The 4 Cribs Made in The USA 2024 (Details Explained)

Cribs Made in USA

When choosing a crib for your baby, safety, quality, and origin are among the top considerations for many parents.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in cribs made in the USA, driven by a desire to support domestic manufacturers and ensure adherence to stringent safety standards.

Only 4 companies manufacture cribs in the United States.

Some well-known brands that produce cribs in the United States include El Greco Woodworking, Dutch Crafters, Noninoni Kids, and Countryside Amish Furniture.

Let’s dive into each brand for more details.

El Greco Woodworking

El Greco Woodworking is an American company specializing in manufacturing furniture that looks good, feels good, and is long-lasting. Its product lines include cribs, beds, bookcases, armoires, and other furniture.

The company has been manufacturing all wood products in Jamestown, New York, since 1975, including cribs. It has a domestic lab for independent product testing.

El Greco Woodworking made in usa

Aster Crib of El Greco Woodworking Inc. is a popular crib among its modern kid’s furniture collections. It is hand-crafted by skilled American craftspeople from solid, sustainable, harvested U.S. woods.

El Greco baby cribs look fresh and give your newborn a sound sleep place. The company prioritizes safety and comfort while crafting premium quality baby cribs in its US-based factory. 

Dutch Crafters crib

Dutch Crafters

Dutch Crafters is one of the first American companies to sell Amish furniture online. It has the largest selection of US-made solid wood products, including cribs, beds, desks, dining tables, accent tables, TV stands, and other furniture items.

Expert craftsmen manufacture Dutch Crafters’ wood products in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Northern Indiana. They use the highest quality domestic woods and craft these products using their own hands.

Dutch Crafters made in usa

American-made Dutch Crafters’ cribs are best known for their excellent craftsmanship that is simply better built. They are durable, look beautiful, and are longer lasting than the imported products.

One of the best selling cribs of Dutch Crafters is the Amish Delray Convertible Crib. It is an Amish-made product that comes with a 20-year warranty.

It is made of gorgeous solid wood slats. As a result, this crib is sturdy and durable. The design is luxurious and well-made. It can support your child with a great night’s sleep.

Noninoni Kids crib

Noninoni Kids

Noninoni Kids is a renowned custom furniture maker in the American furniture industry. The company makes all its products using only sustainable materials in the United States.

Each product of Noninoni Kids is designed and made in Tucson, Arizona. The best thing is that you can customize your expected wood product from this brand.

Noninoni Kids made in usa

It has an extensive collection of baby cribs and furniture items. The company strives to provide safe, sustainable, and beautiful cribs for your beloved child.

Noni Mini-Crib could be an ideal choice for your newborn baby. It is sturdy and comfortable for everyday use. Besides, it is convenient for travel & stowaway.

This crib’s unique feature is its three effortless adjustable mattress positions. As a result, it can provide a comfortable sleeping place for your kid.

Countryside Amish Furniture crib

Countryside Amish Furniture

Countryside Amish Furniture is a family-owned home furnishing company considered a direct source of authentic Amish furniture.

Local Amish craftsmen make all Countryside Amish Furniture products in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio.

Countryside Amish Furniture made in usa

There is a wide range of baby cribs in its product lines. Their diligent craftsmanship amazes the customers. Besides, every crib meets the highest safety standards.

Luxembourg Wood Baby Crib is a popular Countryside Amish Furniture, LLC product. It ensures a restful nap for both mom and baby. Because it can be converted to a toddler bed and later a full-sized bed.

It is safe, durable, stylish, and built to last a long time. Luxembourg Wood Baby Crib matches your nursery’s décor easily.

Final Word

You are buying US-made cribs means you are making an ecologically friendly choice. In addition, purchasing US-made furniture supports American local workers and the American national economy, which is a patriotic act.

While the American market is filled with imported baby furniture, brands like El Greco Woodworking, Dutch Crafters, Noninoni Kids, and Countryside Amish Furniture offer baby cribs made in the USA.

You can buy a comfortable and long-lasting crib for your newborn baby from any of these brands given at the top.