Where is Tumi Luggage Made 2024 – (Country Revealed)

Tumi luggage is made in Asia. The primary manufacturing operations of Tumi luggage are done in China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Since 1975, Tumi luggage has been renowned for its high-end suitcases and bags for travel. The unique feature of Tumi luggage is its Tegris material.

Where is Tumi Luggage Made

According to Parkland Mfg, Tumi has a special license that permits them to use Tegris material. Tumi luggage provides excellent resistance against various accidental actions like projectile, fragment, and blast due to using Tegris Thermoplastic Composite fabric.

The annual sales revenue of Tumi luggage is $547.7 million. This massive amount of sales previews the popularity of Tumi luggage throughout the world.

However, more than 2k employees work in Tumi’s Asia-based manufacturing plants. The brand uses high-quality materials to ensure the best quality of travel and business suitcases.


The majority of Tumi luggage is manufactured in China and Vietnam. We all know the leather-based production quality of China and Vietnam.

Thus, you don’t need to be worried about the Asia-based manufacturing quality of Tumi luggage.

Who manufactures Tumi luggage

Who manufactures Tumi luggage?

Tumi Holdings, Inc. manufactures Tumi luggage.

Since 1975, Tumi Holdings Inc. has been manufacturing high-end suitcases and bags for travel. The company is based in Edison, New Jersey.

Under the guidelines and design of Tumi Holdings Inc., the manufacturers make Tumi luggage in China, Vietnam, and Thailand.

According to Crunch Base, Tumi Holdings has 2k employees in their manufacturing facilities.

After manufacturing in Asia, Tumi Holdings Inc. sells its luggage in over 260 New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo stores.

Tumi Holdings Inc. currently sells its products in over 75 countries. The company is planning to expand its wholesale distribution globally. The company promises to offer a comprehensive line of travel and business products.

Who owns Tumi luggage?

Samsonite owns Tumi’s luggage.

In 2016, Samsonite purchased Tumi. After purchasing Tumi luggage, Samsonite expanded its stores worldwide in airports and shopping malls. 

Nonetheless, Tumi has been recognized as an individual brand in its own right.

Before acquiring Tumi luggage, Samsonite was the competitor of Tumi in the market. Today, Tumi sells its luggage under the ownership of Samsonite.

Samsonite paid $1.8 billion to buy Tumi luggage. The company expressed their plan for Tumi luggage, considering $26.75 per share.

What is the quality of Tumi luggage?

Tumi luggage is well known for its high-quality, stylish, and durable products.

Based in New Jersey, US, Tumi makes luxury luggage in Asia. Skilled artisans from China, Vietnam, and Thailand make Tumi luggage using premium materials and production facilities. 

Besides, Tumi has the license to use Tegris material. Thus, the company has no hindrance to using higher quality material.

Apart from high-quality materials, Tumi luggage reflects sophisticated design and innovative features.

Tumi luggage comprises exclusive fabric, recycled nylon, and recycled plastic.

While manufacturing at the advanced production facility, Tumi imports its raw materials directly from South Africa. Tumi ensures premium quality from exclusive places.

Tumi manufacturers have confirmed that their luggage has exceptional quality and unparalleled durability.

Why is Tumi luggage so expensive?

Tumi luggage is expensive because of its premium quality materials and long-lasting durability. The brand has made an immense impression on its luggage.

Some users have added that Tumi luggage is expensive because it is a ripoff.

The buyers of Tumi luggage often thought it to be overpriced, especially for that which cost over a thousand dollars.

Tumi imports its raw materials from South Africa. Later, skilled artisans in China, Vietnam, and Thailand give the perfect shape according to your needs. Consequently, the brand is quite expensive compared with other luggage brands.

However, some items of Tumi luggage are under budget. You will get some Tumi luggage for $500.