15 Air Compressors Made in USA 2024 – (Brands List)

Air Compressors Made in USA

An air compressor is the most effective machine that takes ambient air from the surroundings and discharges it at a higher pressure. You will find a lot of Air Compressor manufacturers in the market.

But, only fifteen companies manufacture Air Compressors in the United States.

Here is the list of Air Compressor manufacturers in the United States:

  • Win-pressor
  • Sullivan-Palatek
  • Saylor-Beall
  • Rolair Systems
  • Quincy
  • Oasis
  • Mi-T-M
  • Kaishan USA
  • Jenny Products
  • J-Air
  • EMAX
  • Eaton
  • CyclePump
  • Craftsman
  • Belaire

Stay tuned with this article to learn more about these USA-made Air compressors.


The innovative feature of the Win-Pressor air compressor is its three high-speed and lightweight fiberglass wind turbine blades. They offer customization options to start up torque with their blades.

Win-Pressor provides clean air, which means clean wine. The dynamic Win-Pressor air compressor generates horsepower by bringing in the air with rapidly rotating blades.

The manufacturers of Win-Pressor use industry-grade aluminum and cast iron. The air storage system of Win-Pressor is made in the USA using domestically and globally sourced components.

The family-owned business of Win-Pressor is committed to providing environment-friendly, high-quality, and affordable products. Win-Pressor windmills harness wind power to produce free storable compressed air without electricity or gas.

Sullivan-Palatek air compressor made in usa


The best thing about the Sullivan-Palatek air compressor is its advanced control and monitoring systems. These advanced features optimize their performance resulting in low energy waste.

Users of Sullivan-Palatek have rated it as a high-quality air compressor manufacturer that designs its products to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Besides, Sullivan-Palatek offers the industry’s most comprehensive range of electric and portable rotary screw air compressors.

Sullivan-Palatek air compressors can operate in fast-paced environments and meet large industry requirements.

The strategic movement of the Sullivan-Palatek air compressor has enabled them to produce all portable and industrial compressors.

The manufacturers of Sullivan-Palatek use domestically and globally sourced components to assemble their air compressors in the United States.

Saylor-Beall air compressor made in the usa


Saylor-Beall air compressor gained enormous popularity quickly because of its advanced materials, designs, and manufacturing process.

The manufacturers of Saylor-Beall use state-of-the-art factories where eight computer-numerically controlled machining centers. These machining centers predominantly make Saylor-Beall cylinders, crankcases, crankshafts, connecting rods, cylinder heads, manifolds, etc.

The well-built manufacturing facility of Saylor-Beall has made their products high quality that can meet the needs of the most rugged applications.

The advanced equipment of Saylor-Beall also reduces the cost of their air compressor.

Rolair Systems air compressor made in usa

Rolair Systems

The best thing about Rolair Systems air compressor is its durability, high performance, and reliability. The manufacturers of Rolair Systems offer a wide range of products that meet the needs of different industries and applications.

Rolair Systems air compressor has made a reputation for providing contractors with compressors of the utmost quality and craftsmanship. The wide range of Rolair Systems air compressors includes hand carry, wheeled portable, and stationary electric & gas powered air compressors.

Besides, the Rolair Systems air compressor has a one-year warranty and a nationwide network of over 400 service centers.

Quincy air compressor made in usa


The innovative feature of the Quincy air compressor is its reliability and extremely long life. Besides, their piston compressors have low maintenance and installation costs.

Since 1920, Quincy manufacturers have been making compressors at their Quincy factory in Illinois. While manufacturing, the manufacturers use domestically or globally sourced components.

Quincy also offers single and two-stage reciprocating air compressors. These air compressors are portable and stationary for heavy-duty homes, commercial use, and contractors.

Besides, the Quincy air compressor can be used for industry or commercial purposes.

Oasis air compressor made in USA


The unique feature of the Oasis air compressor is not exhaust fumes. The Oasis air compressor is non-polluting. The brand supplies DC electric energy. Thus, it requires no venting.

Besides, the sound emitted by the Oasis air compressor is limited to the whirl of the DC electric motor.

Oasis offers a comprehensive product line. These products generally have 12 & 24-volt DC on-board air compressor systems and components.

Oasis air compressors meet the most rugged requirements for service contractors, trucks, military applications, off-road vehicles, etc.

The manufacturers of Oasis air compressors assemble their products in the USA using domestically and globally sourced components.

Mi-T-M air compressor made in USA


Since its birth, the Mi-T-M air compressor has offered maximum efficiency and flexibility. The brand is the perfect choice for projects of any size.

Mi-T-M manufacturers make every component of its air compressor in Peosta, Iowa. The brand has a one-million-square-foot manufacturing facility.

The Mi-T-M air compressor is made of the same stringent quality standards as Mi-T-M equipment. The wide range of products of Mi-T-M includes portable and stationary air compressors.

In short, Mi-T-M air compressors are the perfect choice for small jobs around the home and larger jobs around the garage or workshop.

Kaishan USA

The best thing about the Kaishan USA air compressor is its 100% duty cycle. The Kaishan USA air compressor delivers a reliable, consistent compressed air stream.

Kaishan USA is well-known for producing industrial-grade air compressors. The brand has over seven modern manufacturing facilities across the United States.

After manufacturing in these seven modern facilities, Kaishan USA supplies its air equipment to more than 60 regions and countries.

Kaishan USA manufacturers assemble their air compressors from domestically and globally sourced components.

Jenny Products

Jenny air compressors are solid and reliable. Air compressors produced by Jenny Products run after years of service.

After inventing the steam cleaner, Jenny Products revolutionized cleaning worldwide. Jenny Products air compressors are incredibly lightweight and portable.

The aluminum head of Jenny Products helps in creating better heat dissipation. The manufacturers of Jenny Products make a complete and extensive line of hand carry, single and two-staged wheeled service vehicles, and portable and industrial stationary air compressors.

While manufacturing in state-of-the-art factories, Jenny Products manufacturers use cast iron as raw materials for air compressor cylinders. Thus, the brand has never compromised regarding its built-in materials.

J-Air air compressor made in usa


The innovative feature of the J-Air air compressor is its heavy-duty construction. The industrial-grade materials and construction techniques have powered both the small pneumatic tools of the J-Air air compressor.

Users of the J-Air air compressor have rated it gently. They have addressed it as reliable, robust, portable, and easy to use.

The 800,000 square feet manufacturing facility of J-Air offers cutting-edge engineering.


EMAX is one of the high-quality air compressor manufacturers in the USA. EMAX air tool accessory is designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of daily professional use.

EMAX air compressor has an air regulator and NITTO-style air coupler to ensure excellent performance.

EMAX manufacturers design their air compressors for up to 50,000 hours of industrial use with proper maintenance. EMAX manufacturers have built patented breakthrough solutions in the compressed air industry.

Eaton air compressor made in usa


The best thing about the Eaton air compressor is its strong pillars for pressure control.

Eaton offers the permanent solution of efficient pressure control in your air compressor. The brand currently sells rotary screw air compressors to piston air compressors. Eaton has set a leading position across North America regarding air compressor manufacturing.


CyclePump air compressor is specially made for strict expedition-type usage. CyclePump air compressors use a metal piston for durability instead of a weak diaphragm.

For over 15 years, CyclePump has been manufacturing high-quality air compressors. The company uses a 12-volt electric motor and a high-quality air compressor. The usage of the CyclePump air compressor is easy. You just need to connect it to any 12-volt power source.


Craftsman air compressors are durable, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. The notable feature of the Craftsman air compressor is its carrying handle. The brand has designed its carrying handle with rubberized feet.

The manufacturer of Craftsman uses domestically and globally sourced materials to make every component of the Craftsman air compressor.


The Belaire air compressor is ideal for commercial use. The brand is the proud division of Atlas Corporation.

Belaire offers a full range of competitively priced portable and stationary air compressors. They are promised to provide commercial-grade air compressors to meet your commercial needs.