” dia. Pistons for 3/26” lift per pump.

J & S floor jacks

J&S Jacks

J&S Jack is an American company that has been providing motorcycle lifts for over 25 years. The company takes pride in US-made products, keeping fellow Americans working, and supporting the national economy with the highest quality products possible.

In the very beginning, J&S jacks were made in Wrightstown, Wisconsin. However, it needed to be more significant for the company’s growth.

J & S floor jacks made in usa

Hence, the company moved its facility to Little Chute, Wisconsin, where additional skilled hands make jacks.

Motorcycle Air Lift is a high-performance motorcycle lift of J&S Jacks. It comes with air compressor compatibility. It can lift and maneuver up to 2,000 Ibs.

The company has created the world’s first lift for a three-wheel Triker. It can be fully assembled and lift the three-wheel motorcycle in less than 2 minutes.

You can easily use the lifting jack for general maintenance & regular cleaning of your bike. J&S Jack has set the standard for outstanding quality, safety, and functionality for its lifting products.

Gray USA

Since 1950s, Gray USA has been manufacturing lifting equipment to make the technician’s job easier, faster, and safer. Currently, it has a wide range of lifting equipment lines.

All of these products are made in the USA. The production of Gray USA takes place in St. Joseph, Missouri.

The company continues to provide the most innovative products in the world for vehicles. These lifting products help the mechanic get the vehicle up quickly.

WPLS Model Fleet is the most innovative wireless portable lift system of Gray USA. It features a touchscreen control system, tire gripping carriage, and original wireless communication system.

It provides the user with the most reliable and safe lifting environment. As a result, anyone can complete preventative maintenance tasks to significant component repair of vehicles safely and efficiently.

Wrap Up

Although the market is flooded with floor jacks from different parts of the world, there are indeed floor jacks made in the USA.

Brands such as Hein-Werner Automotive, Argo, J&S Jacks, and Gray USA make floor jacks or lifting equipment in the United States that uphold the values of quality, high performance, and local manufacturing.

Purchasing an American-made floor jack ensures the best quality equipment and supports local business & national economy.