Where is Benchcraft Furniture Made 2024 (Made in USA?)

Benchcraft Furniture is a brand under the umbrella of Ashley Furniture Industries.

Ashley Furniture produces most of its products in the United States, but it also has global operations and sources certain items from overseas. Benchcraft, like other brands from Ashley, benefits from this extensive manufacturing network.

Therefore, while a significant portion of Benchcraft furniture is made in the US, it’s also possible that some pieces or components come from international sources, depending on the specific item and its materials.

Where is Benchcraft Furniture Made

When purchasing Benchcraft furniture, it’s advisable to check the product details or consult with the retailer to determine the exact origin of a particular piece.

We have already covered, Where is Ashley Furniture Made.

Read the following article to learn more about Benchcraft furniture manufacturing and ownership.

Who manufactures Benchcraft furniture?

Ashley Furniture Industries is the manufacturer of Benchcraft Furniture.

Benchcraft is nearly a century-old company but has no manufacturing, processing, or assembly plant. Thus, Ashley manufactures its furniture in its production facilities.

Ashley has production facilities in various states of the United States. The region this company has manufacturing facility are:

  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Florida
  • Wisconsin
  • Indiana
  • Pennsylvania

Besides these states, Ashley produces Benchcraft furniture in some of its international production facilities in Vietnam and China.

Now, the question comes to mind: why would an eighty-year-old company have no production facility? Well, this company has always been a for-profit type of company. That means Benchcraft produces its products from third-party manufacturers.

But again, this company is popular enough to run its business for over 80 years this way. And you can guess why. The quality of its furniture, texture, color selection, and traditional design of Benchcraft is excellent.

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Benchcraft furniture made in the USA

Is all Benchcraft furniture made in the USA?

The Benchcraft furniture you see in the United States is made inside the country. However, Ashley also manufactures Benchcraft outside the United States, that is, in China and Vietnam.

Benchcraft is an American company. It started its furniture business back in the 1940s. Until 2011, the US furniture market was the only market for Benchcraft.

However, when Ashley bought Benchcraft’s name, the company began making furniture outside the United States. But no need to worry about it.

The Benchcraft furniture you buy in the United States is made in America. Benchcraft furnishings made outside the US are for regional production. Those are sold in China, Vietnam, and other neighboring countries of that region.

Is Benchcraft an Ashley brand?

Benchcraft is a subsidiary brand of Ashley. Therefore, technically, yes. Benchcraft is a brand of Ashley.

Anyways, Ashley and Benchcraft are two different brand names. Even though Ashley is the manufacturer of Ashley, these two brands’ furniture quality, design, affordability, etc., are completely different.

If we compare Ashley and Benchcraft, Benchcraft is a fairly small company compared to Ashley. Ashley has multiple subsidiary brands with several manufacturing facilities.

On the other hand, Benchcraft has no manufacturing facility, and Ashley is the furniture manufacturer for this company.

Talking about affordability, Benchcraft is more affordable than Ashley. But the quality of Benchcraft is comparatively better. As for the warranty, both brands have the same warranty policy.

Benchcraft furniture you see in the US market is made in the USA. The parts and materials are also sourced inside the country. But this is not the case for Ashley. Ashley sources its furniture parts from outside the US.

Looking at all these, we can now say that Benchcraft and Ashley are two separate brands indeed.

Who owns Benchcraft furniture?

As of this writing, Ashley is the current owner of Benchcraft.

Benchcraft was facing extreme financial difficulties in 2011. It was about to dissolve. Thus, Ashley Furniture Industries came to rescue this sinking company.

By purchasing Benchcraft, I mean Ashley bought Benchcraft’s name. When Ashley purchased Benchcraft, the company committed to retain its former glory. And the goal has been fulfilled. Benchcraft has found a second chance.

In 2011, Ashley acquired Berkline and Benchcraft in the court bidding process. For this, Ashley had to spend 6.07 million dollars to get the intellectual properties of these brands.

Does Benchcraft use real wood?

The answer is no. Benchcraft uses engineered woods for its furniture manufacturing,

Once, Benchcraft was famous for its traditional furniture design. Even now, Benchcraft manufactures furnishings with vintage vibes. For this, it had to use natural wood.

However, the era has changed. Now, Benchcraft uses engineered wood for its furniture. For this, the pricing of its furniture is relatively low and in an affordable range. And the longevity of Benchcraft furniture has increased exponentially.

Final Word

In sum, Benchcraft Furniture is primarily made in the United States and produced in facilities owned and operated by Ashley Furniture Industries.

The brand’s association with Ashley ensures that customers receive furniture that is stylish and built with a commitment to quality and durability.