14 Vacuum Cleaners Made in USA 2024 – (Complete List)

Vacuum Cleaners Made in The USA

While purchasing a Vacuum Cleaner, you may search for the most reliable US-made Vacuum Cleaners.

This article has listed 14 companies that make some of the best Vacuum Cleaners in the United States.

The USA-made Vacuum Cleaners are:

  • Dustless Technologies
  • Hoover
  • InterVac Design
  • Kirby
  • Lux
  • Maytag
  • Rexair
  • MetroVac
  • Oreck
  • Riccar
  • Shop-Vac
  • Sandia Products
  • Simplicity
  • Vacumaid

Stay tuned with this article to learn more about these USA-made Vacuum Cleaners.

Dustless Vacuum cleaner made in USA

Dustless Technologies

The best thing about Dustless Technologies is its decent power and excellent filtration. According to its manufacturers, Dustless Technologies was born out of needing one man to empty his wood-burning fireplace and coal effectively.

Dustless Technologies has a full assortment of products that collects and manages undesired dust.

In the competitive Vacuum industry, Dustless Technologies is committed to tool innovation. Their commitment has improved networking with people of all levels of experience. Besides, the company has increased business relationships with other companies.

Since 1988, Dustless Technologies has been manufacturing its Vacuums in the United States. The unique line of Dustless Technologies are:

  • Dustless Wet/Dry
  • Shrouds
  • HEPA Vacuums
  • Pro Series Equipment

These unique lines of Dustless Technologies are designed to keep construction, renovation, painting, flooring, and industrial projects dust-free.

The certified HEPA filters of Dustless Technologies capture 99.97% of the dust. While manufacturing vacuum cleaners in advanced production plants, the manufacturers use a combination of metals and plastics.

Dustless Technologies has become one of the renowned USA-made brands through its innovative vacuum cleaners.

Hoover cordless Vaccum cleaner


Hoover is one of the best-selling vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the United States. The brand manufactures high-performance and high-quality vacuum cleaners for home and commercial settings.

The improved technology of Hoover removes gross soils, which allows the cleaning chemicals to do their work correctly. In 2023, Hoover was ranked the No 09 Best Vacuum Cleaner in the world.

Besides, in the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners category, Hoover was ranked No. 04.

As a brand of TTI floor care, Hoover always looks for opportunities to bring more work and production to their US manufacturing facilities.

Most Hoover vacuum cleaners are manufactured in its Cookeville, Tennessee, plant. While manufacturing Hoover vacuum cleaners, the manufacturers use industry-grade metals and various plastics. 

InterVac vacuum cleaner made in USA

InterVac Design

The unique innovation of InterVac Design is its powerful suction. The brand is well-known for its innovative compact vacuums.

Every Vacuum cleaner of InterVac Design is engineered for peak performance. Before releasing it, every InterVac Design Vacuum cleaner is thoroughly tested.

Thus, InterVac Design ensures the actual performance they have designed. The company strives to advance its hybrid products through precision engineering, better technology, and better ideas.

InterVac Design manufacturers also use industry-grade metals and plastics in their advanced production facilities like other brands.

Users of InterVac Design vacuums have described them as small and powerful. InterVac Design Vacuums take up very little space under the kitchen counter.

After the invention of InterVac Design Vacuums, you can say goodbye to bulky, outdated vacuum cleaners.



Kirby Vacuum Cleaners’ best function is its ability to remove stubborn stains. Conventional Vacuum cleaners neglect this feature.

Kirby Vacuum cleaners can also tackle surfaces like hardwood floors, tiles, and so on.

According to its manufacturers, Kirby vacuums are constructed with die-cast aluminum parts. Consequently, Kirby vacuum cleaners are the most lightweight vacuums on the market.

Kirby Vacuum cleaner senses speed and direction. The Kirby Avalir 2 can handle the most difficult high-pile carpets.

Kirby systems have been developed in the United States for over 100 years. Its employees are dedicated to developing new technologies. Besides, its exclusive lifetime rebuild program will keep the Kirby system running strong for years.

Lux vacuum cleaner made in usa


Lux Vacuum Cleaners are stylish and high-powered performance machines. The Lux Guardian Platinum is a sophisticated appliance through its sleek design and stainless steel appearance.

Lux Vacuums are exceptionally quiet with a high-powered motor. Its vacuums are sealed with HEPA filters.

The Lux Guardian Platinum vacuum cleaner captures the tiniest contaminants, releasing only clean air.

Lux manufacturers use domestically and globally sourced components in their advanced manufacturing plants to make their vacuum cleaners.


The best thing about Maytag vacuum cleaners is their suction system. The sealed HEPA filtration system in Maytag vacuums will never release dirt and allergens back into the air.

Users of Maytag have stated that its vacuums work incredibly well on a wood floor. The Maytag M1200 Bagless upright vacuum features the patented MO2OR dual intake system. The system is built to be the ultimate in cleaning power.

Maytag manufacturers make their Vacuums in St. Louis, Missouri. The designing and assembling of Maytag vacuums are also done in St. James, Missouri.

While manufacturing Maytag vacuums, the manufacturers use domestically and globally sourced components.

MetroVac vacuum cleaner made in usa


Since 1939, MetroVac has been manufacturing hand-crafting vacuum cleaners, pumps, bowels, and dryers in the United States.

MetroVac comes with a whole range of accessories. Thus, you will find the replacement part of its Vacuum cleaner.

The company has been building quality car vacuums for over 80 years in the United States. The manufacturers use domestically and globally sourced steel in their advanced manufacturing plants for MetroVac vacuums.

In 2013, MetroVac enhanced its production facility by establishing a 60,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Oakland, New Jersey.

Oreck vacuum cleaner made in USA


Oreck Vacuum Cleaner is made in Cookeville, Tennessee. The manufacturers use domestic and globally sourced components in their Cookeville-based factories.

Oreck is a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner. The engineering mind behind Oreck Vacuums has made it lightweight.

Besides, the bagged filtration ensures particle and dirt-free business of Oreck machines.

Oreck’s POD vacuum, commercial line, residential upright vacuums, handled canisters, and Orbiters are assembled from globally sourced components in their Cookeville, Tennessee factory.


Rexair is a water-based home cleaning system of Vacuums. Since 1936, Rexair has been manufacturing the Rainbow Cleaning System.

Since its birth, Rexair has generated millions of satisfied customers worldwide. In Cadillac, Michigan, Rexair manufacturers make premium vacuums in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

While manufacturing Rexair vacuums, the manufacturers take significant quality control measures to ensure every rainbow meets its high standards.

Riccar vacuum made in USA


Riccar is a St. Louis-based brand of Tacony Corporation. The company manufactures design and assemble its vacuums in St. James, Missouri.

Riccar vacuums are designed and engineered for long wear and high performance. The engineering behind Riccar uses HEPA media filtration and self-sealing HEPA media bags to capture and retain particles at 0.3 microns at 99.97% efficiency.

Regarding durability, Riccar vacuums can last up to 10, 15, or 20+ years!

Sandia vacuum cleaner made in USA

Sandia Products

Regarding profitable cleaning performance, Sandia Products will be your best choice. The brand specializes in manufacturing floor and carpet care equipment, including surface extractors, automotive detailing equipment, backpack vacuums, and so on.

While walking, Sandia Products vacuums are designed to be worn on the back for easy and quick vacuuming. Sandia Vacuums are ideal for airplanes, hallways, and commercial places.

ShopVac vacuum cleaner made in USA


Regarding wet and dry vacuums, Shop-Vac is an industry leader. Since 1953, Shop-Vac has been manufacturing high-quality vacuum cleaners and accessories.

The shop-Vac vacuum cleaner can handle heavy objects, dust, debris, and so on. The vacuums have powerful suction and do not throw dust or other irritants into the air.

Besides, Shop-Vac offers a complete line of vacuum cleaners and accessories for consumers, commercial applications, and industrialists.

Shop-Vac manufacturers use domestically or globally sourced materials in the United States.


Simplicity is a brand of Tacony Corporation. The brand is a St. Louis, Missouri-based manufacturer of vacuums.

Every Simplicity vacuum is designed, assembled, and engineered in St. James, Missouri.

Simplicity Vacuums specializes in building exceptional vacuum cleaners. They believe there are better ways to accomplish their goal than adding gizmos and gadgets.

Structural designers and engineers scrutinize every detail of Simplicity vacuums. Consequently, the manufacturers state Simplicity vacuums as the best.


The best thing about Vacumaid vacuums is their central vacuum system that can reduce allergens in your home.

The central vacuum system in Vacumaid generally extracts dust, dirt, mold, pet dander, and pollen. Most portable vacuum cleaners will leave much fine soil in the air.

Lindsay Manufacturing makes every VacuMaid vacuum in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Since 1956, the manufacturers have been building quality cleaning systems for Vacumaid.