7 Jack Stands Made in USA 2024: American Brands List 

Jack Stands Made in USA

Jack Stands is a valuable tool for drivers. It is primarily used for raising the vehicle. Jack Stand holds the vehicle in position. This vehicle lifting tool uses hydraulics to lift a load. 

There are a lot of Jack Stands manufacturing companies in the world. But, only seven companies produce Jack Stands in the United States. 

Here is the list of USA-based Jack Stands manufacturing companies: 

  • Weaver 
  • US Jack 
  • Norco Industries 
  • Jackpoint Jackstands 
  • J & S Jack 
  • Hein-Werner 
  • Emerson Manufacturing 

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Weaver Jack Stand is manufactured for heavy-duty jobs. These Jack Stands can raise to 6 feet of reach. Besides, it has height adjustment and supports. 

Weaver Jack Stand extends capabilities and safety by supporting vehicle components such as exhaust systems and axles. 

The manufacturers of Weaver Jack Stands have stated that their tool is made to superior standards and backed by decades of experience. 

Besides, Weaver Jack Stands are affordable. These tools have long-term serviceability.

In 1910, Brothers Gaillard & Ira Weaver incorporated Weaver Jack Stands. Since 1910, Weaver has manufactured 2.5 & 10-ton extra tall Jack Stands in the United States. 

US Jack stands made in usa

US Jack

The best thing about US Jack stand is their dependence, durability, and strong capability. US Jack considers safety first.

US Jack stands are designed to support partial vehicle loads consisting of one end of a vehicle and rated capacity. US-Jack stands can be lifesaving to keep your car from crushing.

In the advanced production facilities, the manufacturers of US Jack make 3, 6, and 10-ton ratchet-style stands. The manufacturers are committed to providing dependable stands to any business or individual who needs a way to raise vehicles.

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Norco Jack Stands made in usa

Norco Industries

The innovative feature of Norco Jack Stands is its unique spring-loaded pawl. This innovative feature provides constant locking pressure against lifting columns.

Norco Jack Stands are four-legged-based tools with food pads for adding strength.

Besides, the top of Norco Jack Stands is sized well for frame rails. These Jack Stands are highly recommended for their heavy-duty pins, good-quality welds, and sturdy design.

Norco Industries is the third generation of a family-owned business. It was established in 1964. Since then, Norco Industries has been producing high-quality Jack Stands.

The primary goal of Norco Industries is to make the best quality lifting equipment at the best possible price for a professional repair marketplace.

Jackpoint Jackstands 

The best thing about Jackpoint Jackstands is its greater ground clearance. Jackpoint Jackstands support the vehicle at a location that takes advantage of geometry when the vehicle’s front or back is supported. 

Jackpoint Jackstands are shorter than some jack stands. Nonetheless, it provides more excellent performance. 

The innovative features of Jackpoint Jackstands allow you to mount the car on the stands in one step. Locking pins of Jackpoint Jackstands go through the shaft holes resulting in super tall capability and very stable bases. 

The manufacturers of Jackpoint Jackstands produce the most innovative jack stands in the USA, allowing you to use a conventional floor jack to lift your car at the proper factory jacking location.

J & S Jack stand made in usa

J & S Jack

The unique feature of J & S Jacks is its push-button introduction. J & S Jacks jack-stand stands your bike with the push of a button. Thus, you don’t have to pump the jack a hundred times.

J & S jack stand is designed to support the heaviest load easily. J & S Jacks jack stand is an essential safety tool when working underneath a vehicle.

According to its manufacturers, J & S jack stands can lift 2000 lbs. The lifting vehicle also remains rock solid while raising. You can also maneuver your bike while lifting with the J & S Jacks jack stand.

J & S Jacks jack stands have made maintaining and cleaning motorcycles easy and quick.

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Hein-Werner jack stand made in usa


The best thing about the Hein-Werner jack stand is its rigid, rugged construction. The multi-position ratchet bar of Hein-Werner provides strength and durability.

The legs of Hein-Werner jack stands have folded metal footings to spread weight and move evenly. These leg formations also protect rear and parking lot surfaces.

The innovative features of Hein-Werner jack stands are:

  • A large saddle that secures the load
  • Heavy-duty pin that adjusts the height
  • Square tubing construction
  • Suitable base for maximum load stability

The manufacturers of Hein-Werner jack stand to make their tools and ensure the highest standards of safety, form, and function in the industry.

While using the Hein-Werner jack stands, you will find peace of mind knowing that the operational vehicle is secure.

Emerson jack stands made in usa

Emerson Manufacturing

The engineering design behind Emerson jack stands has made it easy to move around and position.

You will find a round support stem to rotate Emerson Manufacturing jack stands instead of turning the whole.

Emerson Manufacturing jack stands 100% made in the USA. The ultimate goal of Emerson Manufacturing is to provide dependable service for automotive needs equipment.

Emerson Manufacturing air jacks are designed to lift vehicles with speed. Besides, these air jacks have a safety locking in place.

Emerson’s model 220 jack stand can lift 48000 lb of loading. The beveled and patented piston of the Emerson Manufacturing jack stand allows the ram to follow the arc of the load.

Emerson Manufacturing jack stands company specializes in manufacturing superior truck shop service equipment. These jack stands ensure the highest service and quality, from air hydraulic jacks to vehicle support stands.